Media Who are Critics of Trump Becoming Very Popular: First Vanity Fair & Teen Vogue, Then Just About Everyone Else with Same

April 3, 2017

First it was Vanity Fair (magazine of popular culturefashion, and current affairs published by Condé Nast in the United States) and Teen Vogue. that went critical of  , when Trump was highly popular. And Trump hit back, particular at Vanity Fair very hard. Most were expecting the readership of Vanity Fair and Teen Vogue to suffer.

But Trump, back by his popularity, in his blasting back at Vanity Fair and Teen Vogue, mostly on social media, failed to make a dent on their popularity & in fact, both Vanity and Teen Vogue reported a bump in their subscription.

Then strings of other media that are critical of Trump began to report the same bump, meaning more readership, from WaPo to NYT and other.

The latest is even press that depends on donation, like Mother Jones, the far left news unit also got a bump.

The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple, meanwhile, reported last week that, on the day after the election, Mother Jones received ten times as many donations as it does on a normal day, according to the magazine’s editor in chief, Clara Jeffery. Mother Jones had also put out a solicitation for donations, but Jeffery said donations were three times higher than normal even before the appeal.

Guardian US editor Lee Glendinning on Wednesday sent an email asking readers to support the paper, which is struggling financially and cutting 30 percent of its U.S.-based staffers. The paper said it “saw a significant rise in membership in the wake of the election result, with the highest volume of member sign-ups in a single day to date on Wednesday November 9 — 25 times higher than on an average day.”

Despite the current interest in supporting news, ProPublica’s Tofel said it’s unclear whether the increased levels of donations will be sustained. Many of ProPublica’s donations come in around the holidays at the end of the year, and Tofel isn’t sure how the surge in donations now will affect that. Last year, though, ProPublica brought in about $300,000 in online donations, and around $200,000 in unsolicited donations via check. Tofel said the site is on track to surpass those totals this year. “It was clear before the election, but it’s now clear that we will be way, way beyond that by the end of the year this year,” Tofel said.

The Newspaper Reported (source):

Publishers are witnessing a baby digital subscription boom, and its parents are that odd couple of our times, Donald J. Trump and John W. Oliver. Their offspring pop not just from the womb of the New York Times (NYT) building at Eighth Avenue and West 40th Street in Manhattan but now from hyperkinetic newsrooms from coast to coast.

Trump, of course, has become the greatest source of lead generation the American press has ever seen, his campaign and then election inspiring hundreds of thousands of Americans to rush to buy digital news subscriptions and memberships. Oliver provided some seed, name-checking The New York TimesThe Washington Post and ProPublica in a legendary journalism-affirming appeal in August, which so far has generated 7.4 million views on YouTube.

A month ago, the big number that generated the big headlines was that of the Times, as it passed the 3 million subscription threshold. It is now the numbers generated by dozens of media companies that certify the Trump bump as a major trend in the news publishing business.

In the magazine world, January was the biggest subscription month ever for Conde Nast‘s The New Yorker. Between the Nov. 8 election day and the end of January, the 92-year-old title sold 250,000 subscriptions. That’s up 230% compared with the same three-month period a year ago. January alone produced 100,000 subscriptions, a 300% increase over January 2016. The magazine now has its largest circulation ever, at more than a million.

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