Latin America & Caribbean: Flux & Fertile Competitive Ground for US, EU, Russia & China

I am curious about Latin America & Caribbean relationship, with global powers, i.e. USA, EU, China & Russia.

The region is in a state of flux, with US Cuba normalization, the populist left weakening, shifting economic & business situation, and a region, highly rich in culture and heritage meeting chalenges of modernity, such as the Internet of Things, innovation and entrepreneurship.

I mean, if I were a Latin American or Caribbean citizen, when I look to USA, i.e. at Trump’s racism against Latin American & Hispanic American, Texas Governor spending about US$ 400 million keep out kids from Latin America & sending National Guards to patrol the border with Mexico & USA’s GOP mostly “Mad Dogs” behavior in general, it would be so easy for me to choose to ally with China’s Xi & Russia’s Putin.

However, of course, China & Russia, if u look at them globally & internally are about Hegemony, Imperialism, Colonization & run by tyrants, being Putin & Xi, with massive internal oppression & suppression. And these behavior of theirs, are greatly against Latin America & Caribbean character and values, since the region, had in recent past, suffered from American “Hegemony.”

Yet, Putin & Xi ugliness & nastiness, of China & Russia, against past American behavior to both regions, seems still that Russia & China are the smarter choice, given current mentioned bad American behavior. And seem like Russia & China global & internal behaviors are far away, from Latin America & Caribbean.

But USA, even with respected global pollster, Gallop, says Obama is now, the most admired global leader, meaning USA recovered from Bush Family global fiasco, i.e. the invasion of Iraq, USA, again, till has a really nasty history, of not so distance past with Latin America & Caribbean.
& I am just curious, does USA people, political grouping & state, i.e. Trump, GOP & Texas know, that Russia & China, targeting, focusing & zeroing on Latin America & Caribbean, to build a strong relationship, where the region is right close to USA?

And if these USA, no change behavior, my bet is that in 10 years, a USA President will be asking, how & who “Lost” LatinAmerica & Caribbean, to Russia & China?

From USA view, USA is lucky, that the “Popular Left” has been dealt several severe set-back the Latin America region & Obama is smart enough to focus on normalizing relations with Cuba.
But the USA lucky so far only.

Business & investment wise, from Japan, South Korea, Australia to other, many entering more & more, moving into Latin America & Caribbean, even India, so far away from the regions, sees many in West Indies, into an India belief system, such as Hinduism, laying a foundation for future relation.
And I want to give latest examples, of Russia & China, activity in region, i.e. a Chinese firm, just won, about a US$350 million deal to construct a road project in Jamaica, that is very important to Jamaica, as a country & also to the Jamaican people.

And Mexico’s low-cost airline, just inked a deal, to buy Russian made planes & there are other examples, on Russia & China, in-roads, into both region, with Fidel Castro, helping Russia & China.

I have said this before & will say again, I explained to my Asian wife: there are 2 types of Co& Texas Cowboys are mostly nasty bad guys and California Cowboys are mostly good guys, meaning, culture is very difficult to change, and Texas, is likely, to be a sore point, to USA building good relation to Latin America, especially, Mexico, which is right across the border.

And as far as Trump is concerned, the verdict from global people, if one looks at global news, seems to be that Trump is seen as a very nasty & ugly human being & his popularity in USA, is indicative of/to, the, a, very “Hideous Nature” of American people.

And then then the GOP, in general, again as far as global people concerned, from looking at global news, there is little love between the global people and the GOP, many remembering the War on Terror relating to USA, many not valid, military adventures.

In sum, given Trump, GOP & Texas, as examples, on top, of USA history in the region, seems that falling under Russia & China Hegemony, can be considered, much better, than another USA under Trump, GOP or states with massive discrimination and racism against minorities issues, like Mexico.

Meanwhile, EU is also heavily involved in Latin America, forging EU relations to various Latin America countries trade and investment groupings. The relationship has reached a level that there are new settlements of people from EU, into Latin America, for various reasons, such as for better economic prospects. These are perhaps, the so called economic migrants.


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