Dream of Free World & Liberal West? A Man May Die, Country Falls, But A Dream Lives On

The Resistance News

February 6, 2017


At most intelligence agencies globally, that is capable, they likely have many big thick folder on Trump by now, from childhood to latest & like I said, all the information will likely point to Trump being a Fascist of the KKK roots who has mental problems.

& his White House team announced so far, the core of important position, is along the line of similar to what Trump is meaning Fascist minus the mental thing & other extremist or people of business & economics connection, in what is called “Crony Capitalism” to Trump’s business empire.

So leading New York Times to say Germany’s leader, Merkel is “the Liberal West’s Last Defender” and by the iconic UK’s historian Timothy Ash say Merkel is “the Leader of the Free World” & of course, I been saying, Merkel is the leader of the “Democratic Free World.”

As I analyzed earlier, with America’s great military & economic power falling into hands of Fascist KKK government & mental Trump leadership there is a great geo-political, geo-economics & geo-national-secutiry, changes going on.

& for me, I am greatly worried about whatever u call it, “Liberal West” or “Free World” of “Democratic Free World” & of course, the rest of the planet’s lesser power countries with populations struggling towards models, again whatever u want to call it, like “Liberal West” or “Free World” or “Democratic Free World” model, will survive ot not.

So meaning, I been following Merkel, leader of Germany, where Germany plays an important part in EU & so also, apart from Merkel, I am following Germany & EU global efforts much more these days.

& not that much on America anymore.

& so who is Merkel anyway, that likely billions of people globally depend on or will come to depend on for their hope & dream, of living their lives with values & way of life, again, call as u please, “Liberal West” or “Free World” or

“Democratic Free World” offer?

& so, today I did quite a bit of research on Merkel & I will give u a few key points that I find, that for me, particularly interesting

At that New York Times article on Merkel, things look bad for Merkel, & here is my analysis:

Putin helped engineer  a flood of refugee into Europe & many in Europe reacted negatively to that flood & at same time Putin engineering the refugee flood, Putin is also engineering a rise, as he help engineer Trump rise in America, the rise of similar to Trump in Europe, meaning the Far Extreme Right.

& so far, France looks bad for Merkel, with Hollande popularity rock-bottom, but he trying to beef things up with the left, and then for this & that, in Italy that is also causing lots of problems, but Merkel looks stronger in German more than many thinks for many reasons, namely, the Geman are not very “Reactionary” especially since WWII ended.

Germany’s economy is also sound & Germany will be heading G20 & also, the fall of America, meaning turning anti-Globalization and anti-Trade, does open vast opportunity for Germany globally, like Latin America & Africa.

& also other opportunity, such as with India & China, two country feeling alienated by Trump.

Meanwhile, on national security, Europe, meaning Western & ally, have said they will target 2% of GDP to building up their own military capabilities, distancing themselves from NATO, & here, my analysis is, NATO & Pacific Fleet, on way marginalize out, as once American allies, realize Trump’s commitment to their interest has greatly weaken.

Economic wise, again Germany is strong & ECB still has room to maneuver & the financial crisis was long time ago & the problems that are left, are mostly, legacy, stubborn problems lingers, like “the reforming the economy issue” but basically Europe meaning West & ally have moved on.

& stronger commodity prices globally should help developing countries, American economic solid for so long with Obama & so a strong carry-over into Trump Presidency is likely , China got a new footing, meaning does not look like any serious bubble & looks like Japan can go on like this forever, & so in sum, globally,, the economy looks so so, but chances of crisis, is only with Trump’s economic policy, knocking America’s economy into a tail-spin down.

Plus in Europe, on EU, Brexit seems like a headache but the sky does not looks like it is going fall, meaning, Brexit looks to be in name only for a long-time.

So that is the world that Merkel is inheriting from America & who is Merkel anyway?

Well, according to Wikipedia, Merkel is very “Innovative Politically.”

In detail, Merkel is creative politically with root in scientific research, putting together like Grand Political Coalition. She is a Centrist Protestant & the party she leads is socially conservative, her latest approval rating is about 60%.

Merkel lives in Berlin where some are beginning to call Berlin, the “New Capital of Democratic Free World” replacing Washington DC as the capital.

Germany just finished not long ago, an official residence for Germany’s leader & it is modern & white, where, some, is calling this official residence of Merkel: “The New White House.”


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