Trump’s Popularity with Global People Continues to Tank, Now at Bottom of Heap >>> Only Governments, Military & Economy Matter in the Forming of Strategic Alliance? And Non Far Right Global Populist Movements?

America’s polling and research unit, with a global presence, Pew, has come out with its latest global leader and country report and in sum, Trump’s popularity is at the bottom of the heap of global major power countries, below Putin and Xi and very far below that of Merkel and Macron.

The result of this report, continues the trend from earlier, a few years back report, that sees Trump tanking in credibility and respect from global people, dragging down America’s position globally.

Analysts and observer of the earlier report have said in the formation of global strategic alliances, there is more than just government, military and economic power countries consider, but because of the rise of populist movement globally, both far right and other, the opinion of the people increasingly plays a key role.

The situation for America with Trump is getting worse.


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