Letter to Media Request to Stop, Why Militarization Talk: At First, Was Watergate A Conspiracy Theory?

Trump attacked Syria a few days ago, followed by sending a carrier strike group to Korea peninsular, and then mother of all bombs & a great many conspiracy theory came out of what was going on. Many said it was Trump, caught in the Russia-Gate trap, looking to re-direct attention away to new issue, as Trump has a history of doing. Since this involves military and war, this re-direction, is called “Wagging the Dogs Tail.” Washington Post responded to one of these conspiracy theory on Syria, like “Wagging the Dogs Tail” by saying, in summary, quote: “Please the Syrian situation is bad enough, no conspiracy theory please.” The problem is, most of the time, conspiracy theory is fake news, but other times they are very real. One very real is Watergate, that in the beginning sounded like a conspiracy to many. Watergate, of course, became very real and bought Nixon down.

The following is my “Letter to the Editor” of Washington Post:

Letter to Washington Post Editor: Here is a Lesson on Conspiracy Theory You Obviously Need

Hi Washington Post (WaPo) Editor;

I used follow WaPo opinion & columnist closely, but lost interest. However, I recently saw your opinion on a conspiracy theory of the Syrian situation, and want to give WaPo a lesson on conspiracy theory.

The problem with Conspiracy Theory is most of them fake, but few real, & with people having preferences & this brings cognitive dissonance. This cognitive dissonance is very tricky, it can hit either side of a conspiracy theory & so u got to know what u are doing.

On Syria, there are many conspiracy theory, and the one u talking about, is collusion between Putin & Trump on Syria & let me say, that I do not know if it fake or real, sounds far fetch.

But I do know, I need to stick with what I know, because again, cognitive dissonance hits all side so lets stick with what we know as facts, truth & reality.

We do know 10s of Putin & Trump people long been in continue contact; we do know, lots of real co-ordination, many spill into most likely collusion between many of Putin & Trump people for long time; we do know Putin & Trump relations greatly contributed to massive critical & investigative media, contributing greatly to rock bottom popularity for Trump; we do know that Putin & Trump relationship reached a dead-end, with no where to go, because press & media watch & investigate, to point likely a few of Trump’s people will go to jail & depend, perhaps Trump will be impeach & jail.

So in sum, those who believe in this conspiracy theory you brushed off, again, that Putin & Trump colluded on Syria, cites these fundamentals facts, truth & reality, as causes for “A Need & Requirement”

Their conspiracy theory is, this “Need & Requirement” based on Trump’s long track record of “Re-Directing” issues away to new or other, when things goes bad & military action on Syria serves this purpose. Since here we talking military action, so it is called “Wag the Dog’s Tail.”

And again, this is to re-direct interest away from Russia Gate investigation & also weaken the Russia Gate case with the military action, proving there is no Putin & Trump bromance & also, with attention focus on was, the American people and flag, “Rallying Around the Flag” should help Trump’s better his rock-bottom approval ratings.

Then on the part of this conspiracy theory about Putin& Trump colluding on the Syria situation, those who believe the theory say there lots of talks & words from everyone on the Syria situation, but they said if one looks at the actual actions, there is very little that is actually done, real and concrete. They point to about 50 Tomahawking used & a bit real damage to Syria.

And so they say there are lots and lots of smoke, but little fire, so those believe in this conspiracy theory say everything, from about 30 years of Trump relationship with Russia & in recent years Putin, to all the investigations into Putin and Trump real and exist bromance & current goings on with Syria, presents lots of suspicion.

Their answer to the suspicion, is Putin & Trump are colluding on Syria. To WaPo, there many other conspiracy theory on Syria that I heard, just remember most conspiracy theory “Fake” but some are real, for example, Nixon’s Watergate conspiracy was real & so be very critical & but open to them & notice your own preferences WaPo so as you will not fail journalism because of  cognitive dissonance.


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