AI, HRW, UN & ACLU Up Effort as World Embrace Abusers like Putin, Xi & Trump

The Resistance Reports

March 7, 2017

There is not much that needs to be said about Russia and China’s human rights situation, meaning it is really bad, as ever global human rights units, regularly criticizes them.

What is new globally is that these global level human rights units, have started to criticize America under Trump. This is something Americans are not used to, and names such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and UN Human Rights Council, typically, because again they are not well known, will likely carry little weight. But inside America, local unit such as ACLU, is stepping up its efforts on human rights.

On America, since Trump came on scene, the UN “Human Rights” arm recently said is preparing to confront Trump Presidency on many issues Trump plans to do once he becomes President.

So there is a “Sea-Change” in the global out-look for human rights. From having America being a corner-stone to foster global human rights & freedom, to having America as a threat to human rights and freedom.

So basically, the planet is in a new balance, between the “Tyrant Trio” of Putin, Xi and Trump and “Global Human Rights & Freedom.”

Amnesty International:

A rise in divisive rhetoric in mainstream global politics is threatening to roll back human rights around the world, Amnesty International says in its annual report for 2016, published on Tuesday. Announcing the human rights report, Secretary General of Amnesty International Salil Shetty listed US President Donald Trump alongside world leaders like Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, and claimed that their “divisive fear-mongering has become a dangerous force in world affairs.”

Human Rights Watch (HRW)

HRW is listing President-elect Donald Trump as a threat to human rights, calling his campaign a “vivid illustration of the politics of intolerance.” “Donald Trump’s election as US president after a campaign fomenting hatred and intolerance, and the rising influence of political parties in Europe that reject universal rights, have put the postwar human rights system at risk,” the group said in a Friday statement announcing a new report. The 687-page World Report analyzes Trump’s campaign, pointing to his rhetoric as a cause for worry over human rights violations.

“(Trump’s) campaign floated proposals that would harm millions of people, including plans to engage in massive deportations of immigrants, to curtail women’s rights and media freedoms, and to use torture,” the report says, quoting Human Rights Watch Executive Director Kenneth Roth.

UN Human Rights

The United Nations’ high commissioner for human rights lashed out with an apparently veiled swipe at President Trump on Monday, warning about the danger of “political profiteers” amid reports the administration is looking at pulling out of the Human Rights Council over the group’s anti-Israel bias. In a speech to the opening of the latest council session in Geneva, High Commissioner Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein criticized “political leaders who today wage campaigns against universal human rights, or threaten withdrawal from international or regional treaties and the institutions which uphold them.”

After praising the anti-Trump marches that took place the day after Trump’s inauguration, and adding that he was “proud members of my staff took part,” the career Jordanian diplomat warned about political actors who would withdraw from parts of the “mulitilateral system.”


Saturday is International Human Rights Day, commemorating the day in 1948 when the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The significance of the day and its history is something that President-elect Donald Trump should reckon with after running a campaign that demonstrated outright contempt for human rights, particularly his “love” of waterboarding.

Right now, we don’t yet know what Donald Trump will try in office. But to fight against any policies embodying the islamophobia, xenophobia, racism, or misogyny that were embraced during his campaign, we know that we have decades of international human rights law on our side. And no president can undo that because ratified treaties are not just lofty aspirations — under the Constitution they’re “the supreme law of the land.”

In the aftermath of the horrors of World War II, the international community resolved to establish a robust international framework to maintain peace and security and promote human rights. It created the United Nations and the modern human rights system.

Since then, the United States has played a critical role in creating global and regional human rights institutions based on treaties and international conventions that protect a whole host of human rights. Among the ratified agreements are the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the Convention Against Torture, and the International Convention on the Elimination of All Form of Racial Discrimination.

With American leadership, the global community established standards for the treatment of prisoners of war and prosecuted war crimes and crimes against humanity at Nuremberg. Today, the Geneva Conventions are binding on every country and are among the universally accepted laws of war, categorically prohibiting acts of torture and cruelty.

Now consider this, there is a risk, like a very serious risk, Russia & America becomes a close partner, under Trump & Putin friendship. And there is great risk China & Russia becomes a close partner under Putin & Xi friendship. And so you just look at the horrific consequences on the people of the planet if that occurs!

I mean you going to have 3 very nasty tyrants, Putin, Xi & Trump, who are head of great military & economic powers globally, running things. That should “Freak Your Out Totally.”

I have been hoping, EU & China becomes closer, & EU & China, and also Japan & India, moves economically & business wise into Africa & Latin America, where there is little national security conflict. And hopefully this economic & business interest helps moderate China’s behavior. As for Russia and America, currently leader being Putin and Trump are just way to dedicated to make their country “Great Again” to expect any moderation of their behavior.



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