Macron Win: Hillary Challenge to Media to Do A Proper Postmortem of 2016 Election Coverage

Over and over, many media observer have been saying that that the postmortem look by the media over their coverage of the 2016 election, is being hampered by the press not looking at their failure, as a main reason why Hillary lost the election. The following by Politicususa hammers in the same point again.

Politicususa, a media that supports the Democratic Party reported (source) that Hillary tweeted on 8 May, 2017, after Macron won the French election, the following:

Victory for Macron, for France, the EU, & the world.

Defeat to those interfering w/democracy. (But the media says I can’t talk about that)

Marcron was faced by a major leak of information on his campaign & people, towards the lat days before the election. The French election commission asked the media not to publish the leaks and most comply to the commission request. In America, when Hillary was hit with the leaks, the American media, massively, reported on the leaks.

Then Politicususa expanded on the Hillary tweet as follow:

Too many in the US media still don’t want to hear about Russian election interference and how it helped Trump and hurt Clinton. The reason why they don’t want to hear about it from Clinton is that if they had to soberly look at the role of Russia in getting Trump elected, they would also need to evaluate their own role in helping Russia get Trump elected.

Until the corporate media learns from their 2016 behavior, it can’t be said often enough. By pushing Russian hacked emails as news, and letting Russia and Trump dominate the coverage with their anti-Clinton message during the homestretch of the campaign, the US media enabled Putin to get Trump elected president.

Cable news and the corporate media have still not examined their own role in the election. Unlike the press in France, the US media ran with the email story, downplayed the Russian election interference, and showed zero restraint while chasing profit and ratings in 2016.

Hillary Clinton has strong beliefs about what happened in the election, and she is not going to be told what she can and can’t talk about by a corporate press establishment that often acted as a Trump lap dog.

Clinton was right. Macron’s win was a victory for democracy over Putin. The media doesn’t want to hear it, but they can’t hide forever from their own failings in 2016.


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