The Election & Dems Leadership Storms Have Settled: So, What Does Election Result Really Say?

The Resistance News

February 6, 2017


The election & Dems leadership storm have settled, great.

There is a place for philosophy and a place for pragmatism. Hillary lost the election to the electorate but not popular vote, and the left is debating and debating and debating, as to what should they do now. The split is between those who wants to be more like Trump, meaning build a popular movement or a revolution or something along that line, to take his base away & those who want to continue what Hillary did.

Philosophy, tend to support those who wants a popular movement, yet pragmatism, says Hillary’s direction works. So what is the situation?

There are many credible media, not of the right or the left, that subscribe to the theory that “Race” & “Economics” meaning White Working Class, is the reason Trump won, ye other, also not of the left of the right, cautious that theory, with the fact that the FBI hit & Putin hack, play a decisive role in why Trump won.

So what is going on, as those on the left, are divided on this issue & so how they should move ahead.

I have said it before & will again, that all issues relating to Trump win, should be studied and lesson learned, including White Working Class Male & also issues such as FBI hit & Putin hack.

But seriously, what should the Dems learn, well, 1st, like it or not, a majority of those White Working Class, is not just motivated by economics, but clearly by racism & misogynist tendencies, leaving them open to Trump & GOP who are in the position to play that race & misogynist card. This means it would be difficult for Dems to play this card.

Then there are issues such as Harvard study, that found that America’s media, was biased against Hillary & soft on Trump. Then there is the long put into place, GOP’s gerrymandering that makes it difficult for Dems, on top of various voters disfranchisement rules & laws.

So here what are the Dems plan for the future?

Then incidents such as FBI turning political and hitting Hillary a week before the election & the constant flow of Putin hacking the election and releasing the wikileaks. These are events that could occur again, if not stopped and those responsible, pay a price.

What I am trying to say is, if the argument is, Dems needs to lock-down for sure, what are the causes for Trump to win, they should look at all factors, not just factors that suit their particular philosophical views, or the way they plan to wage their future campaign.

And here, clearly, all of the about applies as aspect that should be studied and taken cared of, before the next election round in 2018.

Relating to this, the question if Trump Presidency is “Legitimate” or not have come up, & so far, a few have said it is not legitimate, based on briefings they got. We have not gotten similar briefings, but clearly, the FBI hit & Putin hack, does point to the normal running of America’s Democracy had been compromised, meaning election phase of the American election compromised.

Does this mean the Trump’s Presidency is not legitimate? To me the facts does lead to the conclusion that Trump’s election win is not legitimate.


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