New York Times Report Links Trump Campaign to Russia Intel, Which Hacked 2016 Election

The Resistance News

February 16, 2017

For the first time, since news of Russia, under Putin, hacked the American election to help Trump win the 2016 Presidential election, by discrediting Hillary with leaks under Putin control, information on Trump campaign aids in frequent contact with Russian intelligence was exposed by the New York Times.

Earlier, during the Obama administration, Intelligence agencies have concluded that the G.R.U. ordered the attacks on the Democratic National Committee and other political organizations, with the approval of the Kremlin, and ultimately enabled the publication of the emails it harvested to benefit Donald J. Trump’s campaign.

So far there is no response from the GOP to this news from The New York Times, except a few GOP law makers calling for various intelligence and oversight to open hearings to investigate. But apart from those few, nothing much.

As for the Dems, when Obama was still President, in response was the expulsion of the 35 Russians, who the administration said were spies posing as diplomats and other officials, and their families was in response to the harassment of American diplomats in Russia, State Department officials said. It was unclear if they were involved in the hacking.

In addition, the State Department announced the closing of two waterfront estates — one in Upper Brookville, N.Y., and another on Maryland’s Eastern Shore — that it said were used for Russian intelligence activities, although officials declined to say whether they were specifically used in the election-related hacks. Taken together, the sweeping actions announced by the White House, the Treasury, the State Department and intelligence agencies on Thursday amount to the strongest American response yet to a state-sponsored cyberattack. They also appeared intended to box in President-elect Trump, who will now have to decide whether to lift the sanctions on Russian intelligence agencies when he takes office next month.

Trump is calling the New York Times report fake news.

The following is from the Guardian (source)

The Russian influence scandal engulfing the White House deepened dramatically on Tuesday night with reports that some of Donald Trump’s campaign aides had frequent contact with Russian intelligence officials over the course of last year.

A report in the New York Times came nearly 24 hours after the national security adviser, Michael Flynn, was forced to resign over conversations with the Russian ambassador to Washington and misleading statements about them to the press and vice-president Mike Pence.


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