The New Deal, Whole, Not Any Better than Old Deal, But Better than Uncertainty Created by Renegotiating NAFTA & Chaotic Atmosphere Created by Trump,” Atif Kubursi, Professor of Economics, McMaster University >>> Much Ado About Nothing

Real Clear World, reported a study by McMaster University Professor of Economics, Atif Kubursi, going through USMCA that Trump negotiated with Mexico and Canada, to replace NFTA, and concluded in summary, there are changes, but overall, there is nothing much, about same same, no improvement & no regression.

The stock market, been hit and dragged by Trump’s various Trade Wars globally, in Canada, did not do much, and in America, no much either, pointing to, perhaps, a global business and economics community, finally realizing, we are dealing with Trump and most business and economics people are up-to-date on business and economics, and so they know Trump pretty well by now.

The USMCA deal, from my perspective, is very “Anti-Free-Trade” and will ,result in increase “Subsidy and government handouts, and some assurances, mean well or not, will likely have to opposite effect, in increasing hardship.

There are also provisions, some are saying, looks like a hidden “Open-Window” for America to lead Mexico and Canada into a “Trade-War” with China, or at least, America stopping Mexico and Canada from closer ties to China.

All in all USMCA is another Trump’s America First attack of Free Markets and Free Trade.


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