c) Report: Flip-Flops? For Popularity, Enrichment, Escape Crisis & Win, Trump will Do Anything


Trump currently is doing a great deal of flip-flops, meaning changing position, from old to new positions, and then often, reversing to the original position again. So many are confused, with many offering their opinion of what is going on & why. Some say there is nothing much to what is going on with these Trump flip-flops, as that is the nature of a shallow & know little person like Trump. But other said there is more to it. So the answer remain open.

In answering this question, there are some basic fundamentals with Trump & his government. Trump’s government & political philosophy and ways consists mainly (see here) of a combination of Nepotism, Cronyism, Oligarchy, Kleptocracy,  Corporatocracy, Fascism & Fake News. Other than these fundamental, as  many analyst have noted on Trump management tactic (see here), and these are Mad Men, Bullying, Fake News & Grifter. Then there is Trump as a person, and here Trump is a capable showman, meaning actor, who loves to win and being popular, with a major target in, enriching his wealth.

Other than all of the above mentioned, such as the fundamentals about Trump, in his government philosophy & politics, his management tactics & his personality, there is also the “Actual History” of Trump’s behavior, and here Trump has a long track record of everything goes, except for the above mentioned, meaning Trump is highly flexible, and virtually without rules or accountability to anything, such as past commitments, and this flexibility takes Trump in many new directions, & so all the flip-flops of positions. This is also part of Trump’s wider “Transactional” view of everything, meaning everything is for trade. The methods of Trumps “Transactional” are dirty and corrupt, such as bullying and fake news, and also grifting.

Transactional Analysis

Transactional analysis (TA) is an integration approach to the theory of psychology and psychotherapy. TA is described as integrative because it has elements of psychoanalytics, humanist and cognitive approaches. TA was first developed by Canadian-born US psychiatrist Eric Berne, starting in the late 1959s and TA is a widely recognized form of modern psychology. TA is a theory for analysing human behavior and communications. TA is a model for explaining why and how people think, act and interact like they do. TA is very useful in studying various behavior patterns and TA is a social psychology and method to improve communications.

Clearly, with those above mentioned what Trump is about & what Trump is personally, America’s democracy is hardly functioning. According to political scientist Larry Diamond, democracy consists of four key elements: (a) A political system for choosing and replacing the government through free and fair elections; (b) The active participation of the people, as citizens, in politics and civic life; (c) Protection of the human rights of all citizens, and (d) A rule of law, in which the laws and procedures apply equally to all citizens. Trump has shown little of all of the above.

 Trump’s Flip Flops Examples:

Why? From What Was, to What Now, to What Next

April 14, 2017

Trump is doing lots of “Flop Flops” away from previous positions, to new position, while other positions are still the same. So what is occurring? The first major flip flop is the Syrian bombing, flipping from America not much involved, to open conflict, with bombing Syria with about 50 Tomahawks.

Here, there is no question, Trump’s current flip flop, starting with Syria, is the result of a “Need & Requirement” to “Re-Direct” public & media interest & narratives to other issues to get away from Russia Gate which was fast cornering him, on all fronts. & Trump a master of “Re-Directing” & have long track record success doing this, & on Syria, it is warfare, so it call “Wag Dog’s Tail.”

On Trump’s other “Flip Flops” it a combination of his personal wealth consideration, such as business & economics related flip flops, such as to China, from massive trade war with China to protect America, after China has been courting Trump with lucrative gifts, such as license to business & patents, the position change to no trade war.

Then on other flip flops, Trump has been hitting multiple “Dead-Ends” with “No Where To Go But Failure” for quite a while, on many issues, if he persisted on those course Trump will fail. For example, on Europe related, the populous far right, Trump’s natural ally, since Trump is also a Fascist, looks more likely every day, that they will be wiped-out, & therefore Trump flip flop away from anti-EU position, where his strategist, Bannon was helping to break up EU, with supporting the populous movements there.

Then on issues like NATO, Trump is way over his head attacking NATO, as NATO is backed by America’s deep state, being the military industrial complex, with deep root to both Dems & GOP hawks on foreign policy, so of course, with little hope on far right populous movements & having to faced the deep state, Trump flip flop on NATO.

Then there is the Putin & Trump relationship & there many conspiracy theory out there, but fundamentally, Putin had helped Trump get elected and Putin money helped Trump business massively. Therefore, even with colder, relationship between Trump and Putin, as Trump tries to put on distance as Russia-Gate investigations heats up, Trump is still overall, in a bromance with Putin, such as never criticizing Putin and willing to work with Putin on a number of issues. So here, there is a flip flop, however, it is just a minor flip flop.

Then the latest, on business & economics flip flop, again such as saying China is not a currency manipulator, after strongly denouncing China as such, this is just a fall-out from his earlier, more friendly relation with China.

Over all remember this, other than few fundamentals about what Trump (covered by this blog post earlier), there not much there with Trump, as far as policies goes & as politician, again Trump is mostly performer & a confidence man. And I stress again, Trump loves to win, be popular, enrich himself, so apart from those objectives, basically, anything goes with Trump, and again, so all the flip flops.

So Trump why did Trump went from what was, to what now and the question is, what next? Here, the situation depends, again, on factors influencing what Trump consider important, again this being popular, enriching his personal wealth & winning.

All of this is called “Transitional View” meaning anything is up for trade, with little underlying core values, beliefs or anything. This is mainly about convenience and winning the best deal, under a situation.

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