Economic War Erupts? Trump Threw Monkey Wrench into Markets’ Information System

The Resistance Reports

March 9, 2017

Financial & stock market information system is so great, meaning i.e. little to no post truth, post reality, fake news & lying trolls? Everyone race to be on the money here. And why is political information system, so horrible, i.e. lies, fake and generally lots of Orwell 1984 all over? Is this part of keeping the poor, poor, meaning keeping the people ill informed so they can be manipulated easier?

Whatever the case between the information systems, money related and politics related, Trump is getting deeper and deeper into economics and business and if you know Trump, his capability of trashing everything is great, and so Trump made a tweet on currency manipulation, and already the market information system is crashing.

Trump also has a habit of pressuring private sector firms to do this and that, i.e. invest in America or create jobs. The problem is that often, Trump would conlude his meetings with these companies through a variety of means, such as coercion and then go to the market with fake news. For example, much of the job Trump said he got firms to create, have been earlier announced and has nothing to do with Trump. These  pressure tactic has reached global, for example the global auto maker are highly alarmed. All of this, can see a company stock make wild moves in the market – clearly, Trump has thrown monkey wrench into the market information system.

Market information systems (otherwise known as market intelligence systems, market information services, or MIS, and not to be confused with management information systems) are information systems used in gathering, analyzing and disseminating information about prices and other information relevant to farmers, animal rearers, traders, processors and others involved in handling agricultural products. Market information systems play an important role in agro-industrialisation and food supply chains. With the advance of Information and communication technologies for development (ICTs) in developing countries, the income- generation opportunities offered by market information systems have been sought by international development organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and businesses alike.

There is a wide variety of market information systems or services. OECD countries have traditionally emphasised the importance of information provision for the agricultural sector, a notable example being the service provided by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Such systems are widely used in order to increase the transparency and the volume of information flowing through the supply chains for different agricultural products. The ability of market information systems to provide a valuable service was strengthened with the development of the Internet and the advance of electronic commerce (business-to-business (B2B), consumer-to-consumer, etc.). Industry structure, product complexity and the demanding nature of agricultural transactions are considered determining factors for the development of B2B electronic commerce in agriculture.[1]

For example, below, the ECB is countering allegation that it is a currency manipulator, meaning, i.e. here post truth, post reality, fake news & lying trolls has entered the scene. And this is astonishing, because in the market place, most know what a currency manipulation is, so, who is manipulating currency.

Fortune (see here) The European Central Bank rejected U.S. accusations of currency manipulation on Monday and warned that deregulating the banking industry, now being openly discussed in Washington, could sow the seeds of the next financial crisis.

Arguing that lax regulation had been a key cause of the global financial crisis a decade ago, ECB President Mario Draghi said the idea of easing bank rules was not just worrying but potentially dangerous, threatening the relative stability that has supported the slow but steady recovery.

Draghi’s words are among the strongest reactions yet from Europe since U.S. President Donald Trump ordered a review of banking rules with the implicit aim of loosening them. That raises the prospect of the United States pulling out of some international cooperation efforts.

“The last thing we need at this point in time is the relaxation of regulation,” Draghi told the European Parliament’s committee on economic affairs in Brussels. “The idea of repeating the conditions that were in place before the crisis is something that is very worrisome.”

The ECB supervises the euro zone’s biggest lenders.


And apart from, i.e. little fake news in the markets generally have clear and precise information, so the market would perform efficiently, but Trump has thrown a “Monket Wrench” into the market system. For example, consider the following from Business Insider, basically saying with Trump, there is a great deal of “Guess Work.”

Fake news is a type of hoax or deliberate spread of misinformation, be it via the traditional news media or via social media, with the intent to mislead in order to gain financially or politically.[1] It often employs eye-catching headlines or entirely fabricated news-stories in order to increase readership and, in the case of internet-based stories, online sharing.[1] In the latter case, profit is made in a similar fashion to clickbait and relies on ad-revenue generated regardless of the veracity of the published stories.[1] Easy access to ad-revenue, increased political polarization and the ubiquity of social media, primarily the Facebook newsfeed have been implicated in the spread of fake news.[2][1] Anonymously hosted websites lacking known publishers have also been implicated, because they make it difficult to prosecute sources of fake news for libel or slander.[3]

Fake news has been defined as news which is “completely made up and designed to deceive readers to maximize traffic and profit”.[1]

The intention and purpose behind the piece is important. What appears to be fake news may in fact be news satire, which uses exaggeration and introduces non-factual elements, and is intended to amuse or make a point, rather than to deceive. Fake news may actually be convincing fiction, such as the radio dramatisation of H.G. Wells‘ novel The War of the Worlds, broadcast in 1938; or it may be one of the variety of possible hoaxes. Propaganda can also be fake news.[1]

In the context of the United States and its election processes in the twenty-first century, fake news generated considerable controversy and argument, with some commentators defining concern over it as moral panic or mass hysteria and others deeply worried about damage done to public trust.[4][5][6][7]

Business Insider (see here) says although US President Donald Trump did not label China a “currency manipulator” on his first day in office as he said he would, a team at Deutsche Bank is not ruling out the possibility of him doing so going forward.

“Some time in the next couple of weeks, we think it is likely that President Trump will declare China a currency manipulator and propose penalties if it does not enter into negotiations to lower its trade surplus with the US,” the team led by Michael Spencer, chief economist at Deutsche Bank, wrote in a note to clients last week.

“This has been a consistent campaign promise and he has demonstrated since taking office his determination to deliver on his promises, however controversial,” they continued. “Existing US law and its application by the Treasury in recent years are unlikely to satisfy the President’s desire for strong penalties for unfair trade, so we anticipate that the proposed measures could go far beyond what has thought possible even a few weeks ago.”

China has been trying to control the rate of its currency’s depreciation since 2014, and it has had a harder time keeping it stable in trade-weighted terms since mid-2016.


But back to original observation, why is financial & stock market information system, better than political related information system? I think, credibility has a great deal to do with it. I mean when one talk about politician and election, while this impacts a great number of people on many issues, i.e. tax, health insurance and other, mostly, this issue does not hit the reader as hard and immediately like financial and stock market news, meaning, i.e. if financial & stock market news units give low quality news, i.e. like fake news, that would hit the investing reader.

And a few low quality hit, hurting investors pockets, & that news unit is gone.

You know, with the financial markets, like the stock market, there some theory with it comes to “Information” & 1st, the market status, takes into account all “Information” floating out there & 2nd, there lots of crappy “Information” out there, so those that can separate crappy “Information” out from factual, truthful & good “Information” benefit & have advantage

& over the years, market leaders recognize the importance of “Market Efficiency” so they try to put in place systems to improve the quality of “Information” floating about & there many ways they do s & so in sum, if u look at like financial & market news there not much lying out there & “Information System” there, is quite efficient, meaning not a great deal of, like fake & lies propaganda.

I mean for example, Forbes Group, where the Forbes family is Republican, but, like when it comes to their reporting on economy the say the truth, like economy under Obama is great, totally beat Republican & if look at history, economy does better with Democrats.

I not sure why the Forbes say it straight, maybe it character of the Forbes family & then maybe because nature of market “Information”.

Point I want get at, is that in American politics, fake & lies, meaning propaganda all over & “Information” system, very not efficient.

I mean believe it or not, a poll a few years back, about 60& of Republicans, think unemployment went up with Obama & about 40%

think the stock market went down with Obama & so there you go, like even now, Republicans, like Trump, saying unemployment, like 30%.

There been great efforts recently, improve “Information Systems” on politics, like I think CNBC, with “Live Fact Checking” of Trump speech, because in journalist own words, Trump lies about 80% of the time he talks & some press now talking about doing the same thing with Trump surrogates, because they just mostly repeat Trump lies & then there are also talks on how, to keep track of political advertisement in America, because the Republican is flooding America with fake & lies Advert.

Then apart from helping to screen, fake & lies, like propaganda, out of the American political debate, some are trying to give a clearer picture of what going on, like “Real Clear Politics” & other Americans, mostly on social media, trying so hard to “Debunk” all the fake & lies, propaganda, mostly, being spread by Republican Party surrogates, like Fox & other.

U know, quite a while now, there been talk, that when it comes to global politics, including America, we have entered a time, of little fact & reality left, & as Harvard professor found, American media & press failure responsible Trump rise, same time not fair to Hillary.

I have said long time now, in my writings, good quality information, meaning factual, truthful & reality, critical for

not only economic development towards more develop state, but also for politics, to develop towards more develop state & look at America now, produced a Presidential candidate, Trump, a serious risk & threat, to America & global economy & security, with nuclear war.


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