Trump, Riding His Hero Andrew Jackson, Name for a Big Rally, Turned into a Very Southern Discomfort

The Resistance Reports

March 18, 2017

One of the very first action taken by Trump when he entered the White House, was to put up a big picture of former President Andrew Jackson, who as president, Jackson sought to advance the rights of the “common man” against what he saw as a “corrupt aristocracy” and to preserve the Union, so Jackson message and Trump’s public relation statement on his Presidency are similar.

Andrew Jackson is from Tennessee & Trump just had a rally there, in what Washington Post had a long article about this Trump rally, Andrew Jackson & Trump’s promotion of Andrew Jackson. But the video picture of Trump’s Andrew Jackson signature rally, show Trump cannot even fill the small stadium and a large swath of empty sections, as he addressed the crowd.  One report said, Trump Goes To Friendly Territory For Campaign Rally And Can’t Even Fill The Room (source).

Meanwhile, in Europe, where Trump and his chief strategist, the Nazi Bannon, been promoting far right populous figures to take-over countries political systems, as a way to break up EU and help Trump’s ally Putin. However, the latest, in Netherlands, the populous lost the election, fizzling out. One report said Netherlands stems populist wave as voters turn out en masse and back PM (source).

On CNN, a cable TV news, commentator on the Netherlands said some people there saw what occurred in America with Trump and they did not want to repeat America’s mistake, so they voted center right.


Huge Crowds In Deep Red Tennessee Turn Out To Protest Trump Campaign Visit, Politicus USA reports (source)

Trump was met with huge crowds of protesters voicing their opposition to his visit to Nashville and his dangerous agenda. The large crowd carried a wide range of signs, some in support of Planned Parenthood and others criticizing the administration for its clear ties to Russia and Vladimir Putin. They also participated in chants voicing their opposition to the president’s proposed border wall. Certainly, the president will see a sizable number of supporters turn out for his campaign event in a conservative state like Tennessee, which he won last fall by more than 26 percentage points. But large demonstrations in the blood red state should worry the White House.

With this level of opposition, it’s no surprise that Donald Trump is hitting the campaign trail just two months after taking office.

Politicus USA Reports:

Donald Trump went to deep red Tennessee on Wednesday to salvage his already crumbling presidency with a campaign-style rally at Nashville Municipal Auditorium. He was likely sorely disappointed, though, as sections and sections of seats stood empty as he took the stage. While Trump and his supporters are blaming the crowd shortage on tight security measures, forcing many to remain outside the arena during his speech, there likely weren’t enough waiting outside to make up for multiple sections of empty seats in the auditorium’s upper level.

To make matters worse, the venue Trump spoke at was small relative to some of his past campaign events, with a maximum capacity of just 9,700. In the past, he bragged about filling larger stadiums – as president, he can’t even fill much smaller locations.

When it comes to the substance of Trump’s speech, there wasn’t much. It was essentially indistinguishable from those he delivered during the campaign, but unlike many of his rambling campaign speeches, he was able to stick largely to the same, boring script given to him by his handlers.

He reaffirmed his pledge to build a wasteful wall on the southern border, attacked the media as “fake,” and, more broadly, pretended that he was still a candidate instead of the leader of the free world.

It was so much like the campaign that the crowd even started chanting “lock her up!” when the president complained about the latest ruling that blocks his second version of the Muslim ban.

CNBC Reports:

The Dutch establishment held strong under a growing wave of populism as center-right Prime Minister Mark Rutte looks on course for victory following the country’s biggest election in a generation.

Dutch voters turned out en masse Wednesday to elect their new government following a tumultuous campaign in which anti-Islam and anti-EU Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party appeared to make significant gains, prompting concerns over a continued rise of populist sentiment across Europe.

However, current indicators suggest that incumbent Rutte’s party will secure the biggest share of the vote and sit at the helm of the country’s new government.

“It appears that the VVD will be the biggest party in the Netherlands for the third time in a row,” a beaming Rutte told cheering supporters at a postelection party in The Hague. “Tonight we’ll celebrate a little.”

At current count, Rutte’s VVD party will take 33 of the 150 available parliamentary seats. Wilders’ PVV is set for 20 seats, the Christian Democratic Appeal and the centrist Democrats 66 look on track to secure 19, while the Socialist Party is expected to take 14. The Labour Party appears to have suffered significant loses since joining a coalition with the VVD in the last election, and is likely to secure nine seats.

The Dutch parliament requires a majority of 76 seats to form a government, so Rutte will need to strike a coalition deal with at least three other parties. Given that he has ruled out working with Wilders, it is likely that this could include the CDA and the D66 and one or more smaller parties.

The Dutch Green Party could be one among these, having seen significant gains Wednesday and securing 14 seats. However, leader Jesse Klaver told CNBC: “I don’t want to go into government with the VVD,” adding that he blamed Rutte’s government for the rise of Wilders.

Despite coming in second place, Wilders is unlikely to hold any sway in the future government due to the fragmented parliamentary system. He lost momentum in recent days as Rutte made gains after drawing a hard line on foreign pressures from the Turkish government.

Nevertheless, Wednesday’s result sees Wilders’ party shift up from third place in the previous election. Wilders heralded the result a major gain for the party, tweeting “We won seats. The first gains are made.”

“Rutte has not seen the back of me!!”


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