American Revolution End Up Here? German’s Foreign Minister Said Trumps Behaving Like a Royal Family

Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, a week ago participated in a meeting in Germany, sitting with Germany’s Chancelor Merkel and the IMF head, who is a women, where Ivanka defended her father position on women.

Obviously, Trump is the worse American President for the advancement of women’s issue, in modern times. Therefore, at the meeting, Ivanka was hissed and booed by the audience. Latest, just a few days ago, German’s foreign minister said Trumps behaving ‘like a royal family’. Royalism, is a philosophy that says people gain their status and position in society, through blood-line, such as with many Dynasty with Prince and Princes. The article on what the German foreign minister said in full, is included in this blog post, towards the end.

The American Revolution was a political upheaval that took place between 1765 and 1783 during which colonists in the Thirteen American Colonies maintained by force of arms their refusal to submit to the authority of the King and Parliament of Great Britain, and founded the independent United States.

Starting in 1765, members of American colonial society rejected the authority of the British Parliament to tax them and to create other laws affecting them without colonial representatives in the government. During the following decade, protests continued to escalate by colonists (known as Patriots), as in the Boston Tea Party in 1773, during which patriots destroyed a consignment of taxed tea from the Parliament-controlled and favored East India Company.[1] The British responded by closing Boston Harbour, demanding that it would not be re-opened until those responsible for the vandalism of property owned by innocent third party merchants paid for the damages caused by their actions in 1774 in what was known as the Coercive Acts, following which Patriots in the other colonies rallied behind Massachusetts. In late 1774, the Patriots set up their own alternative government to better coordinate their resistance efforts against Great Britain, while other colonists, known as Loyalists, preferred to remain aligned to the British Crown.

Ivanka is a controversial subject with Americans, on many level, such as her involvement in politics, and in business. Ivanka’s father, Trump also has a “Weird and Strange” sexual attraction for Ivanka. She is not advising her father with an office in the White House and is taking the rold of First Lady, in some roles.

On Ivanka, Wikipedia reports:

Ivanka Trump introduced her father in a speech immediately before his own speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention (RNC) in July.[74] The George Harrison song “Here Comes the Sun” was used as her entrance music.

After the speech, the George Harrison estate complained about the use of his song as being offensive to their wishes.[78] The next morning, Ivanka’s official Twitter account tweeted, “Shop Ivanka’s look from her #RNC speech” with a link to a Macy’s page that featured the dress she wore.[79]

After her father’s election, Trump wore a bracelet on a family appearance with the president-elect on 60 Minutes. Her company then promoted, in an email blast, the appearance of the bracelet. On February 9, 2017, Presidential Adviser Kellyanne Conway controversially encouraged Fox News viewers to purchase Trump’s retail products.[32]Federal filings implied that in 2017 Ivanka and her husband may have assets upwards of $740 million.[99]

Trump has her own line of fashion items, including clothes, handbags, shoes, and accessories, which is available in major U.S. department stores.[23] Her brand has been criticized for allegedly copying designs by other designers,[24][25] and by PETA and other animal rights activists for using fur from rabbits.[26][27] In 2016, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled “Ivanka Trump”-branded scarves because they did not meet federal flammability standards.[28][29] A 2016 analysis found that most of the fashion line was produced outside the U.S.[30] As of February 2017, department store chains Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom dropped Trump’s fashion line, citing “poor performance.”[31]

Ivanka Marie Trump (born October 30, 1981) is an American businesswoman and former fashion model who is currently assistant to President Donald Trump. She is the daughter of the president and his first wife, former model Ivana Trump.

Trump has been an executive vice president of her father’s company – The Trump Organization – as well as serving as a boardroom advisor on her father’s TV show The Apprentice.[1] She moved to Washington, D.C in January 2017 as her husband, Jared Kushner, was appointed as a Senior Advisor to the President of the United States by her father.

Starting in late March 2017, Trump began serving in her father’s administration as assistant to the president. She assumed this official, unpaid federal government position after multiple ethics concerns were raised about her access to sensitive material while not being held to the same ethics restrictions as a federal employee.[2][3] She is considered part of her father’s inner circle.[4]

In early April 2017 the government of China extended trademarks to Trump’s businesses.[48] On the same day President Trump hosted Chinese President Xi Jinping at Mar-A-Lago and Ivanka Trump and Kushner sat next to the Chinese leader and his wife[49] Peng Liyuan[50] at the state dinner.[51][52] Also during the visit Trump and Kushner’s 5-year-old daughter Arabella “sang a traditional Chinese song, in Mandarin, [for Xi]. The video, which was lavishly praised by Chinese state media, played over 2.2 million times on China’s popular news portal”, Tencent QQ.[49]

In late April 2017, Trump hired Julie Radford as her chief of staff. Before the end of the month, Trump and Radford plan to travel with Dina Powell and Hope Hicks to the first W20 women’s summit. The W20 has been organized by host German Chancellor Angela Merkel[53] as one of the preparatory meetings leading up to the G20 head-of-state summit in July.

The Telegraph reports (source)

Trumps behaving ‘like a royal family’, says German foreign minister

Germany’sforeign minister has accused Donald Trump and his relatives of behaving like members of a “royal family”.

Speaking just days after Ivanka Trump and Angela Merkel shared a stage in Berlin, Sigmar Gabriel described the US president’s appointment of his daughter as a White House adviser as “nepotism”.

“There are things that are strange to me, for example the visit of his daughter to Germany which was treated almost like a world event,” Mr Gabriel said on Saturday.

“This mix of politics with family and business smacks of nepotism and would be unimaginable here.”

Ms Trump’s appearance at an international women’s summit at the personal invitation of Mrs Merkel this week was hailed as a soft diplomacy coup for the German chancellor.

But Mr Gabriel made clear his disdain in an unusually outspoken interview with several German regional papers.

“It always bothers me when members of a family, who have never been elected, show up suddenly as official state representatives and are treated almost as if they were members of a royal family,” he said.

Ms Trump was jeered by the audience when she tried to defend her father at the women’s summit in Berlin on Tuesday.

Audience members groan at Ivanka Trump’s defence of father.

But Mrs Merkel has been widely praised in the German press for finding an unorthodox route to the president’s ear by taking the president’s daughter seriously as an advocate for women.

Ms Trump, who is considered to be one of the most influential voices in the Trump White House, praised Mrs Merkel as a “role model for women” and claimed her father and the German chancellor “understand each other incredibly well”.

In a separate interview published on Saturday, Mrs Merkel claimed she had developed a “good working relationship with Mr Trump” that “does not exclude differences of opinion”.

Mr Gabriel appears to have undercut that. The motivation behind his blunt interview was not immediately clear, but it may have something to do with upcoming German elections.

His Social Democrat party (SPD) is currently in coalition with Mrs Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU), but they will face off against each other in September’s vote, and the SPD is keen to differentiate itself.




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