The Number of American Retirees Left & Leaving America to Live in Other Countries Up Very Fast Under Trump & GOP >>> America “Not So Great” After All for Many

For quite a while now, many issues about America under Trump & GOP had forced Americans to turn to depend on other countries, meaning because Americans and government and law makers should take care of Americans, but do not, many are bailing America and finding hope and a better life elsewhere.

For example, many Americans hit by Trump & GOP attack on health insurance has gone on trips to Mexico to get health care services. Then there is the Trump & GOP attack on affordable housing at HUD and all the deregulation that increase economic and business risk elderly face in America.

And also because of Trump & GOP various attack on other issues, such as net neutrality, environment have also seen Americans abandoning America, to go to work in other countries, like France on environment and Canada on innovation and startups.

Now the latest is America retirees who fled America because they cannot afford to live well in America, is up significantly.

New York Post March 2018 reports (source) some 500,000 Social Security payments are sent overseas, about 100,000 more than two years ago, according to the federal government. And the number of American retirees living elsewhere is rising, according to the US State Department, which says 8.7 million Americans are living abroad. It projects that number will rise in the next decade.

“For many, the decision begins with a concern that their retirement nest egg may not be big enough to carry them through,” said Kathleen Peddicord, 55, who took the plunge 20 years ago with her husband, is the author of How to Retire Overseas: Everything You Need to Know to Live Well (for Less) Abroad

But she added that “every retiree I’ve known who has taken the bold, brave leap and moved to a foreign country has come to realize that the real benefit isn’t the reduced cost of living but the enhanced quality of life.”

New York Post reports further retired Americans who are down on their luck are moving out of the country to stretch their savings and Social Security income.

“For folks worried about stretching their nest egg, even a few years spent in a good-value place abroad can make a big difference on the bottom line. Moving overseas can be a solid strategy for shoring up savings,” according to Jennifer Stevens, executive editor of International Stevens said the expatriate option is enticing many Americans.”

“It’s never been easier to retire overseas — the infrastructure is better than ever, technology keeps you connected to family and friends back home, and there is a wealth of safe, welcoming, beautiful options overseas,” she said.


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