An Open Letter to “Purist” at Dems: What Will You Do to Win? And What is Winning to You?

The following is my Open Letter on American Politics

to “Purist” Against Trump

Opposing Trump are a large group of people known as “Purist” who wants to revolutionize everything, meaning change everything, including the Democratic Party & their aim, is to make their movement so big and powerful, they become the Democratic Party. The problem is to do this, they say they need the votes of white people, especially male & any Democratic Party candidate that is not perfect or attractive to white people, again, especially male, like Hillary, must be rejected.

On American politics at the Democratic Party, long-term wise, kids are critical to the future. In fact, one can argue, kids are the most important in any politics, because they are the future voice and votes. And the fact is, a massive number of American kids are being taken care of my single parents, most of which are women, & the fact is America is still a very sexist & racist country.

Therefore, the future of America, again kids, depends on focus on women’s issue such as to overcome sexism & racism.

And this is human rights & freedom issues, on human sights, such as the right for equal pay to men & freedom such as freedom to control their own body.

And as Jimmy Carter said & I agree, women are the most discriminated against globally, & again, America massively discriminates against women most that, again, sexism & racism, & this hit women of all color, especially, women of minority, because they hit by both sexism & racism.

By now, anyone still question the fact that Hillary lost the electorate, because of anything except winning was cheated away from by a horde of factors, are denying facts, truth & reality, but yes, there is the argument that you got to win.

& so Bernie & Warren has mostly brushed aside women’s issues & so sexism & racism, to mainly kiss the White People ass, much of them support Trump, to win. Yes, I agree, u got to win, but my question to Bernie & Warren is, what is winning? Is winning about control of Congress & Presidency?

Or is winning about struggling for what is right & good, for American people, such as for women’s rights & against sexism & racism?

Apart from kissing White people’s ass, in trying to win in the way Trump did, Bernie & Warren, correctly to a certain extent, is positioning themselves, again as Trump did, as DC outsiders attacking the billionaire class & their much control & influence of Congress.

But the fact of the matter is, the demise of the American middle-class is about the fall of American “Labor Union” & while GOP & most businesses, not just the billionaire class, are mainly responsible for the fall of Labor Union, I am still waiting to see Bernie & Warren come up with a plan, like Hillary did, on strengthening & promoting America’s Labor Union.

And while we may argue about this, the bottom-line is, we have long argued about this, and the result is someone like Trump is now President. The choice, has never been between the lesser of two evils, being Hillary or Trump, but between an imperfect friend, being Hillary, and Trump. And need anyone remind anyone what Trump is about and have been doing.

To the “Purist” do not make the same mistake again!


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