Trump Lacks Capacity to Divide Europe, says French Official, Touting EU Great Benefits

The Resistance Reports

March 7, 2017

France is fed up with Trump’s ‘repeated attacks’ to weaken Europe.

Reuters report (source) any U.S. attempt to divide Europeans is doomed to fail as Washington lacks the capacity to offset the benefits the European Union offers its members, French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said in an interview with newspaper Journal du Dimanche on Sunday.

Asked about the lack of unity of Europeans with regards to U.S. President Donald Trump’s worldview, Ayrault said that the situation was changing, essentially because of Trump’s “repeated attacks” against Europe.

Trump is close to Putin and both see closer America and Russia relation as beneficial, and at the same time, Trump, an anti-Globalist, favors a break-up of EU into smaller countries, along the line of UK exit from EU.

“(…) I bet that any attempt to divide and rule Europeans will not work,” Ayrault said. “For the United States absolutely do not have the capacity to offset the benefits the European Union offers to its members.”

“Even (British Prime Minister) Theresa May felt compelled to say, despite Brexit, that it was in the interest of the United States to have a strong Europe as a partner,” Ayrault added.

He also said that France will not accept any foreign interference, whether Russian or American, on its April and May presidential election.

“Some attitudes or statements may imply” that the United States and Russia want to weaken Europe, Ayrault said.

As an example, he said that Russia expressed its preferences for French right-wing candidates such as conservative Francois Fillon and far-right leader Marine Le Pen, while pro-European independent centrist Emmanuel Macron suffered cyber attacks.

“This form of interference on the French democratic life is unacceptable … France will not accept, the French will not accept to have their choices dictated,” Ayrault said.

However, internally, France far right Le Pen, who share Trump’s anti EU vision, recently  announced her candidacy for the French President. Le Penis close to Trump and follows many of Trump’s election tactics. In fact, Trump’s chief strategist, Bannon, who rind an Alt-Right (AP defined as Nazi) Brietbart News has opened up business in France and some news report Le Pen’s niece is running France Brietbart.

About a month ago Le Pen visited New York and had a meeting with supporters at Trump Tower. UK was the first to leave the EU and UK is seeking a fast-track to a bilateral UK-USA trade agreement with Trump. However, Trump is un-popular with much of the UK people and plans for a Trump addressing the UK Parliament has been called off, because of protest and petition.

While Le Pen is anti EU, there is not much on her on Asia, however, France oil firm,Total, is active globally. In Asia, in South China Seas, there is a great amount of oil and gas that is disputed. Involved in the dispute is close America ally and former French Colony, Vietnam.

The following is from the Guardian (to read more from Guardian see here)

“Marine Le Pen has formally launched her presidential campaign, promising to put France first by freeing it it from the “tyrannies” of globalisation, Islamic fundamentalism and the European Union. As the most unpredictable election in decades picked up pace, Le Pen, leader of the nationalist Front National, and far-left independent rival Jean-Luc Mélenchon, both staged major rallies in Lyon on Sunday – a day after the new frontrunner, centrist Emmanuel Macron, drew large crowds in the same city. The election has been thrown open since allegations that the longstanding centre-right favourite, François Fillon, paid his wife and children close to €1m of public money for parliamentary assistance jobs that investigators suspect she did not do.”


“Opinion polls have consistently predicted Le Pen will win the first round of the two-stage contest in April but be defeated in the 7 May run-off by a mainstream candidate. With support for Fillon plunging, two polls last week suggested that could be Macron.

“What is at stake in this election is the continuity of France as a free nation, our existence as a people,” Le Pen, daughter of the Front National founder, Jean-Marie, told cheering supporters at the Lyon congress centre.

“The French have been dispossessed of their patriotism. They are suffering in silence from not being allowed to love their country … The divide is no longer between the left and the right, but between the patriots and the globalists.”

Rehearsing themes familiar from the successful Donald Trump and Brexit campaigns, Le Pen said the momentum was clearly now on her side. From the US to Italy and Austria to the UK, she said: “The people are waking – the tide of history has turned.”

She was speaking at the end of a two-day event with party militants during which the anti-immigration, anti-EU Front National unveiled its election campaign platform consisting of 144 “commitments” to the French people. Published on Saturday, the document, notably short on macro-economic and practical detail, pledges to take France out of the eurozone and – unless the EU agrees to revert to a loose coalition of nations with neither a single currency nor a border-free area – to hold a referendum on France’s EU membership.”

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