How an executive got on the road to discover great journalism for himself

The Resistance News

February 8, 2017

There is a famous story that is told among journalist about journalism quality. Here a popular version of it.

One of the best advertising executive at one of best advertising firm globally, read a journalist story on advertising & if was so bad & he was qualified to judge, again, because he is a top expert on advertisement.

And so he quit reading that media reports on advertising but kept reading other reports from that media.

One day, he realizes, like “Hey if this media so bad on advertising, how do I know these other reports I am reading from this media, not about advertising, that I am reading is OK reports.”

And so he stop buying, watching & reading that media & began a journey, searching for quality journalism.

And he took his time, read this media that media, & always checked-out  went reading their reports on the advertising industry & finally he found a media that best knew what it was talking about on advertising.

But he was smart & told himself still, what about this media report on other issues, apart from advertisement & so for a while he “Crossed Check” meaning he read many media report on any particular subject.

Finally, he was convinced, he found a media that was great on report on advertisement industry & from comparison of different media reports, found the media that was oveall the best one to read.

He was so happy with quality he found, he just consumed & consumed the reports, very much like an addiction as the reports were so useful to his life.

Then one day, he realized something & asked himself, “Hey I did all this and now I am so happy, but if I am so happy about quality this media, imagine how happy I be, with even better media?”

When I started out in professional journalism,  my boss called me up & gave me his editorial content direction.

& he said, basically: “Terence, here we strive to reach higher & higher quality buyers & while there are lots if media out there, going for the bottom feeders who does not know what they are consuming, with all sorts of journalism tricks, short-cuts & censorship, we are not one of them.”


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