Recently Trump Showed Off Saudi Massive Military Buys & Now, More Wars >>> UN & EU Greatly Concerned About Massive Numbers of Yemeni Suffering

UN & EU is greatly concerned about Yemeni, in the 10s upon 10s of 1,000s, adding to millions who already suffer in Yemen, from latest military action in Yemen.

UN aid chief said: Across Yemen, more than 22 million people are dependent on humanitarian assistance or protection, of which around 8.4 million are severely food insecure and at risk of starvation.

“If conditions do not improve, a further 10 million people will fall into this category by the end of the year,” cautioned Mark Lowcock, the UN Emergency Relief Coordinator, in a statement.

The threat of a resurgence in deadly cholera, together with watery diarrhoea also looms, which infected over 600,000 people during the last outbreak, he added.

Of particular concern is the situation of Yemen’s children – one in four are out of school, not only deprived of education but also at risk of recruitment by armed groups and exploitation.

Only in March of 2018 Business Insider reports (source) titled: Trump showed off Saudi Arabia’s massive US military buys in giant charts — here’s everything that’s on them.

President Donald Trump met with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman at the White House on Tuesday and boasted of massive defense deals signed between the kingdom and the US.

The president had several charts with him that showed the type of weapons, vehicles, and equipment being bought by Saudi Arabia. The charts showed how much money the deal were worth, and which US states were going to benefit the most from them.

One of the charts showed off eight purchases the Saudis have finalized, worth $12.5 million dollars. Another chart featured four sales that were still pending, but will be worth nearly $20 billion.



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