‘Up your a**’ Freedom group condemns ‘tyrant’ Putin’s crack down on art

The Resistance Reports

March 8, 2017

Meet the Tyrant Trump Loves.

Days away from Christmas 2016, Putin announced the Russian government would tighten control on art in Russia, claiming officials are trying to avert terrorist. Voice Project’s Executive Director, Hunter Heaney, slams Mr Putin’s rhetoric as a “common play” of “authoritarians around the globe” – and derides the Russian leader for ordering the arrests of Russian artists in a bid to “stifle dissent”.

An open letter, seen by Express.co.uk, published by the Voice Project – an organisation that campaigns for freedom of artistic expression worldwide – brands the Russian president a “tyrant” and quotes a Russian punk band recently released from prison on charges of hooliganism as telling him “you can shove your amnesty up your a**”.

And It is Russian President Putin that Trump most admires — Putin has ruled through fear and intimidation. He has openly conducted the Russian state as an instrument of political murder. He has imprisoned protesters and presided over laws which violate human rights.

Putin has been blasted for his government’s tightening grasp on the Russian arts, and berated for using authoritarian tactics to “silence dissent”.

Voice Project’s Executive Director, Hunter Heaney, slams Mr Putin’s rhetoric:

“Authoritarians around the globe always use the same playbook – the same tactics to stifle dissent, the same type excuses to imprison those who speak out against them, even the same words. It is not original and it is quite predictable when you see enough of it, as we do in our work.”

It is Russian President Putin that Trump most admires — Putin has ruled through fear and intimidation. He has openly conducted the Russian state as an instrument of political murder. He has imprisoned protesters and presided over laws which violate human rights.

He has exerted that very same dominance over neighboring states, especially in Ukraine. In fact, Russia has already cracked down on Ukrainian independent media.

Putin is not a democratic leader and he is not a man of the people. 73% of Russians are opposed to the military intervention in Ukraine. It may be Putin’s most unpopular move to date amongst the Russian people. Americans should be careful not to accept Kremlin propaganda on face value. Putin’s actions reflect his desire to expand the iron grasp of Russia to former Soviet states, not the benevolent intervention of a man of the people.

Time Reports


Meet the Tyrant Donald Trump Loves the Most

The blustering brand licensor loves to brag that Putin once called him a “genius,” claiming that he “got to know him well” as “stablemates” during separately pre-taped interviews airing on the same episode of CBS’s 60 Minutes. (Not that it would matter to Trump, who is allergic to telling the truth, but Putin’s comments got lost in translation—linguists said Putin called him “colorful” and “talented,” never a genius.

Putin—the world’s ultimate vulture investor—senses that Trump’s rise portends weakness for America. No wonder Putin is openly excited by the prospect of facing off against an ignorant reality star whom he could easily dominate in the international pecking order. While Trump didn’t even know about Britain’s pending vote on the Euro, Putin had an active pro-Brexit propaganda campaign.

Trump’s campaign has been defined by his ongoing attacks on strong women, echoing Putin’s pathetic attempts at machismo: from Putin baring his chest on horseback in Siberia or freeing a caged leopard, to a cracking down on LGBT rights and the imprisonment of the feminist Pussy Riot activists. All that was supposed to save a diminished and broke Russia. When that wasn’t enough, Putin moved on to territorial aggression, seizing Crimea.

The quest for absolute power makes any support is good support in Trump and Putin’s playbook. Trump refused to disavow David Duke, the leader of the Ku Klux Klan, lying through his teeth that he didn’t know who he was, and panders to white supremacists by refusing to disavow a widely panned anti-Semitic tweet. Though Putin criticizes Ukraine as a hotbed of neo-Nazis, he welcomed a gathering of white European extremists last fall to extend his influence within Europe. Eight protestors carrying signs with statements such as “We don’t want foreign Nazis in St. Petersburg, we have more than enough of them here” were arrested.

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