How Did America Get to This Point? This Point, is Just the Last Straw, that Broke the Camel’s Back

How did America get here?

If Trump & GOP cared about America, they would amend its way, for example, to being more democratic, like listening to constituents and responding to public and media criticism. Democracy after all, is an exercise of the will of the people, through elected officials. The media is the Fourth Estate, part of the check and balance.

So here is America, ranked UK top research house, EIU, as a “Flawed-Democracy” and this is “Critical” because America’s “Flawed Democracy” ranking, comes from the fall of “Trust” in the government, based on a variety of factors, such as electoral process and pluralism, functioning of government, political participation, democratic political culture and civil liberties.

However, the latest with the GOP is to close down Town Hall meeting with constituents, because constituents have been vocal in calling for the GOP to act on many issues, such as Obamacare investigate Trump on Russia.

Apart from again, shutting down Town Hall meetings, Trump and GOP have, i.e. insisted on pushing for Obamacare replacement and resists investigating Trump.

But the fact is for quite a long time now, political analysts have been pointing out that GOP’s activity, such as gerrymandering, voter suppression, obstructionism, usage of fake news, ultra-partisans, and other, will eventually hurt the vibrancy of America’s democracy.  Then for years now, there are such SCOTUS rulings that turned corporations into people, helping to spread corruption and lobbying in high politics.

So because GOP had been so damaging to America’s “Democracy” for so long, the result is the EIU’s findings. There is little hope that GOP will change, even with this EIU ranking.

This is because overall, the GOP instigated policies, that would make them the “Winner” at any cost, even to the level of hurting America’s interest, for example, with the threat of much government shut-down, over conflict with Obama.

So here is one example, of GOP threat, of a shutting down of the American government, that hit the American people’s trust in government. But government shut-down is just the tip of the iceberg, the GOP had a policy of “Refusing to Work with Obama” and therefore, many important laws were not passed.

That “GOP We Must Win at All Cost” is mainly from the reaction to America having the first Black/African President, meaning the reaction is based on “Racism.” And again, as Hillary became more interested in politics and her poll number was highly positive, GOP have been on a very long road, such as with the bogus e-mail and Bengazi investigations by GOP controlled Congress, to demonize Hillary.

Then, apart from Putin hacking the American democracy, 2016 election also saw the FBI gone political and went after Hillary by hitting her a week before election, with a scandalous news, which later proved to be nothing.



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