Why Trump & Putin into Each Other? Money, Power, End Justifies Means & Orwell?

The Resistance Reports

March 8, 2017

Why is Trump so into Putin?

There had been a great deal of speculation, that while Trump was involved with Russia, since decades back, for business interest, Russia has always been interested in Trump as an asset, meaning for helping Russia, meaning not related to business. And both are abusive authoritarians, with extreme in “The End Justifies the Means” type thinking. Lastly, they turn their information system along the line of Orwell 1984, big a big does of Gaslighting.

And there are a string of verification, of Russia building Trump into as asset, such as various Russian investment in Trump, such as purchasing real estate from Trump at very high, above market price, during general economic hard times. There is even talk that Trump owes Russians money and then there is the recently leaked “Dossier” by people in the intelligence community, pointing to Putin holds leverage over Trump, and the leading to those in Russia involved being killed by Putin.

Fundamentally also, not so much about business investments connection and relationship to asset building.

Here, on fundamentals, there is probably many reasons, as some say, people who are similar often becomes friend, and Trump is widely recognized as a Fascist and Putin a tyrant. Other than that that, both Trump and Putin share a similar interest is having great wealth, with Trump dedicating his life to a real estate empire and Putin,, as Rachel Meddows on MSNBC pointed out, Trump has used is position as Russia’s leader, to amass great wealth. In this way both are also similar, meaning they exploit the system, in anyway with lots of cheating and cutting-corners, to build-up wealth.

Trump’s business interest have also bought him to being Racist & anti-workers, meaning Trump places little values on human lives. Trump also does a great deal of threatening other, as many noted Trump is a bully. And Putin is horrific, killing off lots of people who opposes him, from journalist to politicians, meaning Putin has put in place in Russia, a system that makes screwing the people easy. Meanwhile, Trump has always exploited America, to do the same.

Meaning to Trump and Putin, believe to the extreme that “The End Justifies The Means.”

But, apart from Trump and Putin, what about just a person as an individual, not about great money or great power, like some foreigners and expatriates who live in an oppressed country being governed by a tyrant of dictator? Why are some of these, often from Free Western countries with “Liberal Democracy” love the tyrant or dictator?

Lets look at an Asian country, Thailand.

If you went to Thailand’s many news site, such as English language Bangkok Post and the Nation, and look at the comments on the news, the comments will prove my point, that many foreigners in Thailand, are supporters of the country’s traditional elite and buys deeply into their way of thinking.

I am bringing this up, because over the years, many, both Thai people and foreigners, have tried to understand why do foreigners in Thailand, particularly, those from “Advanced and Developed Western Countries” which cherish modern values, such as “Liberal Democratic Systems” where there are high levels of liberty/freedom, justice and rights, in the society, will support Thailand’s traditional elite.

Kingdom of Thailand’s traditional elite is known for coups and dictatorships, oppression and suppression. No surprisingly, even Forbes Magazine, the right wing leaning US news group, even cannot appreciate Thailand’s traditional elite and their supporters.

Forbes, for example, called the PDRC Movement, a traditional elite movement, which is lead by Suthep and supported by the majority of Bangkok’s middle-class and Southern Thais, a “Neo-Fascist Movement” in disapproval.

But why do foreigners, supports such far extreme right movements, such as PDRC and the Yellow Shirt, ultra Royalist movements?

Yesterday was Christmas and I got a taxi cab, to go meet my sister family for a Christmas meal and got into a conversation with the taxi cab driver. I told him to please drive in a hurry, because I am late, because I could not find a taxi for a long time.

And so we got into a conversation about foreigners, in Thailand, because the taxi cab driver told me, around down-town where I live in Bangkok, many taxi cab only look to service foreigners, and ignore Asian looking people, such as I.

So I asked the taxi cab driver, why do so many foreigners, love Thailand very much & I told him, this cannot just be about work opportunity in the country, why some foreigners like Russian, also used to tyrannic, loves to live in the country or tourist, who comes and goes and likes all the tourist attractions and how in-expensive the country is, but there must be some other reason.

I told the taxi cab driver, I sort of understand, why some foreigners, again, not those looking for work or tourist, just loves Thailand so much, but would like to know his opinion, as he is a taxi cab driver, and must have met many foreigners, in his job.

And the taxi cab driver told me:

“Foreigners with money can buy anything in Thailand and the Thai people are ready to help and service them.”

Then we discussed what he meant, in detail, from his experience. And the taxi cab driver gave me many examples, of how foreigners with money, indeed can buy just about anything in the country and how the Thai people love them and want to service them.

“Often, they ask me to take them to buy illegal things & I take them, the tip is very high when I do that and I depend on their money,” said the taxi cab driver, mentioning, all sort of thing, like illicit drugs, cheap black market and stolen good to sexual related. He said once in a while, the foreigners will ask also about immigration system and other legal and regulations related, on how to make life easy.

I asked the taxi cab driver, does not all the things he said, sounds bad to him, and they seem like the wrong thing to do. And gave him examples, of Thailand’s police, like when there are car accidents, often, the police will get rich, from the case, if it involved rich people and their cars and often, it is poor people like him, who end up, losing.

And the taxi cab driver said, he is just trying to have a good quality life and he has a family to think about, and foreigners are generous, when he helps them & he is thankful there are foreigners who loves Thailand.

I have heard of this type of talk before in Thailand many times, not in the “Raw Examples” the taxi cab driver gave, but I have heard, in the past, people, both Thai and foreigners, says very often, foreigners who comes to live in Thailand:

“They becomes a part of the country’s traditional elite and support the traditional elite, because they love the power, that money can buy them, in Thailand.”

I often wonder, about all the illegal & corruption practices the taxi cab driver talk about, of why those activity is all over Thailand on so many levels. The best answer I can come up with, it that Thailand is about “Humans being Idols” sort of like the country has an idolize problem.

I mean if you know Thailand, many structural things builds up and foster idoization of humans, like all the coup and dictators, in the country’s history, also human beings that is idolized by a great many Thai people.

So I figure, when a people and a culture idolize human beings, that leaves institutions, such as the law and order, rule of law and justice related institutions, weak and little authority and power.

Then also, I have heard about expatriates, working and living in Thailand, who are staunch supporters of the traditional elite.

Here people, both Thais and foreigners say, is mostly about the country’s economy and business, being run by the traditional elite net-work and the local politics, that pitches the poor and lower middle-class, again the traditional elite and the middle-class up, often is disruptive to economics and business.

So here, with expatriates, it is about “Kissing the Traditional Elite Ass” to make money.

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