3) Consultancy & Other Services

 Consultancy & Other Services:

I am an “Information Researcher, Evaluator and Designer” available to provide “Strategic Communications Consultancy” services, having experience such as in assisting IHS Jane’s and EIU. I am also available for other such as “Advisor, Board Member, and Moderator.”

Additionally, I am an Info Modeler; Kred Top 1% Influencer; USA Library of Congress Archived.

Terms of Service: Negotiable and Commensurate with Work

Contact: TerenceJames1959@Gmail.com


My name is Terence J. Chulavachana, a San Franciscan.

I started my career with Trans Global Enterprise; a firm in San Francisco involved with a stock market investment fund management, property development, and global trade and became a lifelong journalist, editor, writer, and blogger. Along the way, I also became a political activist and a novelist.

My career has been stellar, resulting in a wealth of quality and cutting-edge knowledge, from strategic to operational oversight, management, and implementation.

From this blog “About” section on “General Note” I briefly mentioned a few advising related works and interviews that I have done.

Expanding on knowledge in the public domain:


1) Sparta Technology, an American firm: About pre-stock market listing media activity globally

2) Thailand’s Parliament Committee on Trade and Technology: About the named subject

3) IHS Jane’s: About politics and national security during a time of massive protest and violence

4) The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU): About EIU’s Global research on technology adaptation, with the final report specifically mentioning my name

5) BBC: About latest news and my analysis on a government and infrastructure in a country

6) Bloomberg: About political instability and growth in Asia

7) New Yong Hua: About expanding their global manufacturing sales and marketing globally

8) Khao Yai Country Club: About a property development and resort management efficiency & cost-cutting

9) All Net: About giving strategic guidance such as with computer software and technology publishing as a Board Member

10) Wattachak: About advising on improving quality of media production output

11) Various Seminars Throughout the Years: About me moderating the discussion section of the seminars

12) France24 (English): About Global TV News report on politics & national security


Ethics & Moral Note: Thai Intel Group’s consultancy and other services reserve the right to decline work.

Reference Note: Please see reference area of the “About” page of this blog for general guidance. On detailed guidance, for privacy, security and other issues, availability references are classified and limited, by Thai Intel Group.