Getting Away With Big Scandals, Empowered Trump to Do Anything He Wants

The Resistance News

February 6, 2017

Lets just forget all the corruption related to Trump’s conflict of interest & his cabinet’s conflict of interest, because here we are talking about, mostly very complex situation to prosecute. And lets forget about moral & ethical standards, like releasing tax returns and blind trust situation, that the minimum standard of expectation from presidents, is sho tax return and rea blind trust establishment.

I mean, have one look at all the things Trump has done during his presidential run, that clearly “Broke the Law” but there was never any legal challenge, i.e. “Law Suit or Criminal Charges” against Trump?

I mean here are some examples: 1st: Trump dog whistle for the assassination of Hillary, 2nd, Trump called for Putin’s Russia to hack to expose Hillary’s e-mail & 3rd, the FBI hitting Hillary a week before election with Trump’s staunch supporter Giuliani knowing about it in advance, implying Trump was involved & the Florida General Attorney Bondi, pay for play with Trump.

And there are the examples anyone who knows about “Basic Laws” understand that Trump cannot do them & if he did them, cannot think about getting away from taking responsibilities.

But Trump got away from these “Clearly Not Legal” activities.

There has been many speculation, why Trump has been able to get away with these, like again, calling for assassination of someone greatly in public eyes & calling for a foreign country to “Hack” American election, & the “Biggest Blame” I saw was friends, in my inner circle, fiercely criticizing many, from for not ensuring “Rule of Law” was enforced during the election.

Why, no action from anyone? For example from Congress? Well obviously Congress is of controlled by the GOP. But other with the power and authority to do things, like prosectue or investigate?

But you know, apart from the examples I mentioned, like assassination & calling for foreign hacking, Trump has also broke “Many Other Laws.”

For example, if anyone cares to remember, between 10 – 20 women has accused Trump of sexual harassment & there was a Trump rape of a minor case & stiffing workers, & other, & in all of that some have become “Legal Cases in Court” against Trump, but all of them, ended up going no where.

About the only legal cases against Trump that went anywhere, are the stiffing of workers and Trump university cases, where Trump settled. Then there was also a case on Trump’s Foundation, where a small fine was involved.

But overall, I mean all in all of those, perhaps 100s of legal cases & many potential big cases, again such as the call for assassination case, Trump did not pay a high price, mostly, just Trump just went on business and conducted himself, as usual.

& the question is, looking at all of these cases, together as a package, “How Did Trump Do it?” meaning rise to be the “President of America” apart from the help even with help from Putin & FBI.

Somewhere something in America’s Democracy, perhaps the “Check and Balance” system is not working & election process is not functioning, for some reason, I mean, with all the dirt on Trump, many Americans still support him, even the Religious Right.

I have heard, that the Founding Fathers did not built the American system was not build for a time when the American people does not care about things like, “Fact, Truth, Reality, Ethics, Morality.” And also the Founding Fathers did not built the separation of power and balance of power, for a time0 when the entire system is taken over by “Partisanism” to the point where law makers, does not put America’s best and good interest before all else.

And apart from everything I mentioned, there is still the media that failed massively with Trump.

Please take a deep breath & think about this, out side of “New Normal Bubble That Anything Goes & There is No Accountability Bubble” & ask yourself, in example, does Trump calling for the assassination of Hillary & for Russia to hack DNC sounds like “High Crime & High Treason?”

Does it surprise you, Trump was not charged with anything? If it surprises Trump is not charged with anything, you are still the normal & average American.

If it does not surprise you that Trump is not charged with anything, you have become a victim of the “New Normal America” or you are a  Trump supporter, and so u would rationalize anything.

And in sum, even today, after much talk of Congress hearing on issues like Russian’s hacking the election, have such hearings been held? The problem is that when Trump gets away from all his wrong doings, with little scratch and cost, this empowers him, to do more and more. So is there any surprise, that it appears that Trump just keep pressing the envelope edges.

For example, the latest, after two week in office Trump takes a vacation, & staged a party and sold tickets to his party, making US$ millions.


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