Freedom House says Populist & nationalist gain, global freedom & democracy decline

The Resistance Reports

March 8, 2017

Freedom House, the respected America based researcher that keeps track of global freedom, said today: “World Freedom: Populist and nationalist forces made big gains with global freedom declining.” Also Freedom House said: “Established democracies dominated the list of countries suffering declines.”

In America, the recognized as an “Authoritarian” and many say a Fascist along the KKK racist roots, became the president and one of the first thing Trump did was to blast UN. Meanwhile the UN “Human Rights” arm, is preparing to confront Trump Presidency on many issues Trump plans to do once he becomes President.

So there is a “Sea-Change” in the global out-look for human rights. From having America being a corner-stone to foster global human rights & freedom, to having America as a threat to human rights and freedom.

Freedom House released the 2017 edition of their flagship report, “Freedom in the World.” It was not positive. Titled “Populists and Autocrats: The Dual Threat to Global Democracy,” it shows much erosion in various freedoms throughout the world.

According to their website, Freedom House has published this important report since 1973 in order to track trends and view democracy and civil liberty from a large, global point. The organization evaluates countries and decides a ranking by analyzing “electoral process, political pluralism and participation, the functioning of the government, freedom of expression and of belief, associational and organizational rights, the rule of law, and personal autonomy and individual rights.”

The key findings in the 2017 report:

  • It is the 11th consecutive year of greater global declines in freedom than gains in freedom
  • Many “free” countries saw a loss in political rights and/or civil liberties, including the United States and South Korea
  • 195 countries were assessed and a fourth of them were rated “Not Free.”
  • The breakdown:
    • Free: 45 percent
    • Partly free: 30 percent
    • Not free: 25 percent
  • The worst rated countries were in the Middle East and North Africa

In an essay summarizing the report, Arch Puddington and Tyler Roylance explain much of the data. “The troubling impression created by the year’s headline events is supported by the latest findings,” they explain. “A total of 67 countries suffered net declines in political rights and civil liberties in 2016, compared with 36 that registered gains.” They included an especially dark note:

While in past years the declines in freedom were generally concentrated among autocracies and dictatorships that simply went from bad to worse, in 2016 it was established democracies—countries rated Free in the report’s ranking system—that dominated the list of countries suffering setbacks. In fact, Free countries accounted for a larger share of the countries with declines than at any time in the past decade, and nearly one-quarter of the countries registering declines in 2016 were in Europe.

And as for me, I am getting hit, pretty hard, by people pointing of human rights violation, by this & that country, like China pretty hard, saying basically, how can a guy like me, with 10 to 15 years back-ground, as a “Democratic, Liberty/Freedom, Justice & Human Rights” activist, not mentioned human rights violation in China.

& here friends mean some Tibet activist, who welcomes Trump Presidency, & Trump’s anti-China positions.

My Tibet friends of course, are hoping Trump helps them, gain “Independence of Tibet” back, from Tibet, being a “Colony” of China.

& on top of that, not touching human rights, now appear to be presenting, like China in good lights. & so also comes question, why am I not boycotting China. Well, there are lots of assumption to those criticism of me, as of course, I am concern about China’s human rights violation & Tibet’s Freedom.

But basically, look at what becoming of America & on top of what America had been for a long time, like the killing of the Black/African Americans in America by police, look at the current treatment of Native American protesters over a pipe-line, look at how America treats women’s human rights over their own body,  like on abortion issue, like mass incarceration of youth, mostly Black/African & those issues has been around a long time.

So as an American, anyone who has been criticizing China on “Human Rights” issue, also needs to look deep into America’s own violations of “Human Rights.” & look at that stream of Trump’s policy announcement that will hit America, like on immigration & registering Muslims & so in sum, I am an American & finding it harder & harder to “Focus” on China’s human rights violation & being a hypocrite in calling out, only China & not America.

So I am preparing for the “Sea-Change” & I am not going to be trashing any other countries,  like China, so strongly anymore, while my country, America, is already utter shit on human rights issues currently & going to get much worse.

& I told a few friend this & they reacted asking  but I am an activist on those issues I mentioned before, how the heck do I just decide to walk away one day? & yes, I know what my friends mean, meaning why not just up activism on America’s human rights violation & also meaning while I am an American, I also have responsibility to the global people & to myself, not just as an American.

& of course my are right 100%, but consider this, what is the big macro problem, that the planet’s people will be facing, with Trump leading America?

Now consider this, there is a risk, like a very serious risk, Russia & America becomes a close partner, under Trump & Putin friendship. & there is great risk China & Russia becomes a close partner under Putin & Xi friendship.& u just look at the horrific consequences on the people of the planet if that occurs! I mean you going to have 3 very nasty tyrant, Putin, Xi & Trump, who are head of great military & economic powers globally, running things.

That should “Freak Your Out Totally.”


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