Yes, A Trump Presidency Would Bring Fascism To America – Forbes

The Resistance Reports

March 8, 2017

Most of the time, whenever Liberal point to someone as being Fascist, critics of Liberals would say Liberals thinks everyone who is not Liberal is a Fascist.

Point taken, but the following, are link is to about 30 articles on the subject of Trump and Fascism, and most of them says Trump is a Fascist.

Yes, A Trump Presidency Would Bring Fascism To America – Forbes

Yes, Donald Trump is a fascist. | New Republic

Fascism under Donald Trump: The warning signs of fascism that …

Donald Trump is actually a fascist – The Washington Post

Should we even go there? Historians on comparing fascism to Trumpism

Congratulations, America — you did it! An actual fascist is now your …

Is The World Turning Fascist? And Does It Matter? – Newsweek

Pa. lawmaker calls Trump ‘fascist, loofa-faced s***-gibbon’ –

In Trump’s Fascist Aesthetic, Dissenters Are Losers and the …

Donald Trump is a fascist, Labour MP Dennis Skinner says | The …

Donald Trump’s ‘bullying’ of companies comparable to 1930s fascist …

Donald Trump’s Fascist Week: The Daily Show – YouTube

Yes, Trump Is a Fascist — Here’s the Checklist – War Is Boring

Anti-Fascists Will Fight Trump’s Fascism in the Streets | The Nation

‘Hitlerization’ of Donald Trump an effort to ‘equate populism with fascism’

Is Donald Trump a Fascist? | The Beacon

What is a fascist? Expert on far-right reveals all (and whether Trump is …

Is Donald Trump a fascist? – Yahoo

Donald Trump is a ‘fascist like Hitler’ says veteran Labour MP Dennis …

Is Trump A Fascist? 10 Quotes From The President On Nationalism …

Trump’s Emerging Fascism Threatens The Nation | The Huffington Post

Veteran Labour MP Dennis Skinner calls Trump a fascist | Daily Mail …

Interpreting Trump’s Fascist Inauguration Speech – Extra Newsfeed

Kellyanne Conway keeps accidentally revealing Trump’s fascist …

Can Donald Trump Be Called a Fascist? – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Urging Millions to Rise Up, Trump Foes Issue Call to ‘Resist Fascism …

Is Donald Trump a fascist? – Quora

Lawmaker Calls Donald Trump a ‘Fascist, Loofah-Faced S–t-Gibbon …

Town Hall Attendee to Democratic Sen.: Do You Agree with ‘Fascist …

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair denounces Trump, calls him a ‘fascist’ – The …

Is Donald Trump a fascist? An expert on fascism weighs in. – Slate

Celebs Call for ‘Month of Resistance’ to Fight ‘Fascist’ Trump – Breitbart

Trump, fascism, and the construction of –

Er Donald Trump en fascist? | Bernt Hagtvet – Aftenposten

Opinion: Trump Makes It Clear After Taking Office That America Is …

Carlos de la Torre: Trump: Fascist or populist? @FocaalBlog

PA State Senator Calls Trump a “Fascist, Loofa-Faced, Sh*t-Gibbon …

Is Donald Trump ‘actually a fascist’? | TheHill

Listen to Trump-fascist Radio Shows and Podcasts – Spreaker

Yes, A Trump Presidency Would Bring Fascism To America – Forbes

Is Donald Trump a Fascist? – The New York Times

In The Name of Humanity We Refuse to Accept A Fascist America

A final response to the “Tell me why Trump is a fascist”. – Reddit

Donald Trump Fascist – The Daily Banter

We Asked a Fascism Expert if Donald Trump Is a Fascist – VICE


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