Abe to Meet Trump: America vs China & When Elephants Fight, Nothing Else Much is Left Standing

The Resistance New

February 7, 2017


Japan’s leader Abe is meeting Trump this Friday, the first time an Asia Pacific leader has met Trump since Trump killed the Trans Pacific trade deal, TPP. On trade, currently there are many efforts to get a multi lateral deal, other are also looking at bilateral deals.Trump is also highly critical of international trade however, and is pursuing a policy of economic nationalism, leading to citations of such issues as import tax & currency wars that have hurt America.

On Asia Pacific, earlier, Trump got into a phone call conflict with Australia’s leader, where many in Australia have come out and voiced that Australia should not be a “Follower” to America, where Japan is a close ally to Australia, for example, is building about six submarines for Australia. Some American soldiers are stationed in Australia and Japan is a major military staging point for America.

The Wall Street Journal reported the following (to read more from The Wall Street Journal see here)

“TOKYO—Prime Minister Shinzo Abe plans to offer a vision for greater Japanese investment in the U.S. when meeting President Donald Trump in Washington on Friday, seeking to counter the president’s criticism about trade, Japanese officials said.

Mr. Abe’s five-pronged program, titled “U.S.-Japan Growth and Employment Initiative,” says the two nations could work together to generate 700,000 jobs in the U.S. and create new markets worth $450 billion over the next decade, the officials said. The program doesn’t detail how those numbers could be reached through specific projects or corporate investments. Since his inauguration on Jan. 20, Mr. Trump has criticized Japan several times. He suggested that Tokyo does “things to us that make it impossible to sell cars in Japan” and described Tokyo’s monetary policy as an unfair way to devalue the yen and make business easier for Japanese exporters.

 Underlining Japan’s skittishness over its crucial U.S. ties, Mr. Abe became the first world leader to meet Mr. Trump in person in New York after Mr. Trump was elected in November.”

In Asia, Abe is facing a growing challenge from China, where China’s economic and military strength, can only be off set by close ties to America and a string of regional power such as ASEAN and India. Japan is close to India, traditionally distrust China and ASEAN, once close to America but have drifted close to China.

There are many point of conflict between America and China in Asia. For example, the South China Seas is a highly disputed area where everyone is careful, but China just flew a bomber, carrying nuclear bomb, across Sough China Seas.

How did we get here? Trump is not even the President yet.

We American have a president now, Trump, who I call by many a Fascist KKK & mental.

So all of us Americans will have to life with the fall-out of Trump being what I indicated many say about Trump.

But not just Americans.

& Trump just hit China on the Taiwan issue, taking a call from Taiwan President.

So “What are some facts, truth & reality in the American & China relationship.”

The UN GA Resolution 2758 recognizes PRC as “the only legitimate representative of China to UN” & expelled “the representatives of Taiwan”reality” on Taiwan issue.

According to “40 Years of US-China Commercial Relations” (http://www.chinabusinessreview.com/40-years-of-us-china-commercial-relations/ …) about 800,000 US jobs depend on US China relations.

To finance US debt, US sells US bonds globally, including to China. US debt to China? (https://www.thebalance.com/u-s-debt-to-china-how-much-does-it-own-3306355 …) How much?

As Growth Slows, China “Highlights Transition” from manufacturing to service & consumption (http://www.wsj.com/articles/as-growth-slows-china-highlights-transition-from-manufacturing-to-service-1453221751 …) & so sour American & China relation can hurt American firm significantly, here.

Already. with Trump going after China, by using the Taiwan issue, reports said the Chinese people are angry & this could lead to “Boycott” of US goods & services, again, this comes at a very unfortunate time, when China is shifting to a consumption based society.

Do not get me wrong, I off course support Taiwan as an independent country, however, there has long been a “Status Quo” on the Taiwan issue between America & China.

The China & Taiwan issue, that flares up now & then with arms deals but never to current level & like it or not China’s military power is rated3rd on planet, after US & Russia. & China is critical to America’s interest in dealing with North Korea.

This Trump hitting China on Taiwan issue, will likely see China speed up, beefing up its military power & heightened confrontation stance between the two countries.

Then after taking the call, Trump did it again, & mentioned the issues of “One China” meaning if Taiwan is a part of China. This is clearly, reaching into the internal affairs of an issue “China Leaders” take very seriously.

In sum, I have no idea why Trump decided to call Taiwan & blast away China, but clearly, all sort of risks has sky-rocketed.

Again, like risk of alienating planet since UN has that resolution on Taiwan, risk to the 800,000 American jobs that rely on China US relations, risk to China continued investment in US bond to finance US spending, risk to US firms selling good & service to the Chinese people, & risk of a new arms race in Asia & Pacific.


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