1776 Revolution Failed? Trump Called >>> From Mad King, to Royal Family Head to Caesar

Credible and respected people, with many top notch public and private units have called Trump, from Mad King, to Royal Family to Caesar. All of that, indicates a Royalty system, which is not a Republic system.

Then who will argue, that Trump has not attacked America’s “Democracy, Justice, Rule of Law, Human Rights & Freedom” i.e. women’s right and freedom over their own body? Then what does the emergence of the far extreme right with Trump rise such as “Fascist & Racist” say about the 1776 Revolution?

So it appears, to many people, the “1776 Revolution” has failed.

Sydney Morning Herald’s (source) International editor has an article headlined, “Australia can’t trust America with the ‘mad king’ Donald Trump in power.”

The Telegraph reports (source): Trumps behaving ‘like a royal family’, says German foreign minister.

New York Times reports (source) Europeans in Iran Bitterly Denounce the U.S. as ‘Caesar’ Amid New Sanctions.


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