A Background & Situation Brief: Korean Peninsula (November 2017)

Executive Summary: Trump is a mess, you name it, from ignorance of the facts to instability and lack of strategic direction, to making rash statements to all the others like Trump is weak in moral and ethics. Then Nort Korea leader is a mess, you name it, from a totalitarian control freak to little concern for values of human lives, to extreme selfishness in attachment to his position and power to the extent he will do anything. And so in sum, when Trump and the North Korean leader becomes adversary, and having control of vast military powers, the situation is a total mess and solving the situation is difficult. Then you have UN and countries involved with the Korean Peninsula issue, meaning directly impacted, having few options, so here is another mess. In sum, the situation is nuts.

(Up-Date: North Korea fired another missile & please see news)

A Background & Situation Brief:

Korean Peninsula

November 7, 201

Main Verbal Activities:

During 2016 Presidential Election: US election: Donald Trump open to talks with North Korea (source)

September 2017, Tillerson in China: Trump administration confirms it is in direct talks with North Korea over nuclear programme (source)

After Trump & North Korea Leader Entered into Months of Verbal Battle: Trump threat North Korea with “Fire and Fury” the like the world has never been seen before (source)

During Trump in South Korea Visit in Autumn of 2017: Trump urges N Korea to ‘come to table’ over nuclear issue (source)

Before Leaving South Korea, at South Korea Parliament:  Trump warns ‘rogue regime’ North Korea of grave danger (source)

North Korea Leader Mostly Through Out the Years: Attack America Verbally and Respond to Trump’s Verbal Threat, with Counter-Verbal Threats

Trump’s Verbal on China About North Korea Mostly Through Out the Years: Criticize China for Doing too Little and Demanding China Do More

Trump’s Verbal on North Korea Military Threats Mostly Through Out the Years: Focused Exclusively on Nuclear Weapons and America’s Readiness to Attack North Korea

Main Concrete Activities:

Trump Engaged in Selling America’s Military Equipment to South Korea and Japan for Months Now

North Korea Leader Continues to Test Missiles in Provocative Manner & Work on Nuclear Weapons

Trump Demonstrate America’s Military Power in the Pacific and Korea Peninsular Often

South Korea Public Exhibits Anxiety Over Issue, with Some Moderately Large Public Gathering to Voice Opinions

Main Global Diplomacy Activities:

South Korea says it Does Not Want War

China & Russia Cautious Trump Not to Provoke North Korea Leader

UN Puts in Place More Serious Sanctions

China, Perhaps Fearing a Threatening Unified Korea, Under America’s Influence, if North Korea Leader & Junta Gone, Walks Tight Rope on North Korea

Main Situation in South Korea:

South Korea and America in Talks of Trade Agreement

South Korea Increasingly Polarized Between “For Peace” and For Trump”

South Korea Capital is Within Artillery Range of North Korea, where North Korea has 1,000s of These Targeting the Capital

Main Situation in North Korea:

Most Analyst Tout Idea that North Korea Leaders, from Seeing Many Examples of America’s Leaders Activities Globally, Intends to Hold On Power with Military Power

CIA Says if North Korea Leader Dead, Do Not Look at CIA

North Korea has been on This Path for Years Now, Meaning Total Focus on Military Power, and While the Cost is Human Suffering Inside North Korea and Regressive Economic Development, Nothing So Far Indicates This Path Cannot Be Continued

A Note on Japan:

News Out of Japan Raises many Questions, Relating to Public Relations Leading Activities, But the Concern Japan has About Danger from North Korea is Real

Some Movement on Military Equipment such as Anti-Missiles, and Some News of Naval Exercise with Trump’s Intentions to Display America’s Naval Power



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