Globalization of Journalism & Info Leaves Those In the Know & In the Do Not know

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March 9, 2017

With globalization of journalism & information, who is in the know and who is in the do not know? Does global consumer of information know more than local people, about what is really going on at local level?

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The globalization of journalism online – Jun 29, 2016 – SAGE Journals

Apart from issues such as access to internet, fake news and income level involved in purchasing journalism & information from provider such as news units, lets look at media performance in distributing news and information in some countries, such as America, China & Russia.

With American media such as Fox News, pumping out right wing propaganda and promoting Trump most of the time, any wonder much global people, who into global events, know more about America than much of Americans.

There are some, very crucial & serious, issues that relates to when outsiders, meaning foreigners knows a country, better than insiders, meaning locals do. Unfortunately, there are many situations globally, where foreigners knows a country, better than the locals.

For example, many Russian journalist have exiled Russia, are reporting on Russia, from outside, free of censorship and press control.  Meanwhile, internal of Russia, Putin controlled press are reporting from inside Russia, with few free press left, so basically, much of the people inside Russia, gets mostly an Orwell 1984 type information.

So in fact, outsider, meaning foreigners, can have access to all the press, internal and external covering Russia, and so they likely know Russia, better.

With China, internally, most information available, is even more Orwell 1984 than in Russia., i.e. China has a serious pollution problem. But China bans most pollution reports, giving only news approved by the state. And a documentary on the pollution in China, was made by BBC, a foreign news house. So here, since BBC is a global news unit, global people know more about China’s pollution problem, more than the people of China.

In America, the UK based, wire service that serves global people, Reuters, issued a statement to their reporters, to cover Trump, like it was covering any “Authoritarian Regime.” And in fact, a great many credible and Americans know Trump and his Executive Branch is an authoritarian regime.

However, most Trump supporters and the GOP supporters, only follow news such as from Fox News. And here Fox News is a staunch supporter of Trump and well known for using a great deal of tactic, of Orwell 1984, like using fake news. So those who watch like Fox News, does not have a clue to the reality, that Trump is Authoritarian.

Another example of this American people knows so little about their country’s reality, is that a poll found Americans believe Trump more truthful, than the media.

And here, on Trump, the Pulitzer Prize winner, Politfact, gave Trump the “Liar of the Year” award for 2015, and in the past 2016 election, noted that Trump was the biggest liar.

So the fact is, in America, there is much of the same as in Russia and China.

There are so many negatives, associated with outsiders, meaning foreigners, of a country, knowing a country better than insiders, meaning local.

For example, this can relate to “Competitive Decision Making” relating to, i.e. investments, foreign policy, human rights & other.

How, the following are some one examples, about pollution in China.

For a long time now, pollution on China’s cities were bad. But there were little news on this in China, as it was censored. But foreign news service had been reporting on the subject, and so foreigners know.

So, a great many foreign firms are investing in China and setting up office in China. And news is, many of them, if they can and have a choice, they choose to invest or open up office, in places that have little pollution problems, for example, the news globally, is that in some city in China, large numbers of people were dying because of pollution & in some places, pollution is so bad, it disrupt manufacturing process, such as when some glue is involved, because the pollution stops the glue from working properly.

There is also a cost associated with Orwell 1984 type of information system, when it comes to the population of those local who does not know, the facts, truth and reality, again, like much in Russia, China and America.

For example, some Chinese left China for tourism and while they were tourist, they happened to saw the BBC documentary on China’s pollution & save it then when they got back to China, they secretly posted the BBC news documentary.

The news went viral, and there were many protests in China.

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