Midterm Election: Re-Live The “Blue Wave” as Dems Win the House >>> In This Blog Post are 10s Upon 10s of News Head-line with Link to the News

Midterm Election: The following are some news head-line with link to the news:

U.S. Midterms: Florida recount ordered euronews14:46

The Midterms Came With Anti-Tax Fervor in States Bloomberg14:41

Russian journalist observing US midterms briefly detained by FBI – report RT13:24

The message from the midterms: a new, progressive US is slowly taking shape The Observer13:06

The Observer view on Donald Trump being at bay after the midterms The Observer13:06

What should Asia expect from Trump after the US midterms? Al Jazeera12:37

Republicans Captured A Higher Percentage Of Hispanic Voters In Midterms Than Trump Did In 2016The Daily Caller11:35

Despite restrictions, digital spending hits record in US midterms Daily Mail09:08

Women, and due process, prevailed in the midterms Daily News, L.A.08:00

CNN’s Van Jones now worried about Trump following midterms: ‘Acting more and more like an authoritarian strongman’The Raw Story07:36

The midterms are over. Now what? Star Tribune, Minnesota07:05

Trump Hotels made millions off Republican campaigns during midterms: report The Raw Story06:26

Midterms still strained in Georgia, Florida and Arizona PBS Online06:12

US midterms: Recounts ordered Stuff.co.nz05:48

Trump properties received $3.2 million during midterms, FEC records show CNN05:37

Midterms: la Floride ordonne un recomptage des voix pour l’élection du gouverneur et d’un sénateur TF1.net05:09

Midterms: la Floride ordonne un recomptage des voix, Trump évoque des fraudes sans preuve Le Soir04:35

Midterms in Florida: Die Stimmen müssen neu ausgezählt werden Aargauer Zeitung03:51

US-Midterms: Behörden in Florida ordnen Neuauszählung der Stimmen an Die Zeit03:44

Patrick Cockburn: Challenging the midterms Gulf Today03:36

Sieg der Frauen bei den US-Midterms: Weiblich, mächtig, uneinig Süddeutsche Zeitung03:28

Weekend Reading: From the Midterms to Matthew Whitaker and Stormy Daniels The New Yorker03:22

US-Midterms: Wahl in Florida muss neu ausgezählt werden Süddeutsche Zeitung03:18

Midterms in den USA: Behörden in Florida ordnen Neuauszählung an Rheinische Post02:42

Midterms: In Florida kommt es zu einer Neuauszählung der Stimmen in zwei Rennen Neue Zurcher Zeitung02:41

The Week in Business: What the Midterms Mean for Taxes, and Amazon’s 2 New Homes The New York Times02:35

Midterms américaines: la Floride ordonne un recomptage des voix pour l’élection du gouverneur et d’un sénateurLa Libre02:31

Colbert: Fox News Was All Over the Caravan Before Midterms, ‘And Now… It’s Gone’ Mediaite02:14

US-Midterms: Behörden ordnen Neuauszählung in Florida an Der Spiegel02:14

Trump to Give Presidential Medal of Freedom to Elvis, Babe Ruth, and Wife of GOP Donor Who Gave … Slate01:21

US midterms have little impact on PH. But… The Manila Times01:17

Why Republicans actually have the upper hand after the midterms New York Post01:10

Did 71 Percent of Trump’s Endorsements Lose in the 2018 Midterms? Snopes.com00:26

D.C. Week: Midterms Put ACA Repeal out of GOP’s Reach Medpage Today00:23

Midterms Provide Reality Check on 2020 Map Political Wire (Weblog)23:52 Sat, 10 Nov

Stephen Colbert Noticed Fox News Weirdly Dropped Their Racist Caravan Segments After the…GQ Magazine (US)23:26 Sat, 10 Nov

Liam Dann: Why I still love America (and why the Midterms matter) New Zealand Herald23:05 Sat, 10 Nov

Donald Trump and the Democrats can both feel the midterms helped their 2020 chances TheJournal.ie23:02 Sat, 10 Nov

Sean Spicer on potential gridlock after the midterms Fox News22:56 Sat, 10 Nov

After the midterms, over 100 US public officials accused of sexual misconduct are out of office Quartz22:42 Sat, 10 Nov

Unofficial vote tallies due Saturday, recount may be triggered in Florida midterms ABC7 / WLS-TV22:32 Sat, 10 Nov

Late-Night Lately: How the Hosts Covered the Midterms Hollywood Reporter22:08 Sat, 10 Nov

Analysis: The midterms show Trump does not defy political gravity CNN21:52 Sat, 10 Nov

Celebrating Diwali, in Light of the Midterms Vogue21:22 Sat, 10 Nov

Trump’s USMCA deal is in limbo after midterms Fox News21:19 Sat, 10 Nov

The Midterms Were a Mixed Bag for Food Freedom: New at Reason Reason (Weblog)21:08 Sat, 10 Nov

Behind the scenes of one of the midterms‘ biggest upsets — Democrat Max Rose’s defeat of…Business Insider21:06 Sat, 10 Nov

Richard Ford: Reflections on America, the day after the midterms The Irish Times21:03 Sat, 10 Nov

Trump voters stood by Trump in the midterms — but there just aren’t enough of them Vox21:03 Sat, 10 Nov

The Midterms Were a Mixed Bag for Food Freedom Reason20:45 Sat, 10 Nov

The midterms show Trump does not defy political gravity CNN20:13 Sat, 10 Nov

College-aged voters surge in Michigan for midterms MLive.com, Michigan20:08 Sat, 10 Nov

The Youth Vote Had a Big Impact on the 2018 Midterms, but It Could’ve Been MUCH BiggerTeen Vogue19:00 Sat, 10 Nov

Midterms deliver ‘reality check’ on 2020 presidential map Politico18:58 Sat, 10 Nov

Opportunity for progress lost in midterms Boston Herald18:50 Sat, 10 Nov

Obama Picks Won More Than Trump’s In Midterms Newsweek18:11 Sat, 10 Nov

The Midterms Swept in a New Class of Black Politicians The Atlantic17:28 Sat, 10 Nov

The U.S. midterms are over: What comes next? Chrystia Freeland answers your questions CBC.ca16:09 Sat, 10 Nov

Colbert Reveals Just How Little Coverage Fox News Gives To Caravan After Midterms HuffPost (US)14:58 Sat, 10 Nov

Forget the ‘blue wave’: ‘Women’s wave’ dominates midterms Fox News08:34 Sat, 10 Nov

How rotten were the 2018 midterms? Political cartoonists drew some real stinkersNJ.com – The Jersey Journal08:33 Sat, 10 Nov

Progressive Muslims Make Their Mark in the Midterms The Real News Network08:13 Sat, 10 Nov

Were The Midterms A Historic Win For Republicans? Newsy08:07 Sat, 10 Nov

Cheaters prospered from midterms WorldNetDaily06:55 Sat, 10 Nov

If the midterms were a referendum, Trump won The Washington Post06:32 Sat, 10 Nov

It wasn’t a trickle or a tsunami. The midterms brought a purplish wave. The Washington Post06:22 Sat, 10 Nov

After US midterms, hate crime survivors hope for improvement, reconciliation Deutsche Welle06:19 Sat, 10 Nov

Late-breaking races are washing away Trump’s near-‘complete victory’ in midterms Yahoo! US06:05 Sat, 10 Nov

‘Moderation’ and the Midterms Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting06:05 Sat, 10 Nov

Midterms: la Floride, la Géorgie et l’Arizona plongés dans un imbroglio électoral, Trump crie au complotTF1.net06:02 Sat, 10 Nov

5 ways to buy happiness and what the midterms mean for your taxes MarketWatch05:42 Sat, 10 Nov

2018 Midterms: Opportunity Lost to Keep GOP Majority NewsMax05:33 Sat, 10 Nov

Outlook for Pot IPOs Post-Midterms Cheddar05:32 Sat, 10 Nov

New look at leadership in Washington after midterms Fox News05:32 Sat, 10 Nov

Will Congress Impeach Kavanaugh After The 2018 Midterms? It’s A Possibility, This Expert SaysElite Daily05:15 Sat, 10 Nov

Lady Gaga applauds women’s victories in the midterms The Independent05:13 Sat, 10 Nov

Democrats made massive state-level gains in the midterms CNN05:05 Sat, 10 Nov

Overnight Health Care: How Republicans who voted against ObamaCare repeal fared in midterms |…The Hill05:03 Sat, 10 Nov

After 2018 midterms, House has high number of veterans in freshman cla… Metro US05:03 Sat, 10 Nov

Dems take the House in midterms CNBC05:02 Sat, 10 Nov

Elizabeth Warren: It’s ‘too early’ after midterms to think about a 2020 run Boston.com04:56 Sat, 10 Nov

Will Congress Investigate Trump’s Taxes After The Midterms? It’s Not Impossible Elite Daily04:55 Sat, 10 Nov

State of the Housing Market Post-Midterms Cheddar04:42 Sat, 10 Nov

Who really won the midterms? Why both parties are claiming victories CNBC04:17 Sat, 10 Nov

Experts React: Energy and the 2018 Midterms Center for Strategic and International Studies04:12 Sat, 10 Nov

The Speaker’s Lobby: Deciphering the Midterms FOX News Radio04:06 Sat, 10 Nov

The Meaning of the Midterms: They Solve Nothing, Mean Nothing Reason (Weblog)04:03 Sat, 10 Nov

The Midterms Could Help Tesla but Hurt Other Auto Makers Barron’s Online03:56 Sat, 10 Nov

What’s the one big lesson from the midterms? That there is no one big lesson. The Washington Post03:55 Sat, 10 Nov

These Maternity Ward Nurses Helped Women In Labor Vote In The Midterms This Year LittleThings03:52 Sat, 10 Nov

Most Teachers Running for Office Lost on Tuesday. Here’s Why Educators Are Celebrating the 2018 Midterms AnywayTIME03:51 Sat, 10 Nov

Education in the 2018 Midterms Center for American Progress03:47 Sat, 10 Nov

A British Invasion on Late Night, Just in Time for the Midterms Vulture03:44 Sat, 10 Nov

Big Midterms Loser: Russian Hackers NewsMax03:42 Sat, 10 Nov

The story of the midterms is the triumph of the moderates – on both sides LSE03:36 Sat, 10 Nov

PB Video Analysis: Who Won The Midterms? Does It Matter? Political Betting (Weblog)03:15 Sat, 10 Nov

From voting rights activist to comedians: 7 influential women on the outcome of the midtermsThe Lily03:12 Sat, 10 Nov

Pompeo tries to staff up State post-midterms Politico03:11 Sat, 10 Nov

An extraordinary thing happened in Tennessee’s midterms The Hill03:03 Sat, 10 Nov

5 Things to Expect in the Wake of the 2018 Midterms PJ Media02:52 Sat, 10 Nov

Carbon pricing may have failed in the midterms but it’s coming back in 2019 Think Progress02:31 Sat, 10 Nov

Opinion: What The Midterms Mean For Our Federal Courts The Daily Caller02:23 Sat, 10 Nov

US midterms make Putin’s rocky road to Trump even rockier Christian Science Monitor02:14 Sat, 10 Nov

By The Numbers: How The Midterms Locked In Deeper Political Polarization Talking Points Memo01:55 Sat, 10 Nov

Patrick Cockburn The unnoticed ways the midterms are challenging racism in the US The Independent01:40 Sat, 10 Nov

EUR/JPY resumes slide as stocks fail to sustain post-midterms rally FXstreet01:23 Sat, 10 Nov

How Did Trade Play in the Midterms? U.S. Chamber of Commerce01:07 Sat, 10 Nov

Checking Trump: What do the midterms mean for the world? Al Jazeera00:58 Sat, 10 Nov

How cartoons around the world are poking fun at the midterms aftermath The Washington Post00:50 Sat, 10 Nov

US intelligence officials to review midterms for signs of foreign interference ABC News00:50 Sat, 10 Nov

How Republicans who voted against ObamaCare repeal fared in midterms The Hill00:41 Sat, 10 Nov

2018 Midterms‘ Job Done: Both Parties Humbled NewsMax00:41 Sat, 10 Nov

Radio Atlantic: What Did We Learn From the Midterms? The Atlantic00:32 Sat, 10 Nov

The midterms show the far right has been normalised. To beat it, the left must be bolderNew Statesman00:21 Sat, 10 Nov

Trump’s migrant caravan fear-mongering has stopped since the midterms Think Progress00:18 Sat, 10 Nov

Actress blasts Women’s March for criticizing white women who voted for GOP candidates in midtermsThe Blaze00:18 Sat, 10 Nov

Several States Pass Campaign Finance Reform Measures During Midterms Truthout00:06 Sat, 10 Nov

What Will Happen To Gun Control After The 2018 Midterms? It’s Complicated Elite Daily00:02 Sat, 10 Nov

Fate Of The Pharmaceutical Sector After Midterms Seeking Alpha00:00 Sat, 10 Nov


Kunstler: As Midterms Fade, The ‘Real’ Russiagate Rises Zero Hedge (Weblog)23:50 Fri, 09 Nov

The strange argument that Democrats actually lost the midterms, debunked Vox23:48 Fri, 09 Nov

Late-Night TV Hosts Take On Midterms; ‘Bodyguard’ Grips U.S. Attention Here & Now23:42 Fri, 09 Nov

‘The year of the woman’: A record number of female candidates win in US Midterms France 2423:15 Fri, 09 Nov

What is the price of gold and the midterms‘ impact? The Week (UK)23:01 Fri, 09 Nov

US midterms: Florida and Georgia prepare for recounts amid claims of irregularities The Guardian22:32 Fri, 09 Nov

US Midterms: Razor-thin margins in Florida races for Senate, Governor France 2422:15 Fri, 09 Nov

Week Ahead – After central banks and midterms, focus to move back to economic data FXstreet21:21 Fri, 09 Nov

Vogue targets white Republican women voters after midterms Fox News21:18 Fri, 09 Nov

Podcast: Lessons from Kim Schrier’s win over Dino Rossi, and more on the 2018 midtermsThe Seattle Times21:13 Fri, 09 Nov

#Cannabis after 2018 Midterms – Medical Marijuana laws now adopted in 31 states: DirectView…Investorideas.com21:13 Fri, 09 Nov

Where do the midterms leave the Mueller investigation? CapX20:56 Fri, 09 Nov

What Do the Midterms Mean for U.S. Mideast Policy? LobeLog20:31 Fri, 09 Nov

POINT HEBDO-Les “midterms” et la Fed cachent de gros nuages sur les marchés Reuters.fr20:11 Fri, 09 Nov

The Midterms were Good for Climate Candidates but Disastrous for the Climate Resilience20:08 Fri, 09 Nov

What the Florida midterms tell us about paying for our economic priorities Tampa Bay Times20:06 Fri, 09 Nov

I took my 3-year-old to Congress to fight for health care. I feel like we won the midterms. Vox19:51 Fri, 09 Nov

What the midterms teach Democrats about beating Trump in 2020 WA Today19:46 Fri, 09 Nov

How will the 2018 midterms affect NASA space policy? The Hill19:40 Fri, 09 Nov

Jeff Sessions, the 2018 Midterms, and the continued grift of QAnon The Daily Dot19:39 Fri, 09 Nov

Midterms: US-Wahlen: Wirbel um Video von der Trump-Pressekonferenz Berliner Morgenpost19:37 Fri, 09 Nov

Need to Know: The dark side of midterms that may stop the S&P 500 from busting through its ‘ceiling’MarketWatch19:35 Fri, 09 Nov

Midterms: Paul Ryan’s Republicanism Tanks at the Ballot Box. Again Breitbart19:29 Fri, 09 Nov

The dark side of midterms that may stop the S&P 500 from busting through its ‘ceiling’ MarketWatch19:29 Fri, 09 Nov

With midterms over, Trump faces major battles ahead Israel Hayom19:25 Fri, 09 Nov

In Midterms, Democrats’ College Indoctrination Campaign Bore Fruit The Federalist19:20 Fri, 09 Nov

Did Billionaire Tom Steyer’s $123 Million Make A Difference In The Midterms? Forbes19:08 Fri, 09 Nov

Clinton Thanks Staff For Not Letting ‘Heartbreak Of 2016’ Affect Midterms 2018 IBTimes (US)19:07 Fri, 09 Nov

Native American Women Made History in the Midterms Newsweek19:03 Fri, 09 Nov

«Midterms»: ce que Trump nous dit de l’époque Mediapart18:30 Fri, 09 Nov

The meaning of the Midterms Spiked18:22 Fri, 09 Nov

What the midterms foretell The Week (US)18:16 Fri, 09 Nov

Poor Marks for Teachers in Midterms U.S. News & World Report18:11 Fri, 09 Nov

Who really won the midterms? Why both parties can claim victories CNBC18:08 Fri, 09 Nov

Did the WalkAway movement impact the midterms? Fox News18:07 Fri, 09 Nov

European shares slip as Fed saps post U.S. midterms rally Reuters.co.uk18:01 Fri, 09 Nov

Market Hangover After Midterms Excitement Investing.com UK17:56 Fri, 09 Nov

Inside Europe: European reaction to the US midterms Deutsche Welle17:40 Fri, 09 Nov

Market hung over after midterms excitement FXstreet17:19 Fri, 09 Nov

Midterms: Controverse et nouveau décompte en vue en Floride, Géorgie Mediapart16:38 Fri, 09 Nov

Après les Midterms, les marchés actions restent dépendants des évolutions politiques Le Figaro16:37 Fri, 09 Nov

Making a Murderer’s Avery and Dassey could be freed after US Midterms i News16:31 Fri, 09 Nov

Japan braces for tougher U.S. stance on trade after midterms Asahi Shimbun16:11 Fri, 09 Nov

European shares dip as Fed saps post U.S. midterms rally Reuters.co.uk15:40 Fri, 09 Nov

How the Midterms Were a Mixed Bag for Both Parties Weekly Standard15:04 Fri, 09 Nov

Eli Lake: One big loser of the midterms: Russian hackers St. Paul Pioneer Press, Minnesota14:26 Fri, 09 Nov

Midterms: US-Wahlen: Donald Trump spricht von Wahlbetrug in Florida Berliner Morgenpost13:46 Fri, 09 Nov

Midterms 2018: Trump deutet Unregelmäßigkeiten bei Wahlen in Florida an Rheinische Post13:30 Fri, 09 Nov

Summing up the 2018 midterms Gannett Broadcasting12:31 Fri, 09 Nov

US-Midterms: In Florida droht Neuauszählung ORF.at12:17 Fri, 09 Nov

US midterms filled with historic firsts Times LIVE12:16 Fri, 09 Nov

Kavanaugh’s Shadow Over the Midterms Townhall12:09 Fri, 09 Nov

The Midterms Are Over. The Migrant Caravan Is Stronger Than Ever. BuzzFeed12:08 Fri, 09 Nov

Gwynne Dyer | US midterms and beyond Jamaica Gleaner11:46 Fri, 09 Nov

Facebooks «War Room» übersteht die Midterms fast unversehrt Neue Zurcher Zeitung11:37 Fri, 09 Nov

We have a future to win. With the midterms over, let’s celebrate — and organize for the future The Diamondback, University of Maryland10:46 Fri, 09 Nov

Alyssa Milano: In midterms, Americans were victorious in health care battle CNN09:40 Fri, 09 Nov

Michael Reagan to Newsmax TV: Trump Won Midterms With Senate NewsMax08:54 Fri, 09 Nov

Warren says it’s ‘too early’ after midterms to explore presidential run Boston Globe08:09 Fri, 09 Nov

Trump attacks media in post-Midterms press conference MSNBC08:00 Fri, 09 Nov

Markets Rise As Midterms Offer No Surprises iExpats.com07:58 Fri, 09 Nov

Voters sent a message in the midterms: Enough is enough on guns The Washington Post07:43 Fri, 09 Nov

Trump’s Relations With Other Nations Are Not Likely To Change After The Midterms BuzzFeed07:27 Fri, 09 Nov

Matthews on the importance of Midterms 2018 MSNBC07:20 Fri, 09 Nov

Were the Midterms Actually a Triumph for All Voters? Slate07:09 Fri, 09 Nov

The Spirit of the Teacher Walkouts Lived On in the Midterms The New Yorker07:08 Fri, 09 Nov

9 takeaways from the midterms WorldNetDaily07:07 Fri, 09 Nov

Youth voter turnout spiked during the midterms. Now what? Mashable06:44 Fri, 09 Nov

Will Congress Impeach Trump After The Midterms? The Possibilities Just Opened Up Elite Daily06:18 Fri, 09 Nov

What’s Next for the Pot Industry Post-Sessions & Midterms Cheddar06:13 Fri, 09 Nov

The Midterms Are Over… Time To Move On To The Second Semester Seeking Alpha06:07 Fri, 09 Nov

Moscow Closely Watching How Trump Will Behave After Midterms The Jamestown Foundation06:01 Fri, 09 Nov

RNC co-chair looks back on 2018 midterms NewsNet5, Ohio05:56 Fri, 09 Nov

GOP Strategist Weighs In On Where Republicans Go Now That The Midterms Are Over NPR05:45 Fri, 09 Nov

Midterms 2018: Election brings mixed results for energy interests S&P Global Market Intelligence05:44 Fri, 09 Nov

LISTEN: What the midterms mean, a golden age on hold, and the $4 million drug STAT05:44 Fri, 09 Nov

So who really won the midterms? Hot Air (Weblog)05:28 Fri, 09 Nov

US midterms ‘an extremely important repudiation’ of Trump The Irish Times05:24 Fri, 09 Nov

Record LGBT support for Democrats in midterms, NBC News Exit Poll shows NBC News05:23 Fri, 09 Nov

How The Youth Vote Shaped The Midterms Refinery2905:12 Fri, 09 Nov

How Latinos Voted in the Midterms Slate05:09 Fri, 09 Nov

In midterms, a cautionary tale for Trump Japan Today05:07 Fri, 09 Nov

House gender gap between GOP, Dems widens after midterms The Hill05:03 Fri, 09 Nov

The midterms are over, but there’s a lot of work to be done. Here’s what progressive white women have to do.The Lily05:02 Fri, 09 Nov

Conservative Actress Flattens Women’s March for Bashing White Women Who Voted GOP in MidtermsIndependent Journal Review04:47 Fri, 09 Nov

Several Midterms Races Are Still Too Close To Call NPR04:44 Fri, 09 Nov

Daily Kos’ Carolyn Fiddler on Key State House Flips in the Midterms NowThis04:42 Fri, 09 Nov

Politics Podcast: What The Midterms Taught Us About America FiveThirtyEight04:38 Fri, 09 Nov

A $1.2 billion US quantum plan hangs in the balance, thanks to the midterms MIT Technology Review04:37 Fri, 09 Nov

In historic midterms, women elected left … and center OpenSecrets04:34 Fri, 09 Nov

One big loser of the midterms: Russian hackers, thanks to U.S. Cyber Command The Seattle Times04:34 Fri, 09 Nov

The polls get it right, and the problem with Pelosi: 6 thoughts on the US midterms TheJournal.ie04:28 Fri, 09 Nov

How the Midterms Gave Hope for a More Inclusive and Diverse Advertising Industry Adweek04:27 Fri, 09 Nov

Here’s Who Would’ve Won If the Midterms Were a Presidential Election TIME04:25 Fri, 09 Nov

Investor Mark Mobius says post-midterms rally will be short-lived CNBC04:05 Fri, 09 Nov

With Midterms Done, Are We Going To Get Serious About Policy, or Continue the Clown Show?Reason (Weblog)03:56 Fri, 09 Nov

Before the midterms, Trump harped on the migrant caravan. Since then, he has barely mentioned…The Washington Post03:43 Fri, 09 Nov

Bernie Sanders: US Midterms Pave Way for Progressives in 2020 teleSUR03:40 Fri, 09 Nov

Nevada Got Rid Of The Pink Tax During The Midterms, So Change Is Coming, Slowly But SurelyElite Daily03:37 Fri, 09 Nov

With the Midterms Over, Get Ready for Investigation Nation and Congressional Gridlock Roll Call03:32 Fri, 09 Nov

Today’s hot topics: Breaking down the midterms, Florida recounts, Sessions’ short goodbye, and…Hot Air (Weblog)03:28 Fri, 09 Nov

Yes, the Midterms Felt Heartbreaking, But Not All Hope Is Lost Teen Vogue03:17 Fri, 09 Nov

Opinion: Midterms Bring Big, But Expected, Changes to Washington The Daily Caller03:07 Fri, 09 Nov

Quiz: Sanctions and Midterms Atlantic Council03:07 Fri, 09 Nov

Will There Ever Be a Morning After the Midterms?: Podcast Reason (Weblog)03:06 Fri, 09 Nov

Soros Donor Network-Linked Candidates Strike Out During Midterms The Washington Free Beacon03:06 Fri, 09 Nov

Bernie Sanders: Midterms show progressives can win presidency in 2020 The Independent03:06 Fri, 09 Nov

Wall Street Loves Gridlock: Stocks Jump Two Percent Day After Midterms The New American03:03 Fri, 09 Nov

What Will Happen To Abortion Laws After The 2018 Midterms? It’s A Mixed Bag Elite Daily02:57 Fri, 09 Nov

Remember the midterms? Here’s where key races stand CNN02:56 Fri, 09 Nov

EU Confidential episode 72, presented by EFPIA: Bill Browder and Russia — US midterms — Picking …Politico EU02:46 Fri, 09 Nov

Archived chat: The midterms are over. What’s next for health and medicine? STAT02:46 Fri, 09 Nov

In the midterms, where did antiabortion activists win — and where did they lose? The Lily02:41 Fri, 09 Nov

Most expensive midterms in history set several spending records OpenSecrets02:34 Fri, 09 Nov

Nullification and Issue-Based Activism Were the Big Winners in the 2018 Midterms Foundation for Economic Education02:24 Fri, 09 Nov

US midterms — ‘Year of Every Woman’ Daily Times02:23 Fri, 09 Nov

Space.com’s Hanneke Weitering Discusses the Impact of the Midterms on NASA Cheddar02:22 Fri, 09 Nov

Vox’s Alex Ward Discusses Russia’s Reaction to the Midterms Cheddar02:12 Fri, 09 Nov

Health Reform: From the Midterms to 2020 The Century Foundation02:11 Fri, 09 Nov

What The Midterms Mean For Jews The Forward02:05 Fri, 09 Nov

North Korea Doesn’t Care About Trump’s Post-Midterms Agenda New York Magazine01:56 Fri, 09 Nov

Why the Midterms Were Good News For Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey Rolling Stone01:46 Fri, 09 Nov

Trump Administration Cracks Down on Abortion Rights One Day After Midterms Fortune01:46 Fri, 09 Nov

Wall Street Salutes Midterms Townhall01:43 Fri, 09 Nov

Corporate PACs try to rebuild their reputations after midterms Politico01:41 Fri, 09 Nov

WSJ: Midterms Show China Underestimated U.S. Farmers Breitbart01:34 Fri, 09 Nov

Après les Midterms, Trump fait le ménage à la Maison-Blanche Le Point01:22 Fri, 09 Nov

Midterms may nudge Trump to drop trade war: JPMorgan Asia Times01:05 Fri, 09 Nov

Midterms Are Over. Now What? Teen Vogue00:55 Fri, 09 Nov

Democrats Encouraged Military Veterans to Run in Midterms. The Results Were Mixed. The Intercept00:53 Fri, 09 Nov

The Midterms Trigger a Seismic Shift in Harris County’s Courts Texas Observer00:50 Fri, 09 Nov

Midterms 2018: How the Night Unfolded MarketWatch00:40 Fri, 09 Nov

After the midterms, Trump leans hard on his alternate reality Media Matters for America00:40 Fri, 09 Nov

Post-midterms, Americans are still waiting for a national leader: Analysis ABC News00:40 Fri, 09 Nov

One big loser of the midterms: Russian hackers Stripes00:36 Fri, 09 Nov

US: After the Midterms, What Are the Next Two Years Going to Look Like? PanAm Post00:35 Fri, 09 Nov

After midterms, US Democrats chart their course for 2020 Daily Mail00:33 Fri, 09 Nov

What the Midterms Mean for National Security Government Executive00:29 Fri, 09 Nov

Post-midterms rally in European stocks fizzles out Reuters.co.uk00:25 Fri, 09 Nov

All 19 Black women ran for judicial seats in Houston during midterms and won theGrio00:16 Fri, 09 Nov

Dennis Hof wins Nevada seat in US Midterms three weeks after death Coventry Live00:05 Fri, 09 Nov

How Did Millennials Vote In The 2018 Midterms? This Is A Major Change Elite Daily00:05 Fri, 09 Nov

After the midterms, Republicans and Democrats must tackle the true cause of American anger – automationSouth China Morning Post00:01 Fri, 09 Nov


How the midterms will shape defense spending; Lockheed gets F-35 upgrade deal; AIA kills media luncheon; and more.Defense One23:59 Thu, 08 Nov

Post-Midterms, Trump Is Not “Pivoting.” He’s Pushing Us Toward Authoritarianism. Truthout23:59 Thu, 08 Nov

2018 Midterms: The 50 hotly contested House races in Republican districts NBC News23:59 Thu, 08 Nov

Faulty Machines, Long Lines and Voter ID Laws: The Midterms Left Voice23:55 Thu, 08 Nov

Women’s Rights Groups Vow to Fight Back After Trump Throws ‘Bone to Anti-Choice Base’ After MidtermsCommon Dreams23:55 Thu, 08 Nov

Podcast: Populism, Trump and the US midterms – Politics Weekly podcast The Guardian23:54 Thu, 08 Nov

The Midterms Did Have Wins For Abortion Access Elle23:47 Thu, 08 Nov

This awkward dad moment at a midterms party is going viral for the funniest reason indy10023:44 Thu, 08 Nov

DNC tech chief says no successful hacking attempts were seen in the midterms CNN23:43 Thu, 08 Nov

Midterms: Wahlkreiswillkür – welche Rolle spielte das Gerrymandering? Der Spiegel23:41 Thu, 08 Nov

Photo Essay: Images of the Midterms City Limits23:38 Thu, 08 Nov

Sheldon Adelson watched midterms with Trump at White House Jerusalem Post23:28 Thu, 08 Nov

What the outcome of the midterms means for tech The Hustle23:20 Thu, 08 Nov

Midterms Wash Away Nearly Half of Climate Caucus Republicans Roll Call23:17 Thu, 08 Nov

Native Americans Score Big Wins in Midterms After Years of Efforts The New York Times23:01 Thu, 08 Nov

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Most presidents expect a ‘bloody nose’ in the first set of midterms, says former British Ambassador to UStalkRADIO15:18 Wed, 07 Nov

US Midterms: American voters send record number of women to Congress The Scotsman15:17 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterm election results time: What time will the full results come in for US Midterms?Daily and Sunday Express15:17 Wed, 07 Nov

A Polarized Country Sees Midterms Lock In The Two Americas Talking Points Memo15:11 Wed, 07 Nov

Benjamin Netanyahu Just Lost the U.S. Midterms Haaretz15:10 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms 2018: Stacey Abrams Holds Out Hope in the Georgia Governor’s Race The New Yorker15:08 Wed, 07 Nov

Erste Musliminnen, jüngste Frau, Schwuler: Das sind die erstaunlichsten Gewinner der MidtermsAargauer Zeitung15:07 Wed, 07 Nov

Après les «midterms», les marchés asiatiques gardent leur calme Le Temps15:05 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms: Trump évite la vague mais sa situation se complique BFMTV15:05 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms: Battleground state lived up to its reputation Sky News15:03 Wed, 07 Nov

US midterms result: good for Democrats, bad for Asia, says Trump critic South China Morning Post15:01 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms: Nancy Pelosi, la première opposante à Donald Trump, lui promet l’enfer Le Soir15:00 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms: twee moslima’s in Huis van Afgevaardigden, eerste openlijke gay gouverneurThePostOnline14:55 Wed, 07 Nov

US midterms: The story of the night Sky News14:53 Wed, 07 Nov

There Was No Way Fox News Would Let the Midterms Be Anything but a Resounding Victory for…Slate14:52 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez devient la plus jeune élue au Congrès Le Soir14:50 Wed, 07 Nov

The Democrat ‘wave’ was barely a wash. The midterms will embolden Trump The Spectator14:48 Wed, 07 Nov

US midterms: the no joke elections The Interpreter14:41 Wed, 07 Nov

How to argue about whether these midterms were a ‘blue wave’ The Washington Post14:40 Wed, 07 Nov

POINT MARCHÉS-L’Europe attendue en hausse, pas de surprise sur les “midterms” (actualisé)Reuters14:39 Wed, 07 Nov

If the midterms were a referendum on the country’s character, Americans failed The Globe and Mail14:39 Wed, 07 Nov

Rand holds near strongest in six weeks as midterms sap dollar’s strength Financial Mail14:37 Wed, 07 Nov

US Midterms: Democratic Georgia Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams’ concession speechFrance 2414:35 Wed, 07 Nov

US Midterms: Update from California with Naibe Reynoso France 2414:35 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms : Trump loin d’être K.O., mais en danger Le Nouvel Observateur14:34 Wed, 07 Nov

Melania Trump is mocked as she posts this message for midterms – can she vote?Daily and Sunday Express14:30 Wed, 07 Nov

Trump calls midterms a ‘tremendous success’ despite losses The Times of Israel14:30 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms 2018: Wo Demokraten und Republikaner noch zusammen Bier trinken Süddeutsche Zeitung14:19 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms im Liveblog: Demokraten: Werden den Präsidenten stärker kontrollierenSüddeutsche Zeitung14:19 Wed, 07 Nov

Resigned to House loss, Trump still sees midterms success Aspen Daily News, Colorado14:17 Wed, 07 Nov

US Midterms: Democrats capture House, in setback for Trump EJ Insight14:16 Wed, 07 Nov

Russian Trolls Were at It Again Before Midterms, Facebook Says The New York Times14:16 Wed, 07 Nov

The midterms usher in a new, uneasy status quo in Washington CapX14:14 Wed, 07 Nov

Cable news take old-school approach in midterms USA Today EU14:13 Wed, 07 Nov

‘Beleid Trump wordt lastiger door uitslag midterms NU.nl14:11 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms: les démocrates reprennent le Congrès aux Républicains mais échouent au Sénat (direct)Le Soir14:10 Wed, 07 Nov

Analyse zu den Midterms: Opposition mit Zähnen Rheinische Post14:08 Wed, 07 Nov

Video: 2018 midterms shake up Washington ABC News14:07 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms winners and losers Stuff.co.nz14:07 Wed, 07 Nov

The Midterms Mark a Turning Point in the Trump Presidency The New Yorker14:07 Wed, 07 Nov

LIVE. Stel hier uw vragen over de midterms De Standaard14:07 Wed, 07 Nov

US voters go to the polls – the midterms in pictures The Guardian14:06 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms, effondrements à Marseille… Le point sur l’actu de ce mercredi matin Liberation14:06 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms See Mass. Incumbents Re-elected, Democrats Take Control of House The Harvard Crimson14:05 Wed, 07 Nov

US Midterms: How to explain the exceptionally high turnout of these elections? France 2414:04 Wed, 07 Nov

US Midterms: “A big win for diversity” France 2414:04 Wed, 07 Nov

History was made during the midterms as the US elected a number of “firsts” Quartz14:00 Wed, 07 Nov

US midterms: a case of the blues… ING Think13:56 Wed, 07 Nov

Was das Ergebnis der Midterms für Trump bedeutet Express13:55 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms Show America Isn’t Done Dividing The American Conservative13:55 Wed, 07 Nov

CARTOON: The 2018 midterms Las Vegas Review-Journal13:54 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms are over. It’s caucus season in Iowa. Des Moines Register EU13:53 Wed, 07 Nov

Lauren Underwood Is One of the Most Exciting Democratic Wins of the Midterms Slate13:52 Wed, 07 Nov

The Biggest Democratic Stars Of The Midterms Lost. Here’s Who You Should Know About Now.BuzzFeed News13:52 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms: le Républicain Ted Cruz l’emporte de peu face au démocrate Beto O’Rourke Le Soir13:49 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms im Liveblog: Das Haus ist weg, aber Trump feiert “großartigen Erfolg” Süddeutsche Zeitung13:49 Wed, 07 Nov

Kommentar zu den Midterms: Keine schallende Ohrfeige Rheinische Post13:49 Wed, 07 Nov

US midterms: Democrats capture House majority Radio New Zealand13:48 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms 2018: Hass und Häme bleiben wählbar Die Zeit13:45 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms : Donald Trump préfère revendiquer un “immense succès” Le Nouvel Observateur13:44 Wed, 07 Nov

Women’s March: Record Number of Women Win in Midterms NBC Miami13:41 Wed, 07 Nov

Trump nach Midterms 2018: Der Mann, der nur Vernichtung kennt Süddeutsche Zeitung13:39 Wed, 07 Nov

Trump frames midterms as ‘tremendous success’ despite losses Aspen Daily News, Colorado13:37 Wed, 07 Nov

Guardian morning briefing: Get up to speed straight away on the US midterms and everything elseThe Guardian13:36 Wed, 07 Nov

The midterms were a referendum on Trump — and he failed Boston Globe13:35 Wed, 07 Nov

Chambre démocrate et Sénat républicain : après les midterms, un Congrès divisé comme le paysLiberation13:35 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms: Une sanction pour Trump à la Chambre des représentants Mediapart13:35 Wed, 07 Nov

Money, message and Trump: 6 lessons from midterms USA Today EU13:33 Wed, 07 Nov

US Midterms: Democrats take House from Republicans PressTV13:32 Wed, 07 Nov

2018 election roundup: Results, analysis for Kansas and Missouri midterms The Kansas City Star13:31 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms: le démocrate Jared Polis devient le premier gouverneur d’Etat homosexuel Le Soir13:29 Wed, 07 Nov

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Updates World On Donald Trump’s Midterms Night Deadline Hollywood13:29 Wed, 07 Nov

POINT MARCHÉS-L’Europe attendue en hausse, résultats sans surprise pour les “midterms Reuters.fr13:28 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms : Donald Trump limite finalement la casse leJDD.fr13:27 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms 2018: Die Zurückweisung Wirtschafts Woche13:27 Wed, 07 Nov

US-Midterms: Jared Polis wird erster offen schwuler Gouverneur Der Spiegel13:27 Wed, 07 Nov

It’s not quite a ‘red wave’, but the US midterms show the power of Trump’s divisive messagesThe Conversation (UK)13:26 Wed, 07 Nov

Missouri election results: Hawley and others who won key races in the 2018 midtermsThe Kansas City Star13:21 Wed, 07 Nov

: Résultats, nouveaux visages, réactions… Ce qu’il faut retenir des midterms TF1.net13:15 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms: ‘I’m as hopeful as I’ve ever been’: Beto O’Rourke fails to beat Ted Cruz – videoThe Guardian13:15 Wed, 07 Nov

Femmes, diversité, LGBT… Les midterms des «premières fois» Liberation13:15 Wed, 07 Nov

US Midterms: And the winner is … New Zealand Herald13:11 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms : ce qu’il faut retenir des résultats aux Etats-Unis leJDD.fr13:07 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms Deliver an American Stalemate The New York Times13:07 Wed, 07 Nov

Das sind die erstaunlichsten Gewinner der Midterms Aargauer Zeitung13:07 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms in den USA: Trump räumt Verlust des Repräsentantenhauses ein – Republikaner bauen Vorsprung im Senat aus Neue Zurcher Zeitung13:06 Wed, 07 Nov

US-Kongresswahlen: Midterms 2018 live: Demokraten gewinnen RepräsentantenhausBerliner Morgenpost13:04 Wed, 07 Nov

US-Zwischenwahlen: Midterms: Warum Regieren für Trump jetzt schwieriger wird Berliner Morgenpost13:04 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms aux Etats-Unis : les démocrates prennent la Chambre, les républicains gardent le SénatLe Nouvel Observateur13:04 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms 2018 live: Demokraten gewinnen Repräsentantenhaus Hamburger Abendblatt13:00 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms: la vague bleue est arrivée, mais elle échoue à ébranler Donald Trump Le Soir12:59 Wed, 07 Nov

Wekdienst 7/11: koning opent ziekenhuis en volg de climax van de ‘midterms NOS.nl12:57 Wed, 07 Nov

Asian shares hold onto earlier gains as US midterms play out as expected Financial Mail12:57 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms: Trump verliert US-Repräsentantenhaus und hält Senat Aargauer Zeitung12:56 Wed, 07 Nov

US midterms: Democrats to win House, Republicans keep Senate SBS12:55 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms: Warum Regieren für Trump jetzt schwieriger wird Hamburger Abendblatt12:50 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms : deux Amérindiennes élues pour la première fois au Congrès Le Soir12:49 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms 2018: Demokraten erobern Repräsentantenhaus, Trump vergrößert Mehrheit im SenatSüddeutsche Zeitung12:49 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms im Liveblog: House ist weg, aber Trump feiert “großartigen Erfolg” Süddeutsche Zeitung12:49 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms 2018: Trump verliert US-Repräsentantenhaus Rheinische Post12:48 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms: Cruz wins as Republicans take Senate The Telegraph12:46 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms : ces trois «étoiles» démocrates qui ont échoué tout près du but Liberation12:45 Wed, 07 Nov

The Five Things Trump (Probably) Learned from the Midterms Weekly Standard12:45 Wed, 07 Nov

US Midterms 2018: State of play i24NEWS12:36 Wed, 07 Nov

Trump declares midterms a ‘tremendous success’ despite Democrats taking House France 2412:36 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms: Ted Cruz défait l’étoile montante du Parti démocrate et garde son siège au Sénat BFMTV12:34 Wed, 07 Nov

Women and LGBT candidates make history in 2018 midterms CNN12:28 Wed, 07 Nov

Trump frames midterms as ‘tremendous success’ Aspen Daily News, Colorado12:26 Wed, 07 Nov

US-Midterms bringen geteilten Kongress ORF.at12:26 Wed, 07 Nov

Résultats Midterms 2018: Les Républicains gardent le Sénat, les Démocrates prennent la ChambreBFMTV12:25 Wed, 07 Nov

We made it! The midterms are over WCPO TV, Ohio12:23 Wed, 07 Nov

More Than 100 Women Candidates Were Projected To Win During The Midterms And People Are HypedBuzzFeed News12:21 Wed, 07 Nov

MARCHÉS-Hausse modeste sur les actions après les “midterms Reuters.fr12:18 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms in den USA: Die Demokraten übernehmen das Repräsentantenhaus – Trump gratuliert PelosiNeue Zurcher Zeitung12:16 Wed, 07 Nov

President Trump Turned the Midterms Into a Referendum on Himself TIME12:16 Wed, 07 Nov

How the midterms made history: Numerous firsts emerge from Election Night results MarketWatch12:15 Wed, 07 Nov

US Midterms: Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum concedes defeat in Florida gubernatorial raceFrance 2412:14 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms and minimum wage: Arkansas, Missouri approve pay hikes Fox News12:08 Wed, 07 Nov

What a Democrat win in the U.S. midterms means for Donald Trump Global News12:08 Wed, 07 Nov

Stephen Colbert Tackles Historic Midterms in Live Show: “We’ll All Crumble Together”Hollywood Reporter12:07 Wed, 07 Nov

Rashida Tlaib & Ilhan Omar’s Wins For Congress In The Midterms Are Breaking New GroundElite Daily12:07 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms 2018: How Partisan Conflict Has Changed Under Trump The New Yorker12:07 Wed, 07 Nov

Musliminnen, Schwule, Ureinwohner – das sind die erstaunlichsten Gewinner der MidtermsAargauer Zeitung12:06 Wed, 07 Nov

Look out for bond market’s response to midterms: Strategist CNBC11:57 Wed, 07 Nov

Trade was not the ‘defining’ issue in the midterms: BNP Paribas CNBC11:57 Wed, 07 Nov

Democrats take the House, GOP holds Senate in US midterms Politico EU11:57 Wed, 07 Nov

GOP keeps Senate majority as Democrats take House control in divided midterms News & Observer, North Carolina11:56 Wed, 07 Nov

Kansas election results: Laura Kelly, others who won key races in the 2018 midtermsThe Kansas City Star11:56 Wed, 07 Nov

Election night live: Coverage of 2018 midterms in Kansas and Missouri The Kansas City Star11:56 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms zetten Amerikaanse verdeeldheid vooral verder op scherp NRC Handelsblad11:54 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms : Rashida Tlaib et Ilhan Omar, premières musulmanes au Congrès américain Le Soir11:48 Wed, 07 Nov

White House, minimizing House loss, proclaims victory in midterms NBC News11:48 Wed, 07 Nov

Trump Did What He Needed to Do in the Midterms The Wall Street Journal11:48 Wed, 07 Nov

Musliminnen, ein Schwuler, eine Latina – das sind die erstaunlichsten Gewinner der MidtermsAargauer Zeitung11:46 Wed, 07 Nov

The lesson of the midterms: resistance works Vox11:46 Wed, 07 Nov

How Republican hardliners are faring in the midterms Quartz11:40 Wed, 07 Nov

Leserdiskussion: Midterms: Was bedeutet das Wahlergebnis für Donald Trump? Süddeutsche Zeitung11:38 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms in den USA: So haben die Amerikaner gewählt Süddeutsche Zeitung11:38 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms 2018: Republikaner und Demokraten teilen sich den Sieg Rheinische Post11:37 Wed, 07 Nov

The Greatest Feminist Wins of the 2018 Midterms Marie Claire11:36 Wed, 07 Nov

Sacha Baron Cohen dresses as Borat and claims ‘Great Success’ after voting in US midtermsDaily Mail11:36 Wed, 07 Nov

Record $5.2 billion spent on midterms as voters swamp polls New York Post11:36 Wed, 07 Nov

US midterms: Democrats flip the House of Representatives Al Jazeera11:35 Wed, 07 Nov

MIDTERMS: Ted Cruz l’emporte face à Beto O’Rourke au Texas Mediapart11:35 Wed, 07 Nov

Did The Democrats Flip The Senate In The 2018 Midterms? It Was A High Bar Elite Daily11:26 Wed, 07 Nov

Ted Cruz defeats Democrat Beto O’Rourke in Midterms race for US Senate Mirror.co.uk11:25 Wed, 07 Nov

US midterms blog: Democrats to win House, Republicans keep Senate SBS11:24 Wed, 07 Nov

After midterms, Trump’s economic programs appear safe but new tensions could cause market volatilityCNBC11:24 Wed, 07 Nov

Many firsts from US midterms include first Muslim women voted into House TVNZ11:20 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms im Liveblog: Demokraten gewinnen Mehrheit im House – Republikaner verteidigen SenatSüddeutsche Zeitung11:18 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms: Bernie Sanders conserve son siège de sénateur dans l’État du Vermont Le Soir11:18 Wed, 07 Nov

Watch Fox’s Chris Wallace call out Laura Ingraham’s “complete mischaracterization” of the midterms as a GOP victoryMedia Matters for America11:18 Wed, 07 Nov

Dollar seesaws as investors assess risks of deadlock after midterms Reuters.co.uk11:18 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms 2018: Republicans Win, in Florida and Elsewhere, by Going to Extremes The New Yorker11:16 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms: Rashida Tlaib, l’une des deux premières femmes musulmanes élues à la Chambre des représentantsTF1.net11:15 Wed, 07 Nov

Early 2018 midterms winners make history long before election ends McClatchy DC11:07 Wed, 07 Nov

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Won Her Congressional Seat In The 2018 Midterms & Made HistoryElite Daily11:06 Wed, 07 Nov

FOREX-Dollar seesaws as investors assess risks of deadlock after midterms Reuters.co.uk11:05 Wed, 07 Nov

US Midterms: “Most of the Republicans running have adopted Trump’s policy and rhetoric” France 2411:04 Wed, 07 Nov

US Midterms: US networks confirm Democrats flip House, Republicans retain Senate France 2411:04 Wed, 07 Nov

All the Historic Wins From the 2018 Midterms Elle11:02 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms: les Démocrates détrônent au Congrès les Républicains qui gardent la main au Sénat (direct)Le Soir10:58 Wed, 07 Nov

These Tweets About Beto O’Rourke’s Loss To Ted Cruz In The 2018 Midterms Show People Are In…Elite Daily10:56 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms 2018: A Party for the Women Who Helped Democrats Pick Up Key House Seats in VirginiaThe New Yorker10:56 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms in den USA: Die Republikaner halten den Senat, die Demokraten übernehmen voraussichtlich das Repräsentantenhaus Neue Zurcher Zeitung10:55 Wed, 07 Nov

US midterms blog: Democrats on track to win House, Republicans to keep Senate SBS10:54 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms im Liveblog: US-Medien melden Sieg der Demokraten im House – Republikaner verteidigen SenatSüddeutsche Zeitung10:48 Wed, 07 Nov

See live local election results for the Modesto region from the November midtermsThe Modesto Bee, California10:47 Wed, 07 Nov

Live-Ticker zu den Midterms 2018: Prognosen sehen Demokraten im House vorne – Republikaner verteidigen SenatRheinische Post10:47 Wed, 07 Nov

Mueller Expected To Make Moves After Midterms — Here’s What He’s Been InvestigatingThe Daily Caller10:47 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms may deliver a short-term correction in US equities The National10:45 Wed, 07 Nov

US Midterms 2018: State of play Daily Mail10:39 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms im Liveblog: Republikaner verteidigen laut Prognose Mehrheit im Senat Süddeutsche Zeitung10:38 Wed, 07 Nov

Midterms in den USA: Die Republikaner halten voraussichtlich den Senat, die Demokraten übernehmen das Repräsentantenhaus Neue Zurcher Zeitung10:35 Wed, 07 Nov

Democrats Fall Short Of Blue Wave In Midterms HuffPost Canada10:34 Wed, 07 Nov

Ted Cruz Survived the Midterms Esquire10:29 Wed, 07 Nov

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