Trump & GOP Love to Promote State Rights & Attack DC, as Long as it is Red State Rights & Dems at DC >>> America’s Biggest Economy & One of Largest Globally, California, Rebelling Against Trump & GOP

Former President Obama once pointed, in sum, Trump & GOP love to promote State Rights and attack DC, but it is Red State Rights and Dems at DC that Trump and GOP are talking about.

Now, over the past few days, California, with Brown as Governor, is rebelling against Trump & GOP, starting with establishing the California’s own Net Neutrality rule, then followed up with many other.

Of course, at this point, everyone, who is interested in politics and have taken a side in this America divide, most likely, also including Trump, GOP and their supporters, know that Trump, GOP ad they, themselves, are hypocrites.

But we are not talking about hypocrisy here, we are talking about the “Power” to do anything one wants, unrestrained by anything, and driven mostly by racism, being the protection of White Privileged for the mass of Americans and special interest, by much of the top 1% class of Americans.


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