Trump, the Authoritarian Control Freak, Runs into a Day of Revolting News

The Resistance Reports

March 8, 2017

If one research Trump’s history, one will see, i.e. racism and discrimination dating back a long time and in fact, Trump’s father attends KKK meeting and if one looks at how he came to power in America, one will see, i.e. a great deal of similarity to hot Hitler came to power, i.e. promise to make the country great and scape-gloating a minority group, as the cause for the country’s problems and difficulties and so getting rid of it, is how to make the country great.

So the conclusion is that Trump is an Authoritarian and most likely, because of other factors, such as excusing former KKK leader, David Duke, Trump is also probably a Fascist.

Authoritarian and by nature, people who exert a great deal of control over the environment, to control events to develop according to some “Master Plan” with little interaction, in terms of adapting and changing with the wider environment.

Often, the environment fights back against the Authoritarian.

I have been tracking the news on Trump every day, through a great news aggregate site, Newsnow UK, and so I see most of the news.

And today, at writing this blog post, on February 16, 2017, it is perhaps one of the worse day for Trump, news wise. At this writing, Newsnow UK is full of negative news, with lots of rejection of Trump, when it comes to small group and individuals, meaning not massive events such as low Trump inaugural turn-out or millions of marchers such as on Women’s March.

And since news on Trump is spread far and wide in America and globally, and because those news are negative, we can perhaps say lots of Americans and people globally are having a real bad day and a headache because of Trump.

The biggest news of the day, capping the entire day, is news report friend of Admiral Robert Harward, telling the press the job offer by Trump is a, quote: “Shit Sandwich.”

The following are some

rejection and turning away from Trump news:

Vice Admiral Robert Harward turns down national security adviser job (source)

Auto industry split over halting, changing fuel-economy rules (source)

The Russian Plot: How Putin and Trump Colluded (source)

Morning Joe stunned by ‘chaotic’ Trump presser: ‘Everybody’s scared to death by what they saw’ (source)

10 Asian American White House Advisors Just Resigned in Protest of Trump (source)

Which rights are on the chopping block if Trump’s SCOTUS nominee is confirmed? (source)

Trump accounts probed for Russian links (source)

Donald Trump’s disastrous reality show: Master trash-talker turned flailing president searches for a new villain (source)

China shrugs off Trump’s plan for re-shoring US manufacturing (source)

Donald Trump’s first solo press conference: Transcript of back and forth with reporters  (source)

Fox News’ Shepard Smith on Donald Trump’s media jibes: We’re not fools, tell us about Russian links (source)

Political Punch-up: Donald Trump vs JK Rowling (source)

Trump’s Approval Rating At Historic Low Of 39%: Poll (source)

Justin Trudeau in Berlin to talk NATO, trade with Angela Merkel (source)

Trump’s minority outreach efforts take a painful step backwards (source)

Why Trump’s Electoral College Claim Is False [Infographic] (source)

Donald Trump’s chaotic press conference was pretty much a last-minute decision (source)

The real threat of Trump’s press bashing (source)

US Losing Power In Middle East? Iran, Cuba Fortify Ties With 12 Cooperation Agreements (source)

Trump flees Washington as he seeks a reset (source)

‘Democratic nations shouldn’t solely focus on military budgets’: German FM (source)


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