Where is the Media? Controversies, Conundrum & Unanswered Questions All Over

The Resistance Reports

March 9, 2017

To many Americans, the media role, apart from providing straight factual reporting of what going on & such special work such as investigative reporting, but in these days of great conundrum, they much provide “Clarity” to the reader of the situation.

Why is journalism important?

Journalism is a dominant force in the public’s critical thinking, discourse, and knowledge. Good journalism optimizes media for engaging presentation, precision, and concision of research. It represents the free-flow of ideas – everything apparent and transparent to all – and influences its audience to be more empathic, informed, intelligent, and involved.

According to American Press Institute, the primary purpose of journalism is…

To provide citizens with the information they need to make the best possible decisions about their lives, their communities, their societies, and their governments.

Unfortunately, some journalism doesn’t represent these qualities at all. Some journalism just wants to make the world burn. Agendas are often prioritized over truth. Simplicity is often prioritized over complexity. Entertainment is often prioritized over information. Fear is often prioritized over love.

As late comedian Bill Hicks said…

There is an agenda in mainstream media to keep the people stupid, docile and apathetic.

And Al Gore…

The “well-informed citizenry” is in danger of becoming the “well-amused audience.”

And Thomas Jefferson…

The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.

Journalism, good and bad, changes the world perhaps the most out of any trade.

Americans have been sinking into the abyss for quite a while now. NYT reports, during election cycle, psychologist are getting calls from concerned people, about their mental health situation, but also, both related to their mental health condition and general concern, to complain, i.e. they worry about what Trump (see here for this NYT report).

“People are having a hard time seeing the perspectives of the opposite side,” said David Palmiter, a clinical psychologist in Clarks Summit, Pa.

For women, particularly those who have been victims of sexual assault, the election has triggered painful memories. Ms. Elias said that after the second debate, “many of my female patients came in and wanted to talk about Trump.” She said patients felt that Mr. Trump seemed to stalk Mrs. Clinton and invade her space. Some patients needed to process incidents in which they had felt belittled or harassed by men in their lives.

“Women said their hearts were racing during the debate, they were that triggered,” Ms. Elias said. “Some came in complaining of having had nightmares.”

On twitter, these days, there are a great deal of “I think it is this and I think it is that” and a great deal of “Information Warfare” both indicating that few really know what is occurring. And journalist are not helping much to clarify the situation, for example, there long been calls to subject Trump to “Live fact Checking” on all his communications to the public, when this goes through any media, to help clear up what is real and what is fake.

On twitter, other day, there was a major debate on a research that found that if, people would know more about what is going on in America by not watching Fox News, than watch Fox News, and one twitter commented, “But that is the situation with all media, if what u mean know America, is deeper understanding.”

Lots of Americans are lost, no idea at all what America has become under Trump as things looks to be getting crazier and crazier. And what of the future? What will it be?

When things goes out of whack as it is at the moment, one way to help is to gain some “Clarity” of what is going on, instead of being lost in the muddy quagmire of controversy.

The following, is my summary, in the big picture of some issues, that might give you some clarity:


On Hillary vs Trump Election: Look, by now, there enough fact, truth & reality, says a variety factor, result in election, being greatly

“Manipulated” for a Trump win of electorate, from political FBI, Trump, Putin & Julian Gang, Putin fake news, GOP voter disfranchisement, to media bias against Hillary & soft on Trump, & other, & if by now u still believe Trump won anything even close to fair election your do not have the facts.


On People Who Voted for Trump: Look I am so tired of this issue, 1st, the election was far from fair & again, “Manipulated” for Trump to win

& 2nd, fact, reality & truth, Trump voters apart manipulated by mentioned factors, greatly influenced by Trump racism & misogynist drum-beat.

Yes, there some faults & mistakes, Dems the cause, but all the “Manipulations” for a Trump win & “Wagging Dogs Tail” were “Massive”


On Middle Class Income Demise: Look, go ahead & argue all u want, blame it on anything u want, like I have seen graph say tech caused it

I have seen graph say global trade cause it, seen graph say migration of industry to low cost base caused it, & other, but the “Best Graph”

is graph correlating “Middle Class Income to Labor Union Membership” & graphs almost identical & u know GOP trashed labor unions for decades


On Trump & Carrier, & Other Such: Look, Trump mental & he is going to be doing lots & lots of crazy things & here obviously a few jobs saved

giving Carrier money, but some say, that Trump & GOP making a great big deal getting rid of regulation & rules on businesses, to create jobs

with Carrier, he start regulating where firms can manufacture & likely from future trade wars, so where American firms can sell also


On Trump being a Fascist KKK & Mental: If anyone did their home-work & I mean good research on Trump’s entire life, there is

no escaping the fact that trump is a Fascist, along the KKK line, where Trump has some mental problems, but this fact is difficult to accept

& so lots of Trump apologist all over & what can I say, except, so there u have it, Trump apologist all over


On the Press: Like OMG, so much complaint from the left of press that is free, with freedom to report, but got far right voluntary

to become, like that Fascist KKK & mental Trump spokesman & PR firm, like Morning Joe & much of AP & other, but look we on left

have to let it go, as it about press freedom choice, meaning Morning Joe & AP, are not like FOX, RT, Xinhua that have little freedom


On Trump & His Wealth: First, we do not even know the extent & network of what he holds, because like nothing on his tax disclosed

So if we do not know complete info of like everything about his holdings & finances how can we know his politics & business, not link so risking he makes political moves to benefit his current interest & also, apart from current interest, there is also his future plans, meaning when it comes to conflict of interest, very difficult to prove.


On Trump’s Cabinet: Look, Trump is unstable & not qualified & with chief strategist, being racist & hate Jews Bannon & cabinet appointments so far are extremist that is the fact, truth & reality about the situation & so here please make up your own mind, as while I love America & I am not interested much in a government Trump is forming, but yes, I keep eye on DC, for this & that reason, but not because DC is the capital of Democratic Free World anymore, but just a weak link


Of course, many suspect Trump & GOP Congress are working in tandem with Trump leading the public interest here and there, meanwhile GOP Congress tries to pass controversial law pass Congress with as little opposition as possible.

On Trump’s policies, yes, they are mostly extremist policies that will divide the country, but with Trump having a supporter base that sees Trump some-what as a cult leader, those that oppose Trump should not count too much for people to change sides, but yes, some will feel betray, such as in the killing of Obamacare, but again, mostly, Trump has a solid support base.


On global issues, Trump is a business person and in international relations, the currency of international business and the currency of international diplomacy are different.


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