Trump the Bully Threatens California & a Few Twitter Girls Have the Perfect Response

The Resistance News

February 8, 2017


Trump is a bully and of course, bullies loves to make threats. Latest bullying from Trump is to cut California off from Federal support money.

California is a very Liberal and Progressive State and so everything Trump hates. So California being what it is, plans to help immigrants from Muslim countries by making California, a sanctuary state for immigrants, meaning a place immigrants can live in peace and happiness, free from threats.

However, one of the things Trump hates most is Muslim people, so he is using terrorist, to shut America off from immigrants from lots of Muslim countries. But of course, not the Muslim countries he has business with & of course, there is no terror hit, in America, from immigrants yet. In fact, when it comes to terror in America, most of it is from White people.

I was on twitter last night & saw a conversation about Trump cutting support funding to California, and the conversation was sort of humorous in a depressing way. A girl said, she does not want to pay taxes because it pays for Trump & Trump’s cabinet people. These people are creeps, she said.

Then her friend said: “Yeah, we are paying taxes so creepy Trump and his creepy cabinet can come around and screw us.”

In America’s struggle for independence from England, money the colonies sent back to England was an issue, along with taxation.

For example, The Boston Tea Party was the culmination of a resistance movement throughout British America against the Tea Act, which had been passed by the British Parliament in 1773. Colonists objected to the Tea Act because they believed that it violated their rights as Englishmen to “No taxation without representation,” that is, be taxed only by their own elected representatives and not by a British parliament in which they were not represented.

A great deal of problem with America’s finances today, on the big-macro picture, is also taxation, meaning continues to be “Taxation Without Representation” & a twist on that being  “Representation Without Taxation” & also “Tax or No Tax, No Representation.”

These three concept are more important than “Budget Need & Out-Lays” because, taxation is about the raising of funds, which comes before spending decision.

Taxation without representation problem is mostly about “Taker States & Giver States” like rich & successful states like California, subsidizing poor states, like Mississippi.

No taxation with representation problem is mostly about the law that the Republican got through Supreme Court, being “Citizen United.”

This ruling  gives “Corporations” lives as being the same as American people’s lives, but corporations pay little tax & because of factors like, lobbying power & political philosophy, like GOP highly pro corporations, corporations wield great power so here, problem of no taxation with representation, becomes a massive mess, of all sorts, like corruption & conflict of interest.

On taxation without representation, again like California supporting poor states, resulting in “Takers & Giver” states, here for me, I am a mix, Progressive & Liberal, so I mostly OK that Progressive & Liberal States, like California, “Feeding” poor states in America, most of them of course, “Red States.”

But here the real problem, from not a humanity point of view of helping out fellow Americans: the “Red States” are “GOP Conservatives” who subscribed to lots of anti-Progressive & anti-Liberal position.

& so for example, now we have Trump, pointed out he is a Fascist KKK, backed by GOP Conservatives, target to change America’s socio-cultural values & so, of course, hurting California’s Progressive & Liberal “Values” so again the problem, u can probably see:

Is like a Californian asking: Why the heck should I be feeding the people in Red States so they can come around & hurt my values and way of life?”

And here, there is a problem with the “Constitution” because the Constitution says, basically: “All men are created equally.”

However, the “Electorate System” gives more power to individual voters, in small states as in bigger states, resulting, in for example, a typical California, have about less weight, meaning important in electing the President than in other states, so clearly, Americans are no equal.

Then there is the last problem of “Tax or No Tax, No Representation” & here it is about the old problems of how a person like Trump comes to power, meaning Trump is a Fascist KKK & of course, as so many facts pointed out, racism & misogynist greatly influence those that voted for Trump & so that brings extremism to America, on top of already serious problems, like with racism & misogynist.

What does racism & misogynist has to do with “Tax or No Tax, But Without Representation?”

Well it means people falls through

& fall victim to the “Informal Structure of Society” meaning like racism, results in Black/Africans, many who pay taxes, being killed by police more than their population represents in the American society or like LBGT people who pay tax, but are discriminated against, against, this time by the “Formal Structure” like toilet issues in North Carolina.

& there other similar, like women’s human rights issue, as related to abortion, meaning women’s human right control their own body.

What is worse, think of this Tax or No Tax, But Without Representation in “Reverse” as for example, certainly there are Black/African, LBGT & women, who pays tax & maybe significant amount of taxes, but money from their tax they pay, goes to like buying weapons for the police, who kills  Black/African or like  paying for discrimination issues that hit LBGT like the salaries of politicians who are anti-LBGT to govern them, and also like pay for anti-abortion advertisement campaign, hurting women rights.

For me, I think these 3 issues, “Tax with No Representation” & “No Tax with Representation” & “Tax or No Tax, No Representation” are big issues that needs to be solved, because America increasingly is getting very “Divisive” with people like Trump and his Fascist KKK, pitching their extreme socio-cultural agenda on the rest of Americans.

And why is all the above a problem, especially with a rich Blue State like California, supporting America?

According to the “Electorate” win, voting system in America, American voters do not carry equal “Weighting” in votes. So what should be done?


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