Trump & GOP OK Industry Flood American Air with Numerous Can Kill & Damage Human Life Toxic Fumes & Other Substances >>> Conclusion? This & Because Trump & GOP Nothing to Stop Gun Violence Epidemic & Attacking Health Insurance, They Care Little About American Lives

Several news agency, American and Global, reports Trump and GOP have agreed to OK industry release of many toxic substances fumes and other, known to can kill human life, with longer term exposure, into the American air. This comes on top of them OK increase car exhaust and coal dust, also known to can kill human life release into the air.

The prospect of the lost of American life from all these increase release of harmful toxic into the air is un-know at this point, but in other countries globally, there are some high number of death numbers related to poor air quality.

We can conclude, because they did nothing to stop the gun violence epidemic and attacking health insurance for Americans, that they care little for American lives.



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