Research Finds Authoritarian Regimes Cooperate & Learn from Each Other

The Resistance Reports

March 8, 2017

Despite Trump deny, there are many factual proof that Trump & Putin, as individuals themselves & not through proxies, have met, at least once. For example Trump himself said he and Putin have met and he has done a great deal of business in Russia, on David Letterman’s the Tonight Show (see here).

With questions on Trump’s relationship with Putin driving a massive amount of controversy, to point of Congress hearings, Trump has always lied about his relationship with Putin, and one way he does this, is to stress, once in a while, at critical juncture, i.e.  when new controversy explodes, that he never met Putin and does not know anything about Putin. Trump said he met Putin in an interview with David Letterman. Here is a youtube interview of that David Letterman interview  Trump also said a great many things about him and Putin, including having a relationship with Putin in a video compilation (see here Trump admits to have relationship with Putin).

Events during 2016 election, with Putin hacking the election to hurt Hillary and the help Trump raised many speculation what type of relation is it, between Trump and Putin? Then there are questions about what type of information Putin has on Trump, example from the Dossier situation, as this can involve black-mail and coercion.

But whatever the relationship, both Trump & Putin are autocrats with strong authoritarian type of governing, with many calling Trump a Fascist and Putin a Tyrant.

And there have been a great deal of discussion about Authoritarian Regimes Cooperation & Learning from each other (see here). And is Trump & Putin learning from each other, & what is being learned?

This question about Trump and Putin relationship has alarmed many.

Sen. Chris Murphy said Tuesday that President Donald Trump’s latest words comparing the United States to Russia are “as scary as it gets.” “This is as scary as it gets and they need to get to the bottom of what this is all about,” said Chris, the Connecticut Democrat told

Trump appeared to equate US actions with the authoritarian regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview released Saturday Trump told Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly that he respected his Russian counterpart.

“But he’s a killer,” O’Reilly responded.

“There are a lot of killers” Trump replied. “You think our country’s so innocent?”

Trump has been criticized by both Republicans and Democrats for suggesting that the American government behaves in a way comparable to Russia’s. “If you want to believe the worst here, if you want to believe that Putin is literally pulling the strings of this administration, then this is exactly how it would play out,” Murphy said. “You would be making moral equivalences between Putin’s killing of journalists, political opponents and U.S. military activities.”

The lawmaker also said Trump has downplayed Russia’s offenses in eastern Ukraine and hinted at withdrawing sanctions from Russia.

The following from Resurgent Dictatorship, says authoritarian regimes must constantly revise and adapt their playbooks to maintain power.

“In the era of globalization, authoritarian sharing of information and methods occur more rapidly, allowing repressive regimes to quickly adopt the latest tools for repressing dissent, especially in the online realm. This sharing of “worst practices” enables these regimes to manage dissent at home; it also enables learning that can serve to to prevent democratic demonstration effects in the immediate neighborhoods of the leading anti-democratic regimes. Through cooperation and learning, the world’s leading authoritarian governments are building their capacity to hinder democratic development at home and abroad.”

And the result?

The following is from the Guardian (source)

Human rights groups face global crackdown ‘not seen in a generation’

Human rights organisations and campaign groups are facing their biggest crackdown in a generation as a wave of countries pass restrictive laws and curtail activity. Almost half the world’s states have implemented controls that affect tens of thousands of organisations across the globe.

Over the past three years, more than 60 countries have passed or drafted laws that curtail the activity of non-governmental and civil society organisations. Ninety-six countries have taken steps to inhibit NGOs from operating at full capacity, in what the Carnegie Endowment calls a “viral-like spread of new laws” under which international aid groups and their local partners are vilified, harassed, closed down and sometimes expelled.

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