Blog Editorial on Trump’s Asia Trip: Disappointing

On the macro-level, Trump’s Asia trip, is mostly about selling “America First” by kissing Asian leaders and Asian’s people butt, and so in sum, “Disappointing” that Trump sees such tactic as plausible. Specific wise, he following are lots of news on Trump’s Asia trip, much of them point to an utter failure by Trump.


relating to Trump in the past 3 to 4 days:

Ban Trump in PH, Left cries in Manila rallies Inquirer.Net 09:04

China Has Donald Trump Just Where It Wants Him The New York Times 09:03

Trump-Xi speeches at APEC leaders summit a study in contrasts Asia Times 08:59

Ministers Reach Deal on Pacific Trade Without US Voice of America 08:53

What Duterte-Trump meet will surely overlook Asia Times 08:53

Trump on an uphill mission to Asean Asia Times 08:45

Trump’s ‘National Apprenticeship Week’ Promotes Job Training Programs Newsy 08:43

Ministers make Trans-Pacific Partnership breakthrough at APEC SBS 08:36

APEC ministers agree on TPP trade deal without the US Fox News 08:35

11 trade ministers reach TPP deal without US Bangkok Post 08:35

Melania Trump visits military families in Alaska ABC News 08:33

Cambridge Analytica reached out to Wikileaks about Clinton emails, CEO says Fox News 08:29

Tiffany Trump’s sheer, flesh-tone ballerina dress makes you look twice Yahoo! US 08:24

How to Fix the Democratic Party 08:23

11 Trade ministers reach deal on Pacific trade without US The China Post 08:20

Can ‘America first’ thinking restore US leadership in Asia? Nikkei Asian Review 08:04

Joe Biden is preparing to take on Trump and become President The Independent 07:59

11 trade ministers reach deal on Pacific pact without U.S. Japan Today 07:54

Trump in the Age of the Strongman The New York Times 07:52

These blog posts about Muslims and women cost Tim Kelly an Education Department nomination The Blaze 07:48

Canada and 10 other countries have reached ‘basic agreement’ on TPP Global News 07:44

The Pain Behind Opioid Abuse – OpEd Eurasia Review 07:43

Trump’s Iran policy bearing fruit ArabNews 07:43

Chris Wallace: Donald Trump Is Historic Threat To Free Press, But May Have Point About Media… Deadline Hollywood07:43

China Focus: Xi-Trump summit upgrades Sino-U.S. cooperation, trust: experts Xinhua Online 07:42

Giffords’ Group Sues Trump Administration Over NRA Documents Bearing Arms (Weblog) 07:34

Kushner ‘jokingly’ told Time Warner it should fire 20% of CNN’s staff over their election coverage The Raw Story 07:34

Trump’s Pacific Trade Tear The Wall Street Journal 07:33

Putin, Trump share brief handshake at APEC summit 07:33

I Don’t Like Trump’s Tax Plan The American Spectator 07:33

Reality Check: Was Trump right about Japanese cars? BBC 07:12

Alabama Accuser Deletes Anti-Moore Postings from Facebook, Rants About Removing Trump from Office Breitbart 07:12

Trans soldier’s Veterans Day message perfectly sums up why Trump’s ban was always wrong Gay Star News 07:09

FUREY: Trudeau’s progressive agenda causes cracks in his trade deals strategy Canoe 07:02

Trump talks America First at APEC Conference Marketplace 06:53

Bannon Said to Be Recruiting Cuban to Run Against Trump Newsweek 06:52

Quick Takes: Trump’s Complete Incoherence on Trade The Washington Monthly 06:49

Former Trump aide investigated for alleged plot to abduct Fethullah Gulen: Reports Middle East Eye 06:48

Jacinda Ardern snapped with Donald Trump at Apec New Zealand Herald 06:43

Crowdfunding Campaign Raises More Than $50K For Female Cyclist Who Flipped Off Trump Bustle 06:42

Bannon: ‘It’s Now Time to Take Over’ to Build the Trump Populist Movement Breitbart 06:42

Former Trump bodyguard says President not involved in compromising activity during 2013 Russia tripThe Globe and Mail 06:42

The Republican Tax Plan Is Literally Too Unhinged to Pass Vanity Fair 06:33

Enjoy: Here Are Some Anti-Trump Voters Who Shouted At The Sky On Anniversary Of Hillary’s… Townhall 06:32

Angry Americans: Over $50k Raised for Woman Fired After Flipping Off Trump Sputnik 06:32

Robert Mueller’s Real Reason For Indicting Trump Campaign Chief (Weblog) 06:32

2-Way Trade Plans Take Ministry Flak Bangkok Post 06:24

‘Outrageous and prejudicial’ allegation is false: Michael Flynn denies alleged $15 million plot …Business Insider Australia 06:23

Hey, Remember When Trump & Pence Were Proud To Have Alleged Pedophile Roy Moore On The ‘Maga… 06:23

Will Trump’s Disastrous Presidency Turn Texas Blue? Vanity Fair 06:23

Moon administration’s discord over U.S.’s new Asia strategy The Dong-a Ilbo 06:22

Moon, Xi to hold second summit in Vietnam The Dong-a Ilbo 06:22

For Putin, the optics of not meeting Trump are bad PBS Online 06:19

Trump and Rex Tillerson had starkly different responses to Saudi Arabia’s corruption crackdownBusiness Insider Australia 06:13

George Papadopoulos Reportedly Lied to the F.B.I. Out of Loyalty to Trump Vanity Fair 06:13

Did China just open its financial sector to foreign investment? – China’s latest top news SupChina 06:13

Robert Mueller Is Moving Toward Donald Trump 06:12

Megyn Kelly: ‘Flipping Off’ Trump Is ‘What America’s All About’ CNS News 06:07

A Media Merger Is Mugged by Bureaucrats, Not Donald Trump The Wall Street Journal 06:02

Sen. Flake: Come on GOP, ‘This Cannot Be Who We Are’ NewsMax 06:01

Video: Trump, Putin chat at Asia summit CNN 06:00

Watchdog Group May Have Exaggerated Key Claims In Anti-Trump Lawsuit The Daily Caller 05:57

Trump, no longer near his object of infatuation, to ramp up pressure on trade? – China’s latest political and current… SupChina 05:52

Trump, Putin chat at Asia summit CNN 05:52

Trump Designates Annual Day to Honor Vietnam Veterans The Epoch Times 05:52

Trump pushes ‘America first’ trade message at APEC summit in Vietnam Los Angeles Times 05:51

Lawyers for former Trump aide Flynn call allegations outrageous, false Reuters 05:48

When Ardern met Trump 05:47

Friday’s Mini-Report, 11.10.17 MSNBC 05:42

Data Firm CEO: Reached Out To WikiLeaks About Clinton Emails ABC News 05:41

US lawmakers pitch greater military, diplomatic ties with Taiwan RT 05:41

APEC 2017: Why Trump’s Presidency Is an ‘Enormous Gift’ to China The Diplomat Magazine 05:41

Smooth sailing for Trump in China, Japan and S. Korea The Straits Times 05:34

Trump shakes hands with Putin at summit New Zealand Herald 05:33

Trump’s DHS Nominee Says She Will ‘Look Into’ Reopening DACA Amnesty For Illegal Aliens Breitbart 05:31

Angel Olsen on Her New Album and Singing Out Against Donald Trump InStyle 05:31

Asia-Pacific Summits Seen as Chance for Trump to Reassure Anxious Countries on US Policies Radio Free Asia 05:28

Why Mark Cuban Could Run for President — As a Republican Fortune 05:21

Life in 2017 is actually worse than 2016, new poll finds The Independent 05:19

Eco-Billionaire Tom Steyer Doubles Down On Anti-Trump Ads Over Dems Objections The Daily Caller 05:17

Trump in Asia: Good luck with that, Mr President Japan Today 05:13

Fox News’ Chris Wallace: Trump ‘Has a Point’ When He Complains About Media Bias Mediaite 05:11

Trump’s five-nation Asia tour, in photos Politico 05:01

Donald Trump Tweets That Suggest He May Be Two Different People The Cheat Sheet 05:01

Al Gore Says The ‘Worst Of Climate Deniers’ Have ‘Captured’ Trump’s Mind The Daily Caller 04:56

Year One: The Mad King The New York Review of Books 04:55

Deficit worries complicate path for Republican tax cuts Reuters 04:51

Money Stumps: Former Trump Advisor Steve Bannon Finds New Billionaire Candidate Sputnik 04:41

Trump Dossier Firm Supplied Info Used in Russian Trump Tower Meeting NBC News 04:41

Exclusive – Wh Says Trump’s Immigration Principles ‘Must’ Be In Any DACA Deal Breitbart 04:41

So Much for America First: Melania Trump Wore 11 Expensive, (Mostly) European Outfits During Asia 04:33

Deal of the century another Nakba for Palestinians Daily Sabah 04:32

What Donald Trump and P.T. Barnum Have in Common Vanity Fair 04:32

Ex-Trump adviser in kidnap probe 04:31

Trump lauds his Beijing meeting on trade as very productive’ Gulf Times 04:30

Positive reviews on Xi-Trump meeting China Daily 04:30

In Break From Obama, Trump Embedding More U.S. Forces With Afghan Combat Units Foreign Policy 04:30

Trump, Putin, and a bunch of world leaders posed in traditional Vietnamese shirts – and the… Business Insider India 04:22

Charlie Chaplin, the Tramp and Donald, the Trump, By Owei Lakemfa Premium Times, Nigeria 04:22

Love, War, and Sandwiches The New Yorker 04:21

How Donald Trump’s Win Spurred This Designer Into Action Teen Vogue 04:20

Hope Hicks Relegated To Baggy Shirt & Ponytail After Upstaging Melania Trump Hollywood Life 04:12

Shepard Fairey on Keeping Obama’s “Hope” Alive in the Age of Trump Artsy 04:12

Zarrab case to determine the fate of ‘new chapter’ between Turkey and US Hurriyet Daily News 04:11

Chinese media largely positive about Trump’s visit to country The Straits Times 04:11

US First Lady stays back in China to play tourist The Straits Times 04:11

Xi counters Trump On trade The Telegraph, Calcutta 04:11

Trump praises Modi The Telegraph, Calcutta 04:10

Ex-Trump aide Flynn probed over secret Turkey dealings: reports SBS 04:06

Video: Japanese PM takes tumble playing golf against Trump 04:06

Republicans confirm a 36-year-old judicial nominee who has never tried a case 04:02

‘Not Earned That Honor’: Trump Parliament Speech Vetoed by Top UK Lawmaker Sputnik 04:01

Donald Trump seems to turn on China after day of praising country The Independent 03:59

Big two consensus? Now, pressure Pakistan on safe havens The Times of India 03:59

Panda ‘photobombs’ Melania Trump 9News 03:51

The Trump-Duterte Drug War Tango Project Syndicate 03:51

He lost his son in Iraq and drew Trump’s ire. Now hear this Muslim American’s Veterans Day… CNN 03:50

Better Relations With U.S. Not Top Priority for Russians Gallup 03:50

#BanTrump: On Both Sides of Pacific, Protests Over Trump’s Visit to Philippines Common Dreams 03:50

Activists hold anti-US protests ahead of Trump visit Gulf Times 03:50

NBC News: Mueller Probe Looks at Flynn, Rohrabacher Meeting NewsMax 03:50

The Louvre Isn’t Just a Museum. It’s a Power Tool. Foreign Policy 03:49

Trump And Putin Shake Hands At APEC [Video] The Daily Caller 03:45

Trump lauds Indian growth story, lashes out at China The Asian Age 03:42

As the Russiagate Investigation Builds Momentum, Trump’s Allies Attack the CIA The Nation 03:40

Jesse Watters Attends Anti-Trump Protest Where They Scream at the Sky — It’s a Whole Lot of CrazyIndependent Journal Review 03:40

US officials puzzled by lack of North Korean missile tests CNN 03:30

Expert Says New York Out of Race for Aramco IPO Listing Financial Tribune 03:30

Abbi Jacobson on Sex Toys, Broad City, and Bleeping Out Donald Trump InStyle 03:30

The View From Seoul: Trump’s Visit and the ‘Illusion of Achievement’ The Diplomat Magazine 03:30

Pro-Trump group courts donors with Cabinet access Politico 03:27

Trump, immigration drama. Albanian mother of three fears deportation from USA Top Channel 03:23

Trudeau embrace of TPP could hurt tough NAFTA talks with Trump: experts 03:21

What Trump’s Odd Comment on China Trade Reveals Bloomberg 03:20

President Trump Tells Asian Leaders Trade Abuses Will No Longer be Accepted The Epoch Times 03:20

Panel Approves Trump Judicial Nominee Who Has Never Tried a Case NewsMax 03:20

Shady data mining firm sought Clinton dirt from WikiLeaks right after getting hired by Trump The Raw Story 03:12

Trump praises India’s growth story, PM Modi at APEC Summit The Hindu 03:12

Donald Trump to ‘put US first in trade’ in apparent rebuke to China The Scotsman 03:10

Trump aid discussed multimillion-dollar offer for Gulen – Report Vanguard, Nigeria 03:09

U.S. Justice Department commits to prosecute activists that damage pipelines Reuters 03:07

Senate GOP keeps endorsing Trump’s unqualified judicial nominees MSNBC 02:52

Trump holds out promise to revive ties at Apec summit 02:52

Trump Is A Fashion Victim in Vietnam Newsweek 02:51

We’ll never stop Brexit or Trump until we address the anger fuelling both The Guardian 02:47

Donald Trump Is Doing One Thing Well: Appointing Lifetime Judges Mother Jones 02:45

What Is Trump’s Relationship With China? He’s Been Friendly Elite Daily 02:42

Campaign manager shares how Trump pulled it off New Zealand Herald 02:42

Trump Reportedly Wants This Major Tax Change — Scientologists Won’t Be Happy Independent Journal Review 02:39

Trump to China, Vietnam: We Will No Longer Tolerate Trade Abuses Independent Journal Review 02:39

Trump leaves APEC summit reception without talking to Putin 02:32

Trump and Putin meet at Vietnam APEC summit — but not officially UPI 02:30

Politico: Biden Considering 2020 Bid NewsMax 02:29

Trump Matters More for US-Cuba Relations Than Castro’s Death Vice (US) 02:29

CNN Host Dismisses Concerns About Trump Dossier Firm’s Suspicious Activity [Video] The Daily Caller 02:24

Trump seeks Chinese help The Asian Age 02:21

Donald Trump Has Unleashed the Saudi Arabia We Always Wanted, and Feared Foreign Policy 02:20

Al Gore: ‘I tried my best’ but Trump can’t be educated on climate change The Guardian 02:19

Is Donald Trump Emotionally Intelligent? Vanity Fair 02:19

Trump’s Big Asian Adventure Foreign Policy 02:19

Ralph Peters: Trump Smart to Duck Formal Meeting With Putin Fox News 02:19

Trump Questions Church Of Scientology Tax Exemption Newsweek 02:10

Trump Wishes Happy Birthday to US Marine Corps Voice of America 02:10

Ahead of Trump Visit, Philippine President Duterte Boasts He Once Stabbed a Man to Death The Intercept 02:09

Trump adviser admits lying to FBI out of loyalty — just as Trump demands Shareblue 02:08

Melania Trump’s Asia Trip Fashion Could Pay For A Year Of College Elite Daily 02:02

The timely gravity of ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’ 02:01

Do Jared and Ivanka Have a Master Plan? Vanity Fair 02:01

Trump accused of making 1,318 false claims as president Daily Mail 02:00

How Democrats Have Changed Since the 2016 Election Teen Vogue 02:00

Area 45: Hoover Fellow Doug Rivers Breaks Down The Virginia Election Hoover Institution 02:00

Pacific Nations Get TPP Framework to Salvage a Deal Trump Quit Bloomberg 01:59

Steve Bannon: I’ve Got A New ‘High Holy’ Day And It’s All About #MAGA The Forward 01:59

Michael Flynn Probed Over $15M Scheme To Hand Over ‘Pro-Israel’ Critic To Turkey The Forward 01:59

How your tax bracket could change in 2018 under Trump’s tax plan, in two charts Business Insider India 01:51

Data Firm’s WikiLeaks Outreach Came as It Joined Trump Campaign The Wall Street Journal 01:51

Iran’s Nuclear Program Growing Smaller Under IAEA Close Scrutiny – Amano Sputnik 01:50

Mueller Seems to Be Closing in on Flynn—and the Indictments Could Be Explosive New York Magazine 01:50

Republican to ‘step aside’ if sex allegations true: Trump PressTV 01:50

Watch a Manafort-Linked Russian Oligarch Comically Freeze Out a Relentless CNN Reporter Mediaite 01:49

The Roy Moore mess actually began with the Trump ‘Access Hollywood’ tape The Washington Post 01:48

Trump’s “election integrity” commission faces a new controversy: a lawsuit from one of its own Vox 01:48

The Republican Party Is In Power, But It’s More Divided Than Ever Teen Vogue 01:40

CA, NY Among States Asking Federal Judge to Stop Trump’s Birth Control Mandate Independent Journal Review 01:39

Alyssa Milano Makes a Promise — Hollywood Breaks It for Her in 3…2…1… Independent Journal Review 01:39

Donald Trump ditches trademark suit and red tie for blue silk shirt The Independent 01:38

Did Trump University Graduates Design the Republican’s Shamefully Unequal Tax Plan? The Progressive 01:36

Latino Trump Voters Still Happy With Their Vote [Video] The Daily Caller 01:33

Trump’s Former Communications Director Has One Regret: Not Firing the ‘Leakers’ The Washington Free Beacon 01:33

Video: Trump And Putin Shake Hands At APEC Gala Dinner Daily Mail 01:31

A Trump Official Behind the End of DACA Explains Himself The New Yorker 01:30

Resentment and Betrayal: Will Trump’s Base Hold? YaleGlobal Online 01:28

Trump believes Roy Moore will ‘step aside’ if sexual allegations are true PBS Online 01:20

Kurt Andersen on Channeling President Trump The New York Times 01:19

REM’s Mike Mills: “I’ll never forgive Trump and I won’t stop talking about it.” NME 01:14

Video: U.S. interest in Cuba wilts 01:13

How Did Trump Avoid The Draft For The Vietnam War? He Had Some Reasons Elite Daily 01:12

100 Times Trump Owned Himself With a Tweet From His Past Paste Magazine 01:10

Tiffany Trump Eats Indian; Ivanka Gets to Go to India Newsweek 01:10

The DOJ zeroes in on Flynn’s $15 million plan to ‘forcibly remove’ Turkish opposition figure Think Progress 01:09

This Video of Donald Trump’s Granddaughter Singing in Mandarin Played at China’s State Dinner InStyle 01:09

Trump v Duterte – who said what? BBC 01:05

Trump’s shaking hands again: Watch him and Putin press the flesh while wearing matching outfits 01:04

Mueller Probing 2016 Flynn Meeting with Pro-Russia Congressman NBC News 01:00

Rosie O’Donnell on Trump: “I Told the Truth About Him 10 Years Ago” Decider 01:00

Ex- Trump aide Flynn investigated over plot to kidnap Turkish dissident – report The Guardian 00:59

First lady Melania Trump visits Great Wall of China without president USA Today 00:54

Trump Stands By His ‘America First’ Trade Stance Throughout Asian Trip The Daily Caller 00:53

Lawlz! Steve Bannon Says Donald Trump Is ‘The Least Racist Guy I’ve Ever Met’ — Watch His New… 00:52

White House Says Roy Moore Should Withdraw If Allegations Are True Townhall 00:51

Putin jilted as Trump says no to formal meeting at Apec The Straits Times 00:50

Late-night hosts on Trump and taxes: ‘There is no end to his tone-deafness’ The Guardian 00:49

Alt Facts: Ordinary Government Acts Are Now Unprecedented Under Trump The Daily Caller 00:42

Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping spell out contrasting visions of trade ties with region The Straits Times 00:40

Donald Trump Is A One Trick Pony And A Bully By Dr. Wumi Akintide Sahara Reporters 00:40

Japan to Send Largest Warship to US Military Exercise Near Korean Peninsula Voice of America 00:39

Former Trump Adviser Reportedly Considered Kidnapping Muslim Cleric, Delivering Him to TurkeyIndependent Journal Review 00:38

Trump Honors Vietnam Veterans, Issues Proclamation for Anniversary of Vietnam War Independent Journal Review 00:38

What is all-American diner Trump eating on his Asia tour? euronews 00:32

China’s Xi Urges APEC Members to ‘Uphold Multilateralism’ teleSUR 00:31

Trump may use executive power to weaken Obamacare’s individual mandate Politico 00:30

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago looking for foreign workers after bosses say there are not enough qualified… The Telegraph 00:29

Trump Year One: Betrayal, Division and the Rise of Illiberal Democracy Truthout 00:21

Joe Biden 2020? Outside the Beltway (Weblog) 00:20

Asian leaders charm Trump — too much, critics fear Politico 00:20

Trump’s Granddaughter Wows Chinese with Her Mandarin The Epoch Times 00:20

2018 elections could lock in Trump foreign-policy power Stripes 00:19

Air Force Secretary: We’re ‘Almost 2K Pilots Short’ NewsMax 00:18

Trump admin official: Trump will revoke Scientology’s IRS exemption Hot Air (Weblog) 00:17

Trump returns to China-bashing rhetoric, now that he’s no longer there 00:11

Whoa: Memo Presented by Russian Lawyer at Infamous Trump Tower Meeting Was Written By…Fusion… Townhall 00:11

UK-Produced Donald Trump Documentary Heads To Netflix Deadline Hollywood 00:10

Fran O’Sullivan: No TPP glory for Trump New Zealand Herald 00:10

‘Coup d’Etat’: As RussiaGate Probe Staggers On, Legal Fees Drown Trump Advisers Sputnik 00:10

Woman ends date after man tells her he voted for Trump Daily Mail 00:10

Hope Hicks’s Loyalty To Trump Will Be Tested By Mueller Newsweek 00:10

This Burger Joint That Fed Trump Is Now One Of The Hottest Places In Japan BuzzFeed 00:09

Anti-Trumpers need to scream less and manage their anger more a year after election Fox News 00:09

Ahead of Trump Meeting, Duterte Admits Stabbing Person to Death and Threatens to Slap UN Human Rights ExpertCommon Dreams 00:09

COP 23: Climate change talks [What Think Tanks are thinking] European Parliamentary Research Service Blog 00:08

How Donald Trump handed China the keys to Asian power The Globe and Mail 00:08

Photos: Melania Trump Brings Luxury Fashion to Great Wall of China Breitbart 00:08

Rep. Steve King: GOP Calling for Roy Moore to Drop Out Are Anti-Trump NewsMax 00:08

Trump Leaves China Amid Concern Over Lack of Human Rights Support Radio Free Asia 00:07

Trump and Putin shake hands at APEC SBS 00:06

Advisers Pulled Back Trump from Harder Line on N. Korea NBC News 00:00

Steve Bannon’s wacko Roy Moore conspiracy theory The Washington Post 00:00

Trump says US will no longer be taken advantage of on trade Stripes 23:59 Fri, 10 Nov

Robert Mueller Is Moving Toward Donald Trump HuffPost (US) 23:58 Fri, 10 Nov

Rosie O’Donnell Opens Up About Donald Trump’s Hostility Towards Her Just Jared (Weblog) 23:58 Fri, 10 Nov

Congress Prepares to Send Major Gift to Amazon, While Trump Battles “Amazon Washington Post” The Intercept23:58 Fri, 10 Nov

Did China Just Give Donald Trump the Middle Finger? Mother Jones 23:55 Fri, 10 Nov

Melania Trump Shocker: She Finally Abandons 5” Heels — What Was The Occasion? Hollywood Life 23:51 Fri, 10 Nov

Watch — Breitbart’s Kassam Tells Kansas Conservatives: ‘Trump’s Instincts Are Right, He Must Proscribe Muslim…Breitbart 23:50 Fri, 10 Nov

Sino-US ties can avoid Thucydides Trap Global Times 23:50 Fri, 10 Nov

France’s Macron treads fine line in Iran-Saudi minefield Reuters 23:50 Fri, 10 Nov

Philippines: Donald Trump must challenge Duterte’s ‘horrifying human rights abuses’Amnesty International UK (Press Release) 23:49 Fri, 10 Nov

Trump to Asia-Pacific Summit: ‘I Am Always Going to Put America First’ The Washington Free Beacon 23:49 Fri, 10 Nov

Melania Trump scheduled to visit military families in Alaska Fox News 23:48 Fri, 10 Nov

European Businesses Say Badmouthing Trump Won’t Bring US Back Into Paris Deal The Daily Caller 23:41 Fri, 10 Nov

Trump’s climate change views are super awkward in flooded Vietnam Quartz 23:41 Fri, 10 Nov

GOP Tax Plan Over-Promises and Under-Delivers on Middle-Class Tax Cuts U.S. News & World Report23:41 Fri, 10 Nov

Cute friends Global Times 23:40 Fri, 10 Nov

FM: Trump’s China visit ‘successful and historic’ Global Times 23:40 Fri, 10 Nov

Council chief: Trump course not worth it BBC 23:39 Fri, 10 Nov

Salmond: Trump has credibility problem BBC 23:39 Fri, 10 Nov

A Week Around the World With The Atlantic The Atlantic 23:38 Fri, 10 Nov

Report: Joe Biden Privately Mulling 2020 Presidential Run to Oust Trump Independent Journal Review23:38 Fri, 10 Nov

?The Economist: Trump Is No Ronald Reagan NewsMax 23:38 Fri, 10 Nov

Twitter CEO says Trump’s account shouldn’t have gone dark New York Post 23:38 Fri, 10 Nov

Chuck Schumer To Dems: Chill Out With The Impeachment Talk The Daily Beast 23:33 Fri, 10 Nov

Trump PR Director Hope Hicks Told To Dress Down In China? Melania Dresses Up & She’s Casual Hollywood Life23:30 Fri, 10 Nov

Carrier is laying off more workers, despite Trump’s brags 23:30 Fri, 10 Nov

Dear President Trump, Please Fire CFPB’s Cordray — Now NewsMax 23:30 Fri, 10 Nov

Trump and Putin likely to meet in Vietnam, but not officially UPI 23:29 Fri, 10 Nov

These CEO Had A Few Beefs To Pick With Trump, Congress IBTimes (US) 23:29 Fri, 10 Nov

China – Trump and Xi discuss security and trade: The US and China made modest progress on trade but remain divided over … The Economist Intelligence Unit 23:29 Fri, 10 Nov

Trump and Putin shake hands at summit in Danang, Vietnam CBS 23:28 Fri, 10 Nov

Watch Putin, Trump shake hands in Vietnam CNN 23:27 Fri, 10 Nov

Donald Trump believes Roy Moore will ‘step aside’ if allegations of sexual encounter with teen ‘are true’ Global News23:27 Fri, 10 Nov

Switzerland: US shooting itself in the foot on climate deal Swiss Info 23:27 Fri, 10 Nov

Despite the sabotage campaign, ‘Obamacare’ gets more good news MSNBC 23:26 Fri, 10 Nov

ACLU Wants To End Cooperation Between Police And ‘Trump’s Deportation Force’ The Daily Caller 23:21 Fri, 10 Nov

Chuck Schumer To Dems: Chill Out With The Donald Trump Impeachment Talk The Daily Beast 23:20 Fri, 10 Nov

Ex-Trump aide Flynn probed over secret Turkey dealings: reports Daily Mail 23:19 Fri, 10 Nov

The Press and the Election of 2016: One Year Later The Atlantic 23:18 Fri, 10 Nov

Trump says U.S. will no longer ‘be taken advantage of anymore’ on trade PBS Online 23:17 Fri, 10 Nov

Trump Wants To Pull Scientology’s Tax-Exempt Status Dlisted (Weblog) 23:17 Fri, 10 Nov

A Day To Remember: Au Students Burn American Flag To Protest Trump [Video] The Daily Caller 23:11 Fri, 10 Nov

Will Roy Moore Doom Bannon’s Populist Insurgency? Vanity Fair 23:10 Fri, 10 Nov

Trump talks tough on trade at APEC, says ‘U.S. won’t turn blind eye to violations’ 23:09 Fri, 10 Nov

Mueller’s Questioning Closes in on Trump Newsweek 23:09 Fri, 10 Nov

Judging Trump: Can Dems Win House and Senate in 2018? Newsweek 23:09 Fri, 10 Nov

Trump hails U.S.-China relations in tweets Los Angeles Times 23:09 Fri, 10 Nov

Trump and Putin shake hands at APEC summit Sky News 23:08 Fri, 10 Nov

Donald Trump and Vladamir Putin shake hands at Apec – video The Guardian 23:08 Fri, 10 Nov

Kevin McCarthy on Corporate Tax Cuts: ‘Better the Sooner You Do It’ NewsMax 23:07 Fri, 10 Nov

Trump, Xi tout competing visions on trade at APEC Taipei Times 23:04 Fri, 10 Nov

Government again calls on Beijing to improve relations Taipei Times 23:02 Fri, 10 Nov

What Is The Philippines’ Drug War? Trump Set To Meet With Leader Of Controversial Operation Elite Daily23:01 Fri, 10 Nov

BET’s Robin Thede Lists Trump’s Transgressions Against Black People in 4 Min ‘Rundown’ (Watch) EURweb23:00 Fri, 10 Nov

Trump and Putin’s Matching Shirts, Explained Vanity Fair 23:00 Fri, 10 Nov

Europe must act now to confront populism Gulf News 23:00 Fri, 10 Nov

Border Wall Construction Firms Seek Federal Protection Newsweek 23:00 Fri, 10 Nov

Trump and Putin share brief handshake in Vietnam AFP 22:58 Fri, 10 Nov

Bannon’s unhelpful comparison of the Roy Moore allegations to Trump’s ‘Access Hollywood’ tapeThe Washington Post 22:58 Fri, 10 Nov

Donna Brazile Uses Book to Knock Hillary Off the Political Stage NewsMax 22:58 Fri, 10 Nov

Steve Bannon: Trump Will Win Re-Election with 400 Electoral Votes Breitbart 22:57 Fri, 10 Nov

Trump’s absurd voting commission starts to unravel MSNBC 22:52 Fri, 10 Nov

Ivanka Trump leaves her home in funky jeweled boots Daily Mail 22:50 Fri, 10 Nov

Donald Trump is crushing it on Twitter The Economist 22:50 Fri, 10 Nov

President Trump Responds to Roy Moore Allegations The Epoch Times 22:49 Fri, 10 Nov

Trump’s Former Advisor May Have Been Willing to Sell a Major Turkish Opposition Leader for… Fortune22:49 Fri, 10 Nov

Donald Trump Challenges China And World Trade Organization In APEC Speech Breitbart 22:48 Fri, 10 Nov

Gabby Giffords Wants To Expose Just How Tight Trump Is With The NRA Bustle 22:48 Fri, 10 Nov

Report: Papadopoulos Lied to FBI Because He Was Loyal to Trump NewsMax 22:47 Fri, 10 Nov

Trump Talks New ‘America First’ Trade Policy In Vietnam Newsy 22:39 Fri, 10 Nov

Republicans Only Believe Women Who Make Accusations Against Democrats Mediaite 22:39 Fri, 10 Nov

Trump Arrives at APEC Wearing Traditional Shirt USA Today 22:38 Fri, 10 Nov

‘We were struggling with this’: Chuck Todd and his ‘Meet the Press’ producer reflect on… The Washington Post22:38 Fri, 10 Nov

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‘I won’t let US be taken advantage of anymore on trade’: Trump’s sharp rebuke to China The Sydney Morning Herald 15:48

Xi Mounts Fresh Defense of Globalization in Contrast to Trump Bloomberg 15:46

Yes, Trump’s Twitter style did change while he was in China Quartz 15:38

Trump wants Senate hopeful to step aside if sex claims true: WHouse Daily Mail 15:37

U.S. Army pilot Bobby Zizelman gave Sarah Sanders his coat Daily Mail 15:37

White House says Trump and Putin will not have separate meeting at APEC – media UNIAN 15:36

The White House Has Ruled Out A Formal Meeting Between Trump And Putin In Vietnam BuzzFeed 15:36

Donald Trump says the US will no longer tolerate ‘chronic trade abuses’, as he arrives in… The Telegraph 15:36

Trump: US won`t tolerate `unfair` trade Postuar 09:20 / 10.11.2017 RTKLive 15:25

Putin and Trump to meet on sidelines of APEC summit ‘one way or another’ — Kremlin TASS 15:17

US will no longer tolerate ‘chronic trade abuses’, Donald Trump says at economic summit in Vietnam 15:17

Vietnam vet craves glimpse of draft-dodging Trump Daily Mail 15:17

Trump demands fair bilateral trade in Indo-Pacific Nikkei Asian Review 15:17

Trump warns of crackdown on trade cheats Politico EU 15:16

Australia on verge of Pacific trade deal after Trump abandoned pact SBS 15:16

Trump, Putin not have separate meeting Mehr News Agency 15:07

Seminar discusses new direction for China-US relations 15:07

Donald Trump’s Asia tour: North Korea top on agenda Asian Tribune 15:06

Trump: Trade imbalance ‘not acceptable’ BBC 15:06

Trump outlines Indo Pacific trade dream SBS 15:05

Trump hails ‘productive’ China talks SBS 15:05

Trump at APEC: US ‘will no longer tolerate’ unfair trade SBS 15:05

Trump not welcome to speak in Parliament, says Commons speaker The Independent 15:02

Trump: US has not been treated fairly by WTO CNN 14:58

Trump Declares New World-Trade Order The Wall Street Journal 14:57

Melania Trump meets China’s furry diplomats Channel NewsAsia 14:56

Trump-Putin won’t have formal meeting in Vietnam: White House New York Post 14:56

Trump brings tough trade message in vision for Asia Reuters 14:48

US won’t turn blind eye to unfair trade, Trump tells Apec CEOs South China Morning Post 14:48

US, Russia presidents will not have formal meeting in Vietnam 14:46

Trump: ‘Unfair Trade Undermines Us All’ Voice of America 14:46

Trump delivers ‘America first’ speech at Asia-Pacific economic summit CNN 14:46

Melania Trump meets the pandas at Beijing Zoo The Telegraph 14:46

Trump in Vietnam says U.S. will not ‘surrender our sovereignty’ in trade agreements UPI 14:46

Trump: Asia must not be held hostage to ‘dictator’s twisted fantasies’ The Independent 14:42

APEC: Donald Trump stresses ties with Asia-Pacific, but calls for ‘better’ trade deals Deutsche Welle 14:42

Trump Wants Church Of Scientology To Lose Tax Exemption Status IBTimes (US) 14:38

Trump attacks China at APEC New Zealand Herald 14:38

Why China Won’t Budge on North Korea The Portugal News 14:37

Donald Trump: Republican ‘will step aside’ if sexual encounter with girl is true 14:36

Trump Offers Trade to Asian Nations But Only If They Play Fair Bloomberg 14:36

Trump says Asia held hostage by N. Korea’s ‘twisted fantasies’ AFP 14:36

Trump says US won’t be cheated on trade SBS 14:35

Trump praises ‘productive’ China talks, but tough action seen ahead Reuters 14:28

Trump, Putin arrive in Vietnam 14:26

Trump’s ‘Indo-Pacific’ vision poses dilemma for S. Korea Yonhap News Agency 14:26

Trump: Moore will ‘step aside’ if sex allegations are true Daily Mail 14:26

White House says Trump will not hold meeting with Putin RTE 14:25

Burned South-east Asia craves Trump love after TPP trade pact rebuff The Straits Times 14:24

White House says Trump, Putin not to hold meeting at APEC 112 Ukraine International 14:21

Trump sets out strong trade message at Asia-Pacific meeting Reuters 14:18

The Latest: Trump says won’t allow US to be cheated on trade Fox News 14:17

Melania Trump meets China’s furry diplomats: pandas Daily Mail 14:16

China Says Foreign Firms Won’t Be Forced to Turn Over Technology Bloomberg 14:16

Trump outlines Pacific ‘dream’ at APEC 9News 14:16

No change in Pakistan’s behavior: Top US general in Afghanistan The News International 14:13

Donald Trump can still have a successful presidency despite low poll numbers South China Morning Post 14:07

No Trump-Putin Talks on APEC Summit Sidelines, White House Says Voice of America 14:06

White House says Trump believes Roy Moore will ‘step aside’ if allegations true ABC News 14:06

Trump tells CEOs US will no longer be ‘taken advantage of’ on trade New York Post 14:06

Trump will not be meeting with Putin at APEC: White House SBS 14:05

It’s finally time to make the Pacific a bit bigger 14:04

US cities and companies declare ‘we are still in’ Paris Agreement desp The Independent 13:56

Raw: President Trump Arrives In Vietnam USA Today 13:56

Video: Raw: President Trump Arrives In Vietnam USA Today 13:55

Xi Jinping a ‘highly respected and powerful representative of his people’, says Donald Trump Hong Kong Free Press 13:47

US seeks Indo-Pacific trade ties rooted in fairness, reciprocity The Straits Times 13:47

White House: Trump believes Moore should stand down if allegations are true Politico 13:46

Australia on verge of Pacific trade deal SBS 13:46

Philippines protests against Donald Trump PressTV 13:46

Trump to set out vision for Asia in Vietnam Reuters 13:38

Trump and Putin Will Not Meet Formally, White House Says NBC News 13:38

US President Donald Trump arrives in Vietnam for APEC GMA News 13:37

Trump Addresses CEO Summit In Vietnam ABC News 13:36

Trump positively assesses China visit 13:36

White House: If allegations against Moore are true, he should step aside CNN 13:36

Donald Trump says Roy Moore should stand down if sex claims are true The Guardian 13:36

Trump’s Secret Weapon: The Hidden Ties That Bind Israel, Saudis Bloomberg 13:36

Misconduct claims hit US Senate candidate SBS 13:36

Friday briefing: Trump still too unspeakable The Guardian 13:35

Live: Donald Trump’s keynote speech at APEC CEO summit The Telegraph 13:26

Trump faces hard sell on new Asia policy at APEC summit Al Jazeera 13:26

Watch live: Donald Trump delivers keynote speech at APEC CEO summit in Vietnam The Telegraph 13:26

White House: No formal Trump-Putin meeting on Asia trip Stripes 13:26

‘Fever has broken,’ says Hillary Clinton, after Democrat election wins The Guardian 13:26

Panda diplomacy: Melania Trump charms Chinese public as she visits zoo and Great Wall The Telegraph 13:25

Trump’s limited appeal a warning sign for Republicans Dawn 13:18

Moon’s chief of staff rejects speculation of unannounced deal with US The Korea Herald 13:17

Hundreds protest Trump immigration policy PressTV 13:17

For Trump supporters, many troubles can be traced back to trouble at home UnHerd 13:16

Trump And Putin Will Not Sit Down Together In Vietnam Daily Mail 13:16

Mgazine editor Tina Brown says she found Trump beguiling Daily Mail 13:16

Trump will not meet with Putin in Vietnam: White House Channel NewsAsia 13:16

White House and Kremlin send conflicting signals on Putin-Trump meeting at APEC RT 13:16

White House: Trump won’t meet formally with Putin at economic summit Politico EU 13:16

Trump: Moore will ‘do right thing’ and step aside if claims are true New York Post 13:15

As Trump targets immigrants, U.S. farm sector looks to automate Reuters 13:15

Trump threatens China over North Korea and trade World Socialist Web Site 13:12

White House says Trump and Putin will not have separate meeting at APEC Reuters 13:08

Trump was offered to spend night with 5 Russian beauties in Moscow 13:06

Trump visit forges productive, stronger relationship People’s Daily 13:06

Trump and Putin Will Not Have Separate Meeting at APEC – White House Sputnik 13:06

Trump unaware as Abe falls in bunker during golf game The Mainichi 13:06

Trump Scraps Possible Formal Meeting With Putin Bloomberg 13:05

Charlie Chaplin, The Tramp and Donald, The Trump – Ochereome Nnanna Vanguard, Nigeria 13:05

Trump arrives in Vietnam for APEC SBS 13:05

Trump: Talks With Xi Jingping – ‘Productive’, Previous US Officials – ‘Clueless’ Sputnik 12:56

Trump: The Art of the Insult FrontPage Magazine 12:56

WH: Trump believes Moore will “step aside” if allegations are true CBS 12:55

Donald Trump’s Humble Lunch With Shinzo Abe Has Skyrocketed Burger Sales In Japan 12:55

Trump arrives in Vietnam for summit of Asia-Pacific leaders Reuters 12:48

US and North Korea on track to meet for unofficial talks South China Morning Post 12:47

Filipinos protest US ‘state terrorism’ ahead of Trump visit PressTV 12:47

Trump, Putin Will Not Have Formal Meeting During APEC Summit: White House ABC News 12:45

President Donald Trump arrives in Vietnam to attend international economic summit amid regional …The Washington Post 12:44

Stage set at APEC summit for Trump-Putin meeting euronews 12:31

In China, Trump Employs Tough Talk, Flattery With Xi The Wall Street Journal 12:31

Trump’s China Stop Provides Feel Good Breather, but Challenges Remain Voice of America 12:25

US and China to set out competing trade visions at APEC summit TRT World 12:22

First lady Melania plays tourist as Trump departs Beijing Reuters 12:19

Sotto slams US solons for urging Trump to talk human rights with Duterte: ‘Mga pakialamero’ GMA News 12:17

AP Photos: Editor Selections From The Past Week In Asia ABC News 12:16

Singing of Trump’s granddaughter melts Chinese hearts during visit The Japan Times 12:15

Europe Edition: Donald Trump, Louis C.K., Monsanto: Your Friday Briefing The New York Times 12:11

GOP’s Virginia Loss Tells Us Little About the State of American Politics Townhall 12:06

Second-Hand Smoke: Did Trump Play a Part in Virginia Elections? Townhall 12:06

Trump and Xi Click But National Rivalries Simmer The Cipher Brief 12:06

Foreign Investment Helps Boost U.S. National Security The Cipher Brief 12:06

‘Now is that a coincidence?’: Steve Bannon compares Trump’s ‘Access Hollywood’ tapes to Roy…Business Insider India 12:06

No, Virginia, the Election Was Not Anti-Trump The American Spectator 12:06

A Chinese soldier watches Donald Trump in case he falls down the Great Hall’s steps The Telegraph 12:06

Media Campaign to Confirm Judges to Federal Appeals Courts, Focusing on Kyle Duncan for Fifth Circuit Breitbart 12:05

Watch: Chinese soldier on hand in case Donald Trump trips down steps – like Margaret Thatcher… The Telegraph 12:04

Hong Kong holds exhibition of North Korean propaganda posters South China Morning Post 11:57

Carrier plant Trump vowed to protect schedules 200 layoffs RT 11:55

Trump must not be influenced by Xi’s lavish welcome Nikkei Asian Review 11:47

Trump’s state dinner in China featured Kung Pao chicken and a $30 Chinese white wine Quartz 11:47

Duterte threatens to ban 2 US lawmakers from coming to Manila GMA News 11:46

Bannon ‘strongly’ believes Trump won New Hampshire in 2016 New York Post 11:45

Trump’s Trade Policies Keep Backfiring FiveThirtyEight 11:35

G-Eazy takes stand against Trump during Band Together Bay Area SFGate 11:35

China’s First Lady Peng Liyuan gives Melania Trump a run for her fashion money The Straits Times 11:34

Trump in Asia: Did China Win? The Diplomat Magazine 11:25

Syria deal in the works ahead of likely Trump-Putin meeting Military Times 11:25

Trump Visits Vietnam, a Tiger Economy That Beats His Stock Rally Bloomberg 11:25

Wall Street on a Run That’s Shattering Milestones Voice of America 11:25

The Latest: Melania Trump visits pandas at Beijing zoo The Washington Post 11:24

“No Question” Presser and Weibo Censorship Mark Trump’s “State Visit Plus” China Digital Times 11:22

Donald Trump Aide Contacted Leah Remini About Revoking Scientology’s Tax Exempt Status 11:21

Bannon compares Moore accusations to coverage of Trump’s ‘Access Hollywood’ tape CNN 11:15

Japan anger over South Korea’s shrimp surprise for Donald Trump The Guardian 11:15

Trump Wall In Doubt? DHS Nominee Kirstjen Nielsen Says Border Wall Not Needed Lombardi Letter 11:05

Trump celebrates election anniversary on Twitter Los Angeles Times 11:05

Behold the Donald Trump Golf Course Tax Deduction Mother Jones 11:04

Syria deal could be announced after Trump-Putin meeting friday Azeri-Press Agency 10:59

Donald Trump’s granddaughter Arabella recites a Chinese poem in Mandarin ABC Online 10:57

ABC News: Trump-Putin Meeting Added to Friday Schedule NewsMax 10:55

Trump praises “highly respected” Xi The Hindu 10:46

Bodyguard says he turned down Russian’s offer to send five women to Donald Trump’s hotel room 10:46

Donald Trump ridiculed at Country Music Awards Newshub 10:46

Report: Trump Backs Scientology Losing Tax Status, Aide Says NewsMax 10:44

President Donald Trump praises Chinese leader Xi Jinping as ‘highly respected’ Global News 10:44

Trump gutting of State Department hard to explain with politics MSNBC 10:40

See every outfit Melania has worn on Donald Trump’s Asia tour South China Morning Post 10:36

Trump and Xi Agree to Curb Flow of Fentanyl and Other Synthetic Drugs Into the United States The Epoch Times 10:35

Farmers move to defy Trump on NAFTA Politico 10:34

What’s behind Donald Trump’s arms sales pitch in Asia? South China Morning Post 10:26

Asian markets turn lower as US tax-cut fears brew France 24 10:25

Trump praises ‘highly respected’ Xi; China media says visit set new blueprint for U.S.-China ties Reuters 10:18

Resentment And Betrayal: Will Trump’s Base Hold? – Analysis Eurasia Review 10:17

Trump doctrine could undo Yellen’s good work Gulf News 10:06

U.S., China Sign $250 Billion in Deals During Trump Visit Caixin Global 10:06

Chinese media hails success of Trump’s ‘pilgrimage ‘ to Beijing The Guardian 10:05

Russia probe closes in on Trump’s obstruction with interview of top aide Stephen Miller Shareblue 10:05

It’s still unclear whether Trump’s bodyguard was asked about one of the dossier’s most… Business Insider India 09:55

Xi, Trump reiterate commitment to denuclearization of Korean Peninsula 09:55

Trump blames previous US governments for the ‘unfair’ trade with China The Scottish Herald 09:55

Trump to visit Vietnam after helping to reopen old war wounds at home Stripes 09:55

The Pacific Gets a Little Bigger Bloomberg 09:55

Where are the China hands in Trump’s White House? South China Morning Post 09:46

Yes, Virginia, Attention Must Be Paid To Immigrant Youth HuffPost (US) 09:45

Donald Trump’s extremely unqualified nominees MSNBC 09:43

Trump Defends Saying He Doesn’t Blame China for Taking Advantage of US: ‘I Would’ve Done Same!’Independent Journal Review 09:35

Trump hails ‘chemistry’ with China’s Xi The Irish Independent 09:35

‘President a great global brand’ – Boris The Irish Independent 09:35

AT&T says it’s ready to litigate, won’t sell Trump-targeted CNN as demanded by U.S. authorities The Japan Times 09:25

45 After Dark: Moore Problems edition Politico 09:25

The battle for your homescreen 09:17

Trump receiving line offers a glimpse of China’s US relations team South China Morning Post 09:16

Trump wraps up visit to China China Daily 09:15

Trump’s China trip ends with few gains on trade, North Korea The Straits Times 09:14

AP FACT CHECK: China-US business deals are largely gloss The China Post 09:13

Senior Trump adviser questioned in Russia probe Arutz Sheva 09:10

Trump praises ‘highly respected’, ‘powerful rep’ President Xi Jinping 09:05

Rex Tillerson: Trump Meeting with Vladimir Putin ‘Under Consideration’ Breitbart 09:04

Trump tweets ‘I don’t blame China’ for trade imbalance Fox News 09:04

Bannon compares Moore report to Trump Access Hollywood tape CBS 09:04

Presidents Trump and Xi Announce ‘Miracle’ of $250 Billion in U.S.-China Deals Breitbart 09:00

Jimmy Kimmel just tricked Trump supporters into signing up for Obamacare Lost At E Minor 08:55

Russian lawyer brought intel from firm behind infamous Trump-Russia dossier to meeting with Don Jr.The Raw Story 08:46

Trump was ‘offered five women’ New Zealand Herald 08:45

Fusion GPS Reportedly Provided Dirt to Both Clinton and Trump Campaigns Mediaite 08:45

Trump continues to blame predecessors for trade deficit Daily Mail 08:44

Putin, Trump to meet in Vietnam Friday China Daily 08:44

Keepin’ it classy, Newsweek: America’s “Garden of D***s” the fault of … Hot Air (Weblog) 08:44

Report: Russia Twitter trolls rushed to deflect Trump bad news CBS 08:34

Trump blends tough talk, flattery in engaging with Xi EJ Insight 08:33

Trump’s ex-security chief: I rejected 5 women hotel room visit offer in Moscow The Sydney Morning Herald 08:26

Donald Trump: One year since the election and we’re still in overdrive ABC Online – Radio Australia 08:25

Trump hails China’s ‘highly respected’ leader PressTV 08:25

China media praises tone, outcome of Trump-Xi summit Reuters 08:24

Rush: ‘New Media Narrative’ Is Wrong on Trump Losing Base NewsMax 08:24

Joan Walsh on Trump Getting the Bird: ‘I Don’t See How Giving Someone the Finger Is Not…The Washington Free Beacon 08:21

Pullout from Pacific Rim trade pact leaves US on sidelines Fox News 08:15

Trump praises China’s ‘highly respected’ Xi Daily Mail 08:14

Please, Big Media, come visit us in Trump country The Washington Post 08:14

How Trump can be Haiti’s ‘champion’ The Washington Post 08:14

Floodgates open for Trump’s Pentagon nominees Stripes 08:14

A year on from Trump’s election victory ABC Online 08:14

Trump’s bodyguard: I rejected Russian offer to ‘send five women’ to Trump’s Moscow hotel room… Hot Air (Weblog) 08:14

Trump thinks US, China could jointly solve world’s problems The Washington Post 08:13

When Alec Baldwin plays the president, Trump ‘is the head writer’ PBS Online 08:10

Trump prostitutes ‘rejected’ 08:09

Trump Keeps Praising Chinese President Over Twitter The Daily Caller 08:06

Beijing is playing Trump “like a fiddle,” an ex-ambassador to China says Quartz 08:05

Trump’s complicated history with Vietnam CNN 08:05

Donald Trump prods Xi Jinping to work ‘hard’ and fast on North Korea Hong Kong Free Press 08:05

Xi, Trump agree on leading role of head-of-state diplomacy in Sino-U.S. ties Guangming Online 08:05

Asia-Pacific nations agree in principle to proceed with TPP Asian Correspondent 08:04

Xi exhibits ‘great-power’ confidence in meeting with Trump Nikkei Asian Review 08:04

Trump’s tricky talks: five world leader meetings to watch at the Apec summit The Guardian 08:03

Trump tells Xi Jinping he doesn’t blame China for ‘unfair trade’ The Independent 08:02

Trump says Americans ‘had no clue’ China was taking advantage of US and he ‘would’ve done same’Business Insider India 07:54

Chinese firms to help build Alaska LNG pipeline People’s Daily 07:54

Trump, Putin May Meet Privately Friday On The Sidelines Of APEC Summit ABC News 07:53

Trumpism Strategy Without Trump Catastrophic for Gillespie NewsMax 07:53

Trump says Americans ‘had no clue’ China was taking advantage of US and he ‘would have done…Business Insider Australia 07:45

Quad redux: A new agenda for Asia’s maritime democracies The Interpreter 07:45

China’s Appetite for U.S. Energy Falls Shy of Binding Deals Bloomberg 07:44

Russians offered Trump women, was turned down MSNBC 07:44

Photo album: Xi-Trump meeting in Beijing People’s Daily 07:44

Moon Says Trump’s Belligerent Talk Is Part of ‘Role Sharing’ The Chosun Ilbo 07:44

Trevor Noah talks Trump at vets’ comedy show New York Post 07:44

China: ‘Major Consensus’ Points Between Xi, Trump Include Anti-Terror, Repatriating ‘Fugitives’ Breitbart 07:40

Russian Lawyer Took Fusion GPS Report Into Trump Tower Meeting The Daily Caller 07:35

Ex-US envoy sees less chance of new Korean war The Korea Herald 07:35

Asia is embracing trade, too bad that’s not the Trump agenda South China Morning Post 07:35

Bromance in Beijing The Wall Street Journal 07:34

Trump shows ‘money first’ diplomacy The Dong-a Ilbo 07:34

Trump Heads Next to Vietnam for APEC, US Veterans Voice of America 07:33

Trump’s antitrust chief’s views on AT&T merger have shifted since last year The Washington Post 07:33

Trump Praises China’s ‘Respected’ Leader, Rips US on Trade NewsMax 07:33

Trump’s China visit brings $250 billion in US business deals Fox News 07:31

Trump official tells Leah Remini president wants Church of Scientology’s tax exempt status revoked The Raw Story 07:26

How fares conservatism under President Trump? WorldNetDaily 07:25

RINO Gillespie lost by avoiding Trump WorldNetDaily 07:25

Trump-like dog’s ear 07:24

Mood of realism shown at U.S.-China summit meeting The Dong-a Ilbo 07:24

Japanese PM stacks it and eats sand while golfing with Trump Lost At E Minor 07:23

Trump to address Apec summit in Vietnam BBC 07:22

How American voters fell for Russia’s fake news ArabNews 07:21

One year since Trump’s election, here are some winners and losers ArabNews 07:21

Trump repudiated: The all-gay city council WorldNetDaily 07:15

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“I’m Embarrassed for Him”: A Requiem for Gary Cohn’s Soul Vanity Fair 07:14

Syria Deal Could Be Announced After Trump-Putin Meeting Friday Sputnik 07:14

Video: Possible Trump-Putin meeting hangs over summit CNN 07:13

Possible Trump-Putin meeting hangs over summit CNN 07:13

Trump and Xi Both “Lose-Lose” Bloomberg 07:13

Trump in Asia: Ceremony over substance The Irish Times 07:13

Trump and Xi talk trade and North Korea crisis Morning Star 07:11

Trump education nominee withdraws over blog posts deemed offensive to Muslims and women in techThe Raw Story 07:05

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Shadows cast over climate talks in Germany Church Times 07:04

Sound and fury — two days in Beijing – China’s latest top news SupChina 07:04

8 key differences between the dueling Senate and House tax bills Politico 07:03

Russian Lawyer in Trump Meeting Looms Large, Silent in Hearing Bloomberg 07:03

Clinton urges women to ‘resist’ Trump agenda Politico 07:02

Indian City Removes Beggars for Ivanka Trump Newsweek 06:56

Air Force Academy hoax doesn’t change overall picture on hate crimes CNN 06:54

House to Query Russian-American Lobbyist on Trump Jr. Meeting Bloomberg 06:53

Trump and Ryan Versus the Little People The New York Times 06:53

Here’s Why Twitter Won’t Suspend Donald Trump’s Account Fortune 06:50

Sino-US ties at ‘new historic starting point’ People’s Daily 06:43

Let Trump Have 280 Twitter Characters Politico 06:43

Bannon: Elites Can No Longer Tell Working Class ‘What’s Right, What’s Wrong’ Breitbart 06:43

Xinhua Insight: Xi, Trump agree on leading role of head-of-state diplomacy in Sino-U.S. ties Xinhua Online 06:43

Ex-Trump bodyguard said he rejected offer to send women to Trump in Moscow: Sources ABC News 06:43

“Trumpism Without Trump” Is a Dead End—Until It’s Not Mother Jones 06:42

Woman described as ‘Putin’s niece’ at center of Trump campaign-Russia communications identified The Raw Story 06:35

Sino-US relations stand at historic new starting point China Daily 06:34

China, US should further open up to each other: premier China Daily 06:34

What a Russian’s offer of women for Trump may tell us CNN 06:33

China resists US calls for ‘maximum pressure’ on North Korea Nikkei Asian Review 06:33

“I’m Everything Trump Hates,” Says the New Mayor of Hoboken 06:33

Both Campaigns Offered Research from Dossier Firm Political Wire (Weblog) 06:32

Inside the luxurious resort where world leaders like Trump, Putin and Trudeau will be meeting…Business Insider Australia 06:24

Trump’s Granddaughter Arabella Enchants China With Mandarin Song NewsMax 06:22

Beggars cleared from Indian city’s streets for Trump visit 9News 06:13

Golden showers Trump smear firm had Clinton file too Daily Mail 06:13

Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission Is Imploding Slate 06:12

Trump and Clinton campaigns were both offered info gathered by research firm Fusion GPS Global News 06:08

Prospect of Trump, Putin meeting hangs over Asia-Pacific summit CNN 06:04

‘I don’t blame China’: Trump The Sydney Morning Herald 06:03

US House tax overhaul advances, Senate unveils conflicting plan Daily Mail 06:03

Relations between the United States and Turkey one year after Trump’s victory Pravda Report 06:03

Russians Offered to Send Women to Trump’s Moscow Hotel Room, Bodyguard Testifies New York Magazine 06:03

Trump hails U.S.-China relations in tweet Los Angeles Times 06:02

Pope Francis says to put away your phones during church The Daily Dot 06:02

Did A State-Run Newspaper Hint at Chinese Leader Xi Jinping’s Praise for Trump? The Epoch Times 06:02

Five Ways It Seems Russia Colluded With Trump Newsweek 05:56

Special counsel Mueller interviews top Trump aide Stephen Miller in Russia probe: report The Raw Story 05:54

Bodyguard Insists Trump Rejected Russian Offer to “Send Five Women” Vanity Fair 05:54

11 states reach accord on implementing TPP without U.S. as Tokyo vows to keep prodding Trump The Japan Times 05:53

(EDITORIAL from Korea JoongAng Daily on Nov. 10) Yonhap News Agency 05:53

Donald Trump’s Tweets Triggered Intel CEO’s Exit From Business Council Fortune 05:52

Mueller’s Probe Has Interviewed WH Adviser Stephen Miller NewsMax 05:52

Trump’s bodyguard says a Russian offered Trump women and was turned down CBS 05:52

North Korea Applauds Anti-Trump Protests in Seoul Newsweek 05:48

Donald Trump: How his high-stakes meeting with Xi Jinping was covered in the Chinese pressABC Online – Radio Australia 05:44

Roy Moore used Breitbart to try to get in front of allegations that he pursued teenage girls The Washington Post 05:42

US finds unlikely ally in Vietnam as a former partner tilts to China CNN 05:42

Meeting of the strongmen: How did Trump measure up against Xi? CNN 05:42

Are this week’s Democratic wins the start of an anti-Trump surge? PBS Online 05:41

Harrington: ‘Trump Has a Very Powerful Effect on Some Segments of the Left’ The Washington Free Beacon 05:40

Roy Moore scandal in Alabama might slow Bannon’s insurgency, GOP leaders hope Yahoo! US 05:33

Trump administration axes nominee who called for ban on all Muslim air travel Politico 05:33

‘Frankly, you’re missing a lot of the story’: How the Chinese press covered Trump’s Beijing trip ABC Online 05:32

Ann Coulter: Trump’s Nominee For DHS Kirstjen Nielsen Is ‘An Open Borders Zealot’ Breitbart 05:32

Trump Proclaims ‘World Freedom Day’ to Oppose Communism and to Uphold Individual Liberties The Epoch Times 05:32

Dem Rep Accused of Referring to Trump-Voting Constituents as Supporting ‘Bigotry and Misogyny’The Washington Free Beacon 05:30

Papadopoulos represented Trump campaign at meetings with British officials, Israeli settlers CNN 05:30

Europe in the time of Trump The Jordan Times 05:27

There’s one part of the Trump trade that’s still crushing it Business Insider Australia 05:24

Boeing’s $37 billion China aircraft order touted by Trump said to be mainly old news The Japan Times 05:23

‘I Am Not a Scientist.’ President Trump’s Pick for Environmental Adviser Is a Climate Change Skeptic TIME 05:22

Chinese people describe the US in one word BBC 05:22

Who is Makan Delrahim, the Trump antitrust chief? CNN Money 05:22

Speaker stands by ban on Donald Trump addressing parliament The Guardian 05:22

Trump, Xi reach consensus on curbing terrorism in South Asia Daily Times 05:13

In a place where no gun massacres have occurred in modern history, Trump says “mass shootings… Lost At E Minor 05:12

AP Exclusive: Russia Twitter trolls deflected Trump bad news The China Post 05:10

Trump, Clinton camps both offered slice of dossier firm’s work – sources 05:09

Trump: An American Dream is a well-made account of an unusual ascent – review The Telegraph 05:06

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Ex-U.S. envoy sees less chance of new Korean war Yonhap News Agency 04:52

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says the deactivation of Trump’s Twitter should never have been possible CNBC 04:51

I Survived the First Year of the Trump Presidency By Becoming Obsessed with French Food Munchies 04:51

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Experts: International Community ‘Pretending Not to See’ Iran’s Nuke Deal Violations The Algemeiner 04:32

Senate GOP Tax Bill Has More Pain for Blue States NBC News 04:32

Russia trolls deflected Trump bad news during campaign UNIAN 04:32

U.S. Walks Back Trump Tweets in Hearing Over Military Trans Ban Bloomberg 04:32

Video: Xi Jinping hosted state dinner for Trump in Beijing Daily Mail 04:22

Trump’s Bodyguard Sorta Just Confirmed Part Of The Golden Shower Dossier Bustle 04:22

Protecting the Rights of the Accused in U.S.-China Relations ChinaFile 04:21

Asian leaders roll out the red carpet for Trump — and he loves it. The Washington Post 04:21

Democrats still lack economic message Yahoo! US 04:12

Trump And Xi To Set Out Competing Trade Visions At APEC Daily Mail 04:12

Dems still need a message, don’t read into the Virginia election & other comments New York Post 04:11

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Most of the $250bn in China-US trade ‘deals’ isn’t set in stone Nikkei Asian Review 04:01

Bodyguard: Trump Turned Down Offer of Five Russian Women in Moscow NewsMax 04:01

Trump urges Xi to work hard on North Korean nuclear issue The Straits Times 04:01

Melania takes in arts, crafts and makes a cold fashion statement The Straits Times 04:01

Trump urges Xi to work hard on North Korean nuclear issue The Straits Times 04:01

North Korea Threatens South Korea Following Trump Visit The Epoch Times 04:01

Fox News Is ‘Aligned’ With Trump, Newsmax CEO Says Newsweek 03:56

Cyclist Fired for Flipping Off Trump: It Felt Great Newsweek 03:56

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Philippine Leader to Host US Counterpart in Meeting of Mavericks Voice of America 03:41

Russia helped discredit scandalous Trump news before election New York Post 03:41

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Should You Work for the Trump Administration Even If You Disagree With the President? TIME 03:38

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Trump Presses China on North Korea, But Beijing Has Its Own Agenda: Analysts Radio Free Asia 03:31

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Bodyguard Says Russian Offered Trump Five Women Daily Mail 03:11

Ex-Trump security chief testifies he rejected 2013 Russian offer of women for Trump in Moscow CNN 03:11

Homophobic Senate candidate who wants gays jailed ‘sexually abused 14-year-old’ 03:11

Three carrier strike groups to unite for West Pacific exercise Defense News 03:10

Apple releases first diversity report under new VP of diversity and inclusion TechCrunch 03:06

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Watch the Third Episode of She’s the Ticket The Cut 02:33

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Trump doesn’t talk to the press — because China told him to shut up 02:20

British Library Acquires John Pilger Archive And Stages Two-Day ‘Power Of The Documentary’ Event 02:20

Turnbull has big choices to make, but picking a favourite ally isn’t one of them ABC Online 02:16

Trump: ‘I don’t blame China’ The Sydney Morning Herald 02:11

Amid Trump cuts, Uber kicks off campaign to enroll drivers in Obamacare The Globe and Mail 02:11

One Year After Trump Elected, Capital More Divided Townhall 02:10

‘I’m not ready to say the tide has turned’: readers react to Democrats’ election wins The Guardian 02:10

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Former WH Comms Director: Trump Held Presser During My Interview For The Job Talking Points Memo 02:10

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Trump: An American Dream The Pool 02:00

Big CEOs Are ‘Most Excited’ About Trump-GOP Tax Cuts, Brags Gary Cohn Common Dreams 02:00

Judge: Transgender military ban is stigmatizing, likely harmful already Stripes 02:00

Analysis: Trump, in China, opts against confrontation The Washington Post 02:00

WH Invitation to Reporters Says ‘Holiday Reception’ NewsMax 02:00

Dreamers Occupy Senate Building For DACA Rights Newsweek 01:55

Trump Jr. Furious U.S. Army Might Pay Bowe Bergdahl Newsweek 01:55

Republicans pull back on Iran deal legislation in setback for Trump Jerusalem Post 01:51

Donald Trump set to meet Vladimir Putin despite Russian collusion allegations The Telegraph 01:51

More Than A Quarter Of Trump’s Overseas Partners Have Tangled With The Law BuzzFeed 01:51

Local Climate Action Surges; Washington Stalls Undark 01:50

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Did President Donald Trump Call Senator Antonio Trillanes IV Trillanes a ‘Little Narco?’ 01:50

Three Navy Carriers Will Train Together Amid Concerns About Overall Readiness The Drive 01:50

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Fox News Hires Former Donald Trump Aide Sebastian Gorka TIME 01:49

Powerful videos show ‘Dreamers’ storming Senate office building Mashable 01:46

Report finds that people who work in the DeVos family office have some pretty odd responsibilities 01:43

Analysts Explain How China May Respond to US Push to Militarize Asia-Pacific Sputnik 01:41

Trump Sticks to the Script, Bolsters U.S. Defense Commitments in Japan and South KoreaCouncil on Foreign Relations 01:40

Russia Twitter trolls deflected Trump bad news Daily Mail 01:40

Trump adviser hired to fight to turn neoclassical masterpiece into hotel The Scottish Herald 01:40

Trump heaps praise on Xi The Telegraph, Calcutta 01:40

The DoD Is Sending More Troops To Afghanistan Than Previously Announced Task & Purpose 01:40

Trump said America’s economy was better than Japan’s and he was probably right euronews 01:39

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Treasury Sec Mnuchin says Trump will see tax increase under tax plan CNBC 01:19

People Scream Helplessly At The Sky To Protest A Year Of Trump The Daily Caller 01:19

In China, Trump Strikes Gentler Tone on N. Korea, Trade Voice of America 01:19

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Ignoring the role of women is dismal economics 01:19

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Performer in Chief National Review Online 01:15

UAE hires Bannon-affiliated company to spread anti-Qatar ads The New Arab 01:14

Democratic victories widely seen as referendums on Trump PressTV 01:14

Trump’s ‘no questions’ press conference in China slammed by former media staff The Guardian 01:10

After repeated tests, North Korea hasn’t launched a missile in 56 days. Why? ABC News 01:10

Mediaite’s Larry O’Connor on D.C. Dysfunction: ‘Every Senator Thinks They Should be President’ Mediaite 01:09

Flake Retiring Over ‘Shirts vs. Skins’ Politics of Opposing Trump NewsMax 01:09

Samantha Bee thinks she’s found the first woman president, and you’re not going to like it 01:02

Asian leaders have learned that flattering Donald Trump really works 01:02

Neil Young announces new album, streams Trump response song TeamRock 01:00

Steyer to drop another $10M on Trump impeachment ads Politico 01:00

Breaking With Precedent, Trump Refuses Media Questions In China NBC News 01:00

Marvin Kalb: Russia and the U.S. Shorenstein Center 01:00

Why this video of Trump’s 6-year-old granddaughter is captivating people in China The New York Times 00:59

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Trump directs $200 million to tech education for women and minorities Politico 00:49

COP23: Rival US delegation opens pavilion to challenge Trump Deutsche Welle 00:49

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Trump’s Low Approval Numbers Bury One Key Fact That Changes Everything Independent Journal Review 00:31

Bob Goodlatte Becomes 30th Republican in Trump Era Not to Seek Re-Election Independent Journal Review 00:31

Leaders should push for even stronger ties South China Morning Post 00:31

Fierce backlash is bad news for Trump New Zealand Herald 00:31

S Korean Leader Explains What Trump’s Strong Rhetoric on N Korea Really Means Sputnik 00:30

Trump lackey quitting Congress after Democratic blowout in Virginia Shareblue 00:29

Trump and Pence’s failed $7 million bribe to Carrier leads to new round of layoffs Shareblue 00:29

Just roll with it! Japanese PM Abe ‘falls into sand bunker’ while golfing with Trump (VIDEO) RT 00:29

Trump lawyer Michael Cohen meets billionaire Mark Cuban Daily Mail 00:29

Obamacare Is Not Dead. Over 600,000 People Just Signed Up. NBC News 00:29

‘Dreamer’ who says he was deported by Trump admin jailed after re-entering U.S. UPI 00:29

Trump Election Commission Sued by Democratic Member Bloomberg 00:29

Closing the Taliban Doha Office Will Harm U.S. Aims in Afghanistan Stimson Center 00:29

While Trump Visits, China Agrees to $250 Billion Worth in Trade Deals With U.S. The Epoch Times 00:29

Five Things On (And Off) The Possible Agenda Of A Trump-Putin Meeting Radio Free Europe 00:29

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Tillerson Says Trump And Putin Might Have A Formal Meeting In Vietnam The Daily Caller 00:28

Trump Insults People From Afar, Then Praises Them in Person The Atlantic 00:21

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Trump used to blame China for America’s trade problems. Now he blames America. Vox 00:19

A Trump-Putin Meeting Friday? It’s Not Clear Voice of America 00:19

Multiple intel agencies claim to have Trump sex videos — but some fakes are floating around: Ex-NSA analystThe Raw Story 00:11

Trump ready to name ex-Lilly exec Azar as HHS chief: report FiercePharma 00:10

Putin and Trump to decide the fate of the world in Vietnam Pravda Report 00:09

This Is the Asset to Watch When Putin Meets Trump for Second Time Bloomberg 00:09

Zogby: Sanders Would Defeat Trump by 11 Points in 2020 NewsMax 00:09

CMAs get political: Trump mocked in ‘Before He Tweets’ parody CNN 00:08

Sarah Silverman: Trump’s Win Made Me Understand Obama Haters The Daily Beast 00:08

Russian Twitter trolls tried to bury or spin negative Trump news just before the election Business Insider UK 00:06

Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley brilliantly trolled Donald Trump at the CMAs Mashable 00:06

Wellness brands no longer have the option of being politically neutral Quartz 00:00

Trump fails to notice Abe falling into a bunker during round of golf The Independent 23:59 Thu, 09 Nov

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China says consensus reached with US against terrorism in South Asia The Times of India 23:50 Thu, 09 Nov

Pyeongchang 2018 Olympics: ‘Every fresh salvo from Kim or Trump ramps up chances of instability’ RT23:49 Thu, 09 Nov

Trump business opens online store with items made abroad Daily Mail 23:49 Thu, 09 Nov

Trump Pushes War with Iran 23:49 Thu, 09 Nov

Britain’s Top Diplomat Tries to Save the Iran Deal Before He Causes Another International Incident The Intercept23:48 Thu, 09 Nov

Tillerson: Formal Meeting Between Trump And Putin Still Under Consideration RTT News 23:48 Thu, 09 Nov

Samantha Bee predicts Ivanka Trump will be first woman president The Daily Dot 23:48 Thu, 09 Nov

Latinas emerge victorious in elections a year after Trump’s presidential win Univision Noticias 23:47 Thu, 09 Nov

How About Keeping the Russians Out, Mr. Zuckerberg? Newsweek 23:47 Thu, 09 Nov

‘Trump effect’ jams up APEC free trade consensus Channel NewsAsia 23:41 Thu, 09 Nov

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China-US ties at historic starting point: Xi Global Times 23:40 Thu, 09 Nov

Trump joins Xi in refusing to take questions from the press in China Hot Air (Weblog) 23:39 Thu, 09 Nov

Presidents agree leading role of head-of-state diplomacy Shanghai Daily 23:39 Thu, 09 Nov

Billions of dollars in deals signed on Trump visit Shanghai Daily 23:39 Thu, 09 Nov

Premier calls for ‘new level’ of relations Shanghai Daily 23:39 Thu, 09 Nov

Fashion Notes: Melania Trump Stuns in China in Asia-Inspired Gucci and D&G Breitbart 23:39 Thu, 09 Nov

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Donald Trump oblivious as Japan’s leader tumbles backwards into bunker while the pair play golf Thu, 09 Nov

Johnson hails Trump for ‘penetrating corners of global consciousness’ via tweets BT 23:34 Thu, 09 Nov

Congressman Jared Huffman comes out as a non-believer — and rips Trump’s phony religious panderingThe Raw Story 23:31 Thu, 09 Nov

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Anxious Republican Senator Calls Hearing to Reassess Trump’s Nuclear Authority Vanity Fair 23:30 Thu, 09 Nov

Fox News hires former Trump aide Sebastian Gorka The Washington Post 23:29 Thu, 09 Nov

Trump voter fraud panel sued by its own member Politico 23:29 Thu, 09 Nov

Latinas victorious in Democratic elections a year after Trump’s presidential win Univision Noticias 23:29 Thu, 09 Nov

Trump’s Mar-A-Lago gets approval to hire 70 foreign workers ABC News 23:28 Thu, 09 Nov

A Democratic Member Of Trump’s Election Integrity Commission Is Suing To Find Out What The Commission Is Doing BuzzFeed 23:28 Thu, 09 Nov

DHS Secy Nominee Not Aligned With Trump NewsMax 23:28 Thu, 09 Nov

‘South Park’ Won’t Stop With Its Donald Trump Rape Jokes Decider 23:25 Thu, 09 Nov

Boeing and China seal the deal for $37B worth of airplanes during Trump’s visit GeekWire 23:22 Thu, 09 Nov

Carrier corporation continues with planned staff cuts The Independent 23:21 Thu, 09 Nov

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Sino-US relations can be reshaped for a new era Global Times 23:19 Thu, 09 Nov

Xi-Trump meeting extends cooperative spirit Global Times 23:19 Thu, 09 Nov

‘America First’ shadows US-Japan alliance Global Times 23:19 Thu, 09 Nov

Boris Johnston hails Trump as a ‘great global brand’ The Scottish Herald 23:19 Thu, 09 Nov

House Russia investigators to interview Russian-American lobbyist at Trump Tower meeting CNN 23:18 Thu, 09 Nov

Trump environmental pick pressed at Senate hearing for comparing belief in climate change to… CNN23:18 Thu, 09 Nov

We will resist. We will persist. And we will win. 23:18 Thu, 09 Nov

Still No Deal for Nations Looking to Save TPP After Trump’s Exit Bloomberg 23:18 Thu, 09 Nov

Coco Star Benjamin Bratt on Why the Movie Is ‘Cause for Celebration’ in Trump’s America People 23:18 Thu, 09 Nov

People Across the Country Literally Screamed at the Sky on the Anniversary of Trump’s Election, …The Washington Free Beacon 23:18 Thu, 09 Nov

Trump ‘ceding global power’ to Chinese President Xi Jinping The Week (UK) 23:18 Thu, 09 Nov

US Media Attacks Trump For Doing The Exact Same Thing Obama Did On His First Trip To China The Daily Caller23:17 Thu, 09 Nov

Anti-Trump U.S. coalition tells U.N. climate talks: ‘we’re still in’ Reuters 23:14 Thu, 09 Nov

APEC fails to agree on free trade, reboot TPP Taipei Times 23:13 Thu, 09 Nov

Trump’s voter fraud commission is now facing a lawsuit from one of its members PBS Online 23:13 Thu, 09 Nov

Here’s the full $43 billion list of US food makers angry at Trump’s NAFTA threats Quartz 23:10 Thu, 09 Nov

‘South Park’ Analyzes Trump Supporters Esquire 23:10 Thu, 09 Nov

Jair Bolsonaro hopes to be Brazil’s Donald Trump The Economist 23:10 Thu, 09 Nov

Melania Trump visits Beijing elementary school Hong Kong Standard 23:09 Thu, 09 Nov

Eric Trump’s unqualified brother-in-law now leads an Energy Department policy shop 23:09 Thu, 09 Nov

Donald Trump Embodies the Worst of Moral Relativity The Washington Monthly 23:09 Thu, 09 Nov

Bob Corker Just Saying MAYBE We Should Discuss Whether Trump Grown-Up Enough To Have Nuclear…Wonkette (Weblog) 23:09 Thu, 09 Nov

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Proud Donald Trump shows off his ‘child star’ granddaugher, 6, singing in Mandarin and reading… Thu, 09 Nov

Seoul not considering role in Trump’s ‘Indo-Pacific’ geopolitics: official Yonhap News Agency 17:46 Thu, 09 Nov

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Trump says trade with China has been ‘unfair’ in joint Xi speech USA Today 17:44 Thu, 09 Nov

Trump says he and China’s Xi to try to end opioid crisis Reuters 17:40 Thu, 09 Nov

Secretary of State Tillerson on Trump-Putin meeting 17:38 Thu, 09 Nov

Trump urges China to ‘act fast’ on North Korea Anadolu Agency 17:37 Thu, 09 Nov

Chinese, US Companies Sign Over US$250 Blillion Worth Of Business DealsBernama – Malaysian National News Agency 17:37 Thu, 09 Nov

China gives Donald Trump a $250bn deal Nikkei Asian Review 17:37 Thu, 09 Nov

Hyderabad Police Doesn’t Want Ivanka Trump To See Beggars On Streets, Bans Begging News18.com17:36 Thu, 09 Nov

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U.S. has ‘frank’ exchange on South China Sea during Trump visit Reuters 16:40 Thu, 09 Nov

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Putin, Trump to meet on November 10 112 Ukraine International 16:34 Thu, 09 Nov

US lawmakers agree on $700bn military budget PressTV 16:33 Thu, 09 Nov

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  1. Korea dismisses Japan’s protest against sex slavery victim’s presence at state dinner for TrumpPeople’s Daily16:05 Thu, 09 Nov

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Xi and Trump tackle DPRK, trade relations 15:05 Thu, 09 Nov

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U.S. approves defense budget with $350 mln of financial aid for Ukraine 112 Ukraine International 15:04 Thu, 09 Nov

Tillerson says no decision yet on Trump-Putin formal talks Reuters 15:04 Thu, 09 Nov

China drives away smog to ensure clear sky for Trump’s visit The Economic Times 15:03 Thu, 09 Nov

Video: Trump in Beijing calls on China to do more about North Korea Reuters 15:01 Thu, 09 Nov

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China, US sign record $253.5 bln deals during Trump visit People’s Daily 14:55 Thu, 09 Nov

Mexico Says There’s ‘Life After NAFTA’ If Pact Fails Daily Mail 14:55 Thu, 09 Nov

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Trump’s Presidency Sparks Protest Art Revival USA Today 13:44 Thu, 09 Nov

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Xi, Trump witness signing of deals worth $250b China Daily 13:41 Thu, 09 Nov

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China and US sign deals worth more than $200b during Trump visit The Irish Independent 13:27 Thu, 09 Nov

“I give China great credit”: Trump praises China for taking advantage of the US in trade Quartz 13:27 Thu, 09 Nov

No comment on US solons urging Trump to talk human rights with Duterte–Palace GMA News 13:26 Thu, 09 Nov

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No bilateral meeting between Duterte, Trump at APEC meet, says PH official The Manila Times 13:05 Thu, 09 Nov

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Trump has hopes for N.Korea solution SBS 12:32 Thu, 09 Nov

Trump, Xi herald new era as they agree North Korea solution can be found SBS 12:32 Thu, 09 Nov

Trump doesn’t blame ‘China for being able to take advantage’ of US in trade Nikkei Asian Review 12:25 Thu, 09 Nov

N.K. reports anti-U.S. rallies in S. Korea without comments on Trump’s speech Yonhap News Agency12:24 Thu, 09 Nov

‘Chump’ or saviour? Trump trip divides US war vets in Vietnam Daily Mail 12:24 Thu, 09 Nov

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World’s most powerful men want ‘win-win cooperation’ re North Korea, trade Asian Correspondent 11:44 Thu, 09 Nov

Qualcomm Signs Memoranda of Understanding with Xiaomi, OPPO and vivo as Part of a Bilateral…PR Newswire (Press Release) 11:44 Thu, 09 Nov

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Trump: ‘I give China great credit’ for taking advantage of the US — but that must change CNBC 11:36 Thu, 09 Nov

Bill Clinton suggests Trump is part of a ‘Dictator’s Club’ that wants people to think ‘democracy’s no longer possible’The Raw Story 11:36 Thu, 09 Nov

Trump’s Twitter revels in imperial setting of Forbidden City South China Morning Post 11:35 Thu, 09 Nov

Donald Trump turns on the charm in South Korea and bolsters the alliance South China Morning Post11:35 Thu, 09 Nov

Editorial: Trump’s speech in South Korea sends strong warning to North The Mainichi 11:34 Thu, 09 Nov

Trump, Xi to face reporters but not planning to take questions CNN 11:34 Thu, 09 Nov

Leaving TPP a strategic blunder by Trump, ex-U.S. trade rep Michael Froman says The Japan Times11:33 Thu, 09 Nov

Trump sees ‘solution’ to North Korea crisis in talks with Xi Channel NewsAsia 11:30 Thu, 09 Nov

Former sex slave, ‘Dokdo Shrimp’ at Trump dinner spark new Korea-Japan row The Korea Herald 11:25 Thu, 09 Nov

‘Trump Effect’ Jams Up APEC Free Trade Consensus Daily Mail 11:24 Thu, 09 Nov

China, US hold business exchange in Beijing People’s Daily 11:24 Thu, 09 Nov

Xi holds talks with Trump People’s Daily 11:24 Thu, 09 Nov

One year on, Trump voters still loyal to scandal-plagued president The Times of Israel 11:24 Thu, 09 Nov

Melania Trump dons Chinese-inspired floral in Beijing Daily Mail 11:24 Thu, 09 Nov

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Yes, Jay Powell is the compromise candidate for the Federal Reserve – but not a bad one at that The Spectator11:06 Thu, 09 Nov

If China backs Trump on North Korea he won’t like the quid pro quo The Spectator 11:05 Thu, 09 Nov

Pomp and pageantry greet Trump ahead of talks with Xi ABC News 11:03 Thu, 09 Nov

Trump isolationism allows China to fill Southeast Asia void The China Post 10:57 Thu, 09 Nov

Trump claims US is lagging behind China over trade South China Morning Post 10:55 Thu, 09 Nov

Melania Trump wears ‘naked’ dress in South Korea Yahoo! New Zealand 10:54 Thu, 09 Nov

Former sex slave, ‘Dokdo Shrimp’ at Trump dinner spark new S.Korea-Japan row Yonhap News Agency10:54 Thu, 09 Nov

Pomp and pageantry greets Trump in Beijing before China talks Fox News 10:46 Thu, 09 Nov

Republicans debate what election losses mean New Zealand Herald 10:45 Thu, 09 Nov

Trump has ceded global leadership to China, says Nixon trip aide South China Morning Post 10:45 Thu, 09 Nov

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Tokyo surge leads broad Asia gains, eyes on Trump-Xi talks France 24 10:43 Thu, 09 Nov

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Sino-US cooperation will lead to prosperity: China Daily columnist The Straits Times 10:33 Thu, 09 Nov

Investor Icahn probed for possible conflict of interest as Trump adviser The Times of Israel 10:24 Thu, 09 Nov

Qualcomm signs $12 billion in China deals amid Trump visit Reuters 10:24 Thu, 09 Nov

Europe in the time of Trump EJ Insight 10:24 Thu, 09 Nov

Trump critic Corker to hold hearing on president’s authority to launch nuclear attack ABC News 10:23 Thu, 09 Nov

Pence addresses vigil in town devastated by shooting: ‘Faith is stronger than evil’ ABC News 10:23 Thu, 09 Nov

Qualcomm signs $12 bln in China deals amid Trump visit Reuters 10:23 Thu, 09 Nov

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US President and First Lady receive ‘beautiful welcome’ in Beijing People’s Daily 10:04 Thu, 09 Nov

How US-China relations aren’t as imbalanced as they seem CNN 10:03 Thu, 09 Nov

U.S. Announces Regulations to Enforce Trump’s Cuba Policy: ‘We Will Hold the Cuban Regime Accountable’Breitbart 10:03 Thu, 09 Nov

China pulls out red carpet before meeting between Donald Trump, Xi Jinping Global News 10:03 Thu, 09 Nov

Powell confirmation hearing set for Nov 28 SBS 10:02 Thu, 09 Nov

Trump to talk trade, North Korea with Xi SBS 10:01 Thu, 09 Nov

Trump administration restricts Cuba travel and trade The Sydney Morning Herald 09:54 Thu, 09 Nov

CMAs Get Political: ‘Before He Tweets’ Newsweek 09:54 Thu, 09 Nov

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Donald Trump to talk trade, North Korea during meeting with Chinese president Global News 09:53 Thu, 09 Nov

Modern Love: Donald Trump And McDonald’s Newsweek 09:53 Thu, 09 Nov

Peng and Melania visit elementary school in Beijing China Daily 09:51 Thu, 09 Nov

Alabama frat under investigation after president dressed like Trump and chased students posing as ‘Mexicans’The Raw Story 09:45 Thu, 09 Nov

U.S. to Run Rare Three-Carrier Exercise Near Korean Peninsula Bloomberg 09:43 Thu, 09 Nov

Trump to talk trade and North Korea with Chinese leader Xi Reuters 09:40 Thu, 09 Nov

Donald Trump ‘sent aide to McDonald’s when White House chefs failed to satisfy burger cravings’ The Telegraph09:39 Thu, 09 Nov

Cut ties with ‘hellish’ N Korea, Trump tells Xi The Irish Independent 09:37 Thu, 09 Nov

Democrat wins augur badly for Republicans in mid-terms The Irish Independent 09:37 Thu, 09 Nov

Ragged band of outsiders ripped apart by realities of life in the White House The Irish Independent 09:37 Thu, 09 Nov

Vietnam: a coalmine canary caught in the Xi-Trump game Asia Times 09:35 Thu, 09 Nov

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China Suspends Tourism to North Korea Ahead of Trump Visit Breitbart 09:33 Thu, 09 Nov

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How the US has been checkmated in the Middle East Daily Sabah 09:23 Thu, 09 Nov

Transgender candidates score wins in first U.S. elections during Trump presidency The Japan Times09:23 Thu, 09 Nov

Presidential couples spend day at Palace Museum China Daily 09:21 Thu, 09 Nov

U.S. Navy to run rare three-carrier military exercise in Pacific as Trump visits region, North Korea rattles saberThe Japan Times 09:14 Thu, 09 Nov

Another hate crime reported, another fake story exposed WorldNetDaily 09:14 Thu, 09 Nov

Duterte to Trump: ‘Lay Off’ the Human Rights While in the Philippines Breitbart 09:13 Thu, 09 Nov

See How The CMAs Made Fun Of Trump Refinery29 09:13 Thu, 09 Nov

Pomp and pageantry for Trump in Beijing before tough talks The Washington Post 09:13 Thu, 09 Nov

The Latest: Trump receives elaborate welcome in China The Washington Post 09:13 Thu, 09 Nov

Trump set to talk North Korea, trade in meeting with Chinese leader Xi The Globe and Mail 09:13 Thu, 09 Nov

Trump and Xi begin talks in China BBC 09:13 Thu, 09 Nov

Brad Paisley & Carrie Underwood Make Fun of Trump With ‘Before He Tweets’ at CMA Awards 2017 -…Just Jared (Weblog) 09:06 Thu, 09 Nov

Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood open CMA Awards with song about Trump tweets UPI 09:03 Thu, 09 Nov

Democratic women sweep into office in state elections Politico 09:03 Thu, 09 Nov

Nov 28 confirmation hearing for Powell SBS 09:02 Thu, 09 Nov

Lay off, Duterte to tell Trump if he raises human rights issue in Vietnam Inquirer.Net 08:53 Thu, 09 Nov

Xi holds welcome ceremony for Trump People’s Daily 08:53 Thu, 09 Nov

Bilateral relations involve everyone: Conversation with China Expert Clayton Dube People’s Daily 08:53 Thu, 09 Nov

African-Americans Make Historic Gains Nationwide NBC News 08:53 Thu, 09 Nov

Trump Said to Name Ex-Lilly Executive Azar as Health Secretary Bloomberg 08:52 Thu, 09 Nov

Live: President Xi hosts grand ceremony to welcome Trump China Daily 08:51 Thu, 09 Nov

In Beijing, Trump should get acquainted with Xi Jinping’s “Steve Bannon” Quartz 08:45 Thu, 09 Nov

Xi, Trump to sign trade deals worth up to US$280 billion, sources say South China Morning Post 08:44 Thu, 09 Nov

Lawmakers alarmed at push to sell CNN Politico 08:43 Thu, 09 Nov

Brad Paisley & Carrie Underwood Mock Donald Trump With ‘Maybe Next Time He’ll Think Before He… Billboard08:43 Thu, 09 Nov

US, China stack up bargaining chips for Trump-Xi summit Nikkei Asian Review 08:42 Thu, 09 Nov

North Korea to Americans: ‘Oust the Lunatic Old Man’ Trump or Face ‘Abyss of Doom’ Breitbart 08:42 Thu, 09 Nov

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U.S. Senate panel sets November 28 confirmation hearing for Fed chair nominee Powell Reuters 08:36 Thu, 09 Nov

The character of the country is more than the man in the Oval Office CNN 08:35 Thu, 09 Nov

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Trump to talk North Korea, trade with Xi SBS 08:31 Thu, 09 Nov

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Ex-pharma exec Azar is top choice to run U.S. health agency – sources Reuters 08:29 Thu, 09 Nov

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Corker to hold ‘long overdue’ Senate Foreign Relations hearing on president’s authority to use nuclear weaponsThe Raw Story 08:04 Thu, 09 Nov

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How Donald Trump Sank Ed Gillespie Slate 07:53 Thu, 09 Nov

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U.S. curbs travel, trade with Cuba in move seen as hypocritical as communist China fetes Trump The Japan Times07:42 Thu, 09 Nov

Moon, Trump affirm commitment to coordinate global pressure on NK: joint statement The Korea Herald07:34 Thu, 09 Nov

85% of those who voted for Trump would do so again Arutz Sheva 07:32 Thu, 09 Nov

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Controversial former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka is reportedly joining Fox News Business Insider India06:32 Thu, 09 Nov

Xi, Trump visit Palace Museum 06:32 Thu, 09 Nov

Xi, Trump visit Palace Museum conservation workshop 06:32 Thu, 09 Nov

Xi expects ‘positive and important’ results from Trump’s visit 06:32 Thu, 09 Nov

Xi, Trump watch Peking Opera at Forbidden City 06:32 Thu, 09 Nov

Xi, Trump have afternoon tea at Palace Museum 06:32 Thu, 09 Nov

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As deadline nears, US lawmakers hear case for moving embassy to Jerusalem The Times of Israel 06:11 Thu, 09 Nov

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  1. Korea responds to Trump’s personal attackCNN06:11 Thu, 09 Nov

Xi’s up, Trump is down, but it may not matter CNN 06:11 Thu, 09 Nov

Trump’s low approval rating masks his support among likely voters: Reuters/Ipsos poll Reuters 06:11 Thu, 09 Nov

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Trump’s low approval rating masks his support among likely voters: Reuters/Ipsos poll Reuters 06:11 Thu, 09 Nov

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(EDITORIAL from Korea JoongAng Daily on Nov. 9) Yonhap News Agency 05:21 Thu, 09 Nov

(EDITORIAL from Korea Times on Nov. 9) Yonhap News Agency 05:21 Thu, 09 Nov

Trump Source Explains Why GOP Losses Not Referendum on President NBC News 05:21 Thu, 09 Nov

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Rosie O’Donnell Convinced Kathy Griffin To Apologize For Beheaded Trump Photo The Daily Caller 04:41 Thu, 09 Nov draws up a $2 billion shopping list that’s heavy on US beef and pork Internet Retailer 04:41 Thu, 09 Nov

North Korea Has Heard Enough From ‘Mad Dog’ Trump Newsweek 04:40 Thu, 09 Nov

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Rubio, Diaz-Balart accuse bureaucrats of undermining Trump’s hard-line Cuba policy Politico 04:31 Thu, 09 Nov

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Tax Bill Offers Uneven Benefits and Hikes for Some, Analysts Say Bloomberg 04:30 Thu, 09 Nov

The astounding climate denial of a top Trump environmental pick was just on display before senators Mashable04:30 Thu, 09 Nov

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Ex-Trump adviser Icahn subpoenaed by U.S. attorney over biofuels Politico 04:21 Thu, 09 Nov

DNC Chair Perez: Election Wins ‘Overwhelming Repudiation’ of Trump NewsMax 04:20 Thu, 09 Nov

Xi offers hand of friendship to Trump China Daily 04:20 Thu, 09 Nov

Scientific status of Trump golf courses to be reviewed STV 04:16 Thu, 09 Nov

Trump administration uses CNN as bargaining chip in Time Warner-AT&T deal The Guardian 04:14 Thu, 09 Nov

From “Trumpism without Trump” to just another “Republican swamp thing”: Breitbart loved Gillespie until he lostMedia Matters for America 04:12 Thu, 09 Nov

Fusion GPS founder agrees to interview with House intelligence panel in Trump dossier probe Politico04:12 Thu, 09 Nov

McCain opposes Trump nominee over torture memos Politico 04:12 Thu, 09 Nov

Trump Meets China’s Xi Jinping to Talk Trade, North Korea teleSUR 04:12 Thu, 09 Nov

What’s happened to Trump’s popularity since the election? Not much The Guardian 04:11 Thu, 09 Nov

US restricts travel, trade with Cuba 04:11 Thu, 09 Nov

My Coworker Used The Word ‘Libtard’ And Kept His Job: Woman Who Flipped Off Trump Speaks The Daily Caller04:11 Thu, 09 Nov

Trump reaches out to North Korea in restrained speech The Straits Times 04:10 Thu, 09 Nov

China gives Trump a grand welcome The Straits Times 04:10 Thu, 09 Nov

US leader gets palatial treat at start of China visit The Straits Times 04:10 Thu, 09 Nov

Paul Ryan erases any doubt: ‘We’re with Trump’ The Washington Post 04:10 Thu, 09 Nov

Trump administration: Top ranks of US diplomats ‘depleted at dizzying speed’ The Guardian 04:10 Thu, 09 Nov

China’s CEOs View Trump as a Dealmaker Bloomberg 04:10 Thu, 09 Nov

Donald Trump: Unlikely Defender of U.S. Allies Government Executive 04:10 Thu, 09 Nov

New U.S. government rules restrict travel and trade with Cuba Reuters 04:06 Thu, 09 Nov

ETF Buyers Have Shied Away From The USA Since Trump’s Election Bloomberg 04:04 Thu, 09 Nov

China pulls out stops in red-carpet welcome for Donald Trump Nikkei Asian Review 04:02 Thu, 09 Nov

CNN poll: One year later, less confidence, less trust in President Trump CNN 04:01 Thu, 09 Nov

Rep. Schiff Blasts Trump on Anniversary of Election Victory NewsMax 04:00 Thu, 09 Nov

Is the Trump Dossier About to Grow With New Expose? 04:00 Thu, 09 Nov

‘I’m Everything Trump Hates,’ Says the New Mayor of Hoboken The Nation 04:00 Thu, 09 Nov

Feds Probe Billionaire Carl Icahn’s Role as Trump Adviser NBC News 03:51 Thu, 09 Nov

Video: North Korea has ‘already heard enough’ when it comes to Trump USA Today 03:50 Thu, 09 Nov

The Uncertain Future of Trumpism Without Trump New York Magazine 03:50 Thu, 09 Nov

Trump’s new restrictions on travel to Cuba are being panned by American travelers Public Radio International03:50 Thu, 09 Nov

Melania Trump Wore a $4,000 Architectural Avant-Garde Coat While Touring Asia InStyle 03:50 Thu, 09 Nov

Election Day 2017: What Does it Mean for ’18? NBC News 03:50 Thu, 09 Nov



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