Global Growth: A Dying Planet Cannot Support Growth (Up-Date 10)

Currently lots of concern about global growth & one critical issue that comes up a great deal, is how global warming, caused by a massive environment destruction, poses great risk, not only to life forms on earth, but also to business & economics. There are so many examples that proves of these risk to life forms and business and economics, such as changing weather pattern, hurting the ice poles, threatening low land areas with rising sea levels.

(Up-Date) One of the most influential Central Bakers on the planet, being that of UK, just gave a warning of the risk of global warming to business and economics.

(Up-Date) The Pope and US President have come out strong and clear on global warming, at many high profile venue, such as UN and US Congress.

(Up-Date) Many countries, that are island, poor in nature, have called stronger focus on global warming, melting the arctic, causing a rising sea level, threatening to wipe-out these island countries. They have also called for help and aid, in helping their countries, prepare for adverse impact from global warming.

(Up-Date) California, a state in the US, had suffered a worse out-break of wild-fire, where scientist confirm, the wild fire reached this level of destruction, caused in part by global warming.

(Up-Date) An aid to US President Obama, said the big, global meet on saving the environment, to combat global warming, in Paris, will be a major under-taking.

(Up-Date) Alternative to fossil based energy and other renewable, has entered, in a very significant way, into the global energy picture, impacting the business and economic model, and the trend, is towards more and more, displacement of fossil based energy.

(Up-Date) Globally not many countries reject global warming & the danger of environmental degradation, but one of them, is the US Republican Party. Also there been many comments about lack of funding to support governments and other world units, in their fight against global warming. Also many other countries, that rely greatly on fossil base energy for their economy, such as Australia, continues to insisted, on developing fossil based energy.

(Up-Dated) Globally, many governments continue to subsidize, massively, the development of fossil based energy.

(Up-Dated) As expected for a long time, Putin love of military adventures & causing havoc and instability, internal Russia and external of Russia, has been exported again, this time to Syria & who know where the whole thing will go, with more havocs from Putin on old havocs. But the whole middle east and greater, has been such a mess for a very long time, and energy in abundance and start-ups ready to go & alternative energy coming on strong, who cares & good riddance & hope the planet end up relying less on energy, from a region, that is so horrific on humanity, as a result of humanity’s addiction to fossil. The concentration, on the region should be focus on the helping civilians caught in all that conflict & also refugees, fleeing the region.

(Up-Dated) As expected, with Russia & Iran venturing into Middle East, in Syria, some firming up of oil, as Putin leverage his militarism, into being open for talks with OPEC. And as expected, fossil leaders, are touting equations, of when does fossil start-up, will be viable. In the mean time, more financiers of fossil, such as Citi Group, is promising less money for fossil, i.e. coal & the Paris, climate meet, is getting close, with activist, gearing up, for a battle & fossil, asking for a place at the table.

(Up-Date) Some big global financiers such as Citi Group, say they will lessen their finance for fossil, such as coal & globally non fossil, energy finance, for renewables, has increased markedly.

(Up-Dated) UN released the text for negotiation at Paris meet and a tentative agreement has been reached after tough negotiation, at the side-line, in Berlin.

(Up-Dated) Natural disaster, related to global warming, is costing countries US$ in billions, in damages and their occurrences is way up, in recent years, according to research.

(Up-Date) Many environmentalist are waking-up to realize that the Paris meet will mostly, not reach the level of solution, that is critically needed.

(Up-Date) Lots of reports o the Arctic ice sheet activity and size, but basically, scientist still confirm, rising sea levels, firm melting ise in the Arctic, is a serious problems.

(Up-Date) The economics and business of renewable, from a financial point of wiew, is getting close, to be as competitive as fossil, in many area.

(Up-Date) The French leader went to China to get commitment to support the Paris climate talk & received words that China will contribute positively. However, news been coming out that China real usage of coal to produce electricity, is far more than the official statistics gave by China’s government.

(Up-Date) India’s coal imports is down, however, the reduction comes from increase internal mining expansion.

(Up-Date) Canada, a major fossil energy producer, just got a new government, being a liberal government, opening new opportunity for renewable to expand and perhaps curb fossil exploitation.

(Up-Date) UN head said global warming is a global issue & should be above countries and governments. Agree, but the reality is quite different.

(Many religious groups such as Buddhist and Islam, have been making more statements calling on the people to be concern about the environment & global warming.

Lets look at one example

of what is going on with global warming:

I stuck in Kingdom of Thailand, where Bangkok’s mostly Neo Fascist Royalist Elite runs the country & pumping out so much Orwell 1984 (1)

Propaganda to take control of people’s heart, mind & spirit/soul, the reality & facts, are so hard to find in the country (2)

& the press & media, mostly, just goes along, long known of having little professionalism & guts, to fight for truth & facts (3)

But globally, while many like China & Russia, is also pumping out lots of Orwell 1984, truth and facts does comes out globally (4)

& like a great many people globally, the Pope really really, bought the message to saving the environment strong & clear (5)

& I totally admit, like so many people globally, I was so hopeful & excited on the environment that finally, the planet will be saved (6)

But then got a really really nasty reality & fact, check, in that Obama, who like the Pope, really strong & clear, on saving environment (7)

had an aid, tell the press, that the Paris meet, on saving the environment, will face lots of challenges, to be able, to save the planet (8)

& since Obama aid, talked, I quite lost, as what to think or do, then like after the Pope, Obama & aid, I freaked out big time (9)

I always knew that environmental risk, is massive risk to, not only human kind & all other life form on earth, but also to business (10)

But to actually, hear, one of the most powerful Central Bankers, meaning UK’s central bank head, giving a strong warning (11)

of environmental risk, threat to business & economics, is really, tough to take, internalize & let truth, facts & reality, sink in (12)

if I had the money, I will go the Paris, for the save global environment meet & protest like crazy (13)

if any global leader fail (14)

& on Kingdom of Thailand, the country’s Dictator Prayuh, who promotes coal & very oppresive and suppressive on protestors who protest his coal (15)

all I can say is, things getting worse on the environment in Thailand (16)

local communities protest against issues such as mining, trading zone area development, and other issues, are occuring very often & most are being suppressed with force (17)

Then local media, most of them, helps the Dictator Prayuth, propagate that he cares about the environment (18)

(Up-Date) Then Thailand’s Dictator is is attempting to re-claim forest and jungle areas, which in theory should be commended, however, in practice, is going after, mostly, poor farmers who have long encroached the jungle and forest and land holding of enemies of the junta, to the extent of confisticating their land, that have full legal title deeds. Also, the Dictarot, is cutting down trees, i.e. rubber trees, that the mostly poor farmers have planted, in their encroachments, against UN recommendation, that the trees be left standing, for the environment, instead, of cutting them down.


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