Tech Needs Immigrants But Trump Hates Them: So? Clash in California Between Tech & Trump

The Resistance News

February 6, 2017


Silicon Valley have been targeting the global best people in tech for employment in America for decades and there were little problems. The state is also very liberal. However, that was before Trump. Now we have Trump who hates immigrants and a Fascist along KKK racism roots with a great deal of conservative values.

News, in recent days, reports several of Silicon Valley biggest tech firm, are coordinating to help immigrants, as California, plans to declare the State a “Sanctuary State.” Trump, facing recent set-back from his executive order on immigration, through a court nullifying of his executive order, perhaps is looking for a sure win with California to bolster his position, have threatened to cut of Federal Budget support for California.

However, overall, this is more than an immigration issue. This is an argument about the environment that best for tech to thrive. Most economist and business analysts agree that a liberal environment, is best suited for tech to grow and prosper, however, some believe conservative and authoritarian environment can also foster tech.

So what is the prospect of entrepreneurship & innovation under President Trump? The following is some thought.

There is such a thing, I call, growth possibility frontier & there are many ways for economies to break the frontier, meaning new growth for example, demographic development & education, such as Africa’s human resource & potential with Latin America’s educated population.

But there is also innovation & entrepreneurship, & here, America just elected, what I call a Fascist KKK & mental, Trump & so my analysis on innovation & entrepreneurship, under Trump & I would like to start with a video, of one of most iconic living innovator & entrepreneur.

I will use this iconic person experience, to tell u my analysis. The video is one of Ted 2015 with Martine Rothblatt call: My daughter, my wife, our robot, and the quest for immortality”

The history of innovation & entrepreneurship is fascinating, from a central vs free market, point of view, I mean look at “Internet” which was created by the US army & then the “First PC” created by free market.

& central planed is still used globally, look at many authoritarian government in middle East, setting up innovation & entrepreneurship centers, but with “Silicon Valley” rise I think most would agree, the free market approach produces more success.

& lots have been written why “Silicon Valley” succeeds, from a socio-cultural-environment point of view, meaning “Silicon Valley” exists, in the wider “Liberal Way of Life” San Francisco Bay Area.

So how do we capture & explore what this “Liberal Way of Life” means?

& I propose we can look at Martine Rothblatt Martine. Rothblatt company, United Therapeutics, by the way, is located at North Carolina’s “Research Triangle” a government planed High-Tech Center, that existed for over 50 years now, but never come close to “Silicon Valley” in prominence.

Recently Martine, an LBGT, had to dedicate a great deal of time to politics, meaning to fight North Carolina’s anti-transgender & anti-LBGT laws.

While I was watching Martine in that Ted 2015 interview & thinking of writing on innovation & entrepreneurship in Trump’s America, I felt like I was hitting a lot of bumpy roads, I mean, for example, the most important message I got from Martine was education is critical to innovation & entrepreneurship.

& the image of Trump’s education secretary who is against public school just came up, because in Michigan according to press reports, the widespread number of private school Trump likes, offer an education quality below public school offer.

Then came to mind, of course, the long talk about problem “Silicon Valley” is trying to solve, meaning the “Silo” mentality, meaning the various type of prejudices, that keep people at arm’s length, hurting all sorts of values innovation & entrepreneurship depends on, like collaboration.

& here, if u American, u know, there long been lots of racism & misogynist in America & Trump exploited this weakness so massively to win election, the to a level, for example, for the first time in American history, there lots advises out how handle “Family Division” during holidays season.

& so many have pointed out, America rely greatly on immigration, to which Trump is “Anti-Immigrant” for innovation & entrepreneurship.

Then, if u look at recent graph of global innovation & also entrepreneur growth, this still dominate by “Silicon Valley” but the graph is looking a great deal like a “Global Endeavor” like Apple innovation lab in China, Google innovation lab in Berlin & so forth.

And one look at Martine, her companies’ products are sold world-wide & are targeting to solve global problems.

& so here, of course Trump is “Anti-Globalization” but of course also are global far right.

& in sum, here & Trump’s poor education, silo & immigrant will hit the level of entrepreneurship and innovation in America.

Plus both entrepreneurship and innovation depend on free flow of information.

So the information transfer structure under Trump, with Trump favor control of information, so less free flow, together like many said innovation & entrepreneurship, under Trump & other far right government globally, will perform much below potential & so also results.

Lastly, from watching the Martine video, the concept of “Love” & “Together” has an important role to play in entrepreneurship & innovation.

I mean if u watch the video, “Love & Together” is at the core of why Martine was so successful as an innovator & entrepreneur.

& the opposite to this, “Love & Togetherness” is all the “Hate” & “Division” &,”Racism” & Misogynist” & other such so negative & so hurtful concept, Trump bough to & sold to Americans, so he could win.


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