With Trump, The Old World is Dead & Gone: New One Looks Like 3 Autocratic Poles

The Resistance News

February 5, 2017


Well, I have been on twitter since 2008, doing mostly critical thinking & intelligence analysis, & over the years many were surprised that what I say, would often occur, so much so, some of my avid fans & long-time followers, often called mini-Nostradamus.

Well, here comes another prediction.

For decades now, NATO & EU have kept the peace in Europe & apart from that, have provided a shelter for Liberal Democracies, Free World & Democratic World for flourish in and around that region, but now with Trump love of Putin, suddenly, The Putin model of autocratic rule have gained prominence.

So for America itself, apart from helping to promote Putin, under Trump is looking like a a selfish, America first, global bully, such as can be seen with so much of Trump’s interaction with global leaders. Then of course, the threat to NATO, UN and other global arrangements, like the long standing One China Policy.

& so considering what Trump is & then what Xi represents, such as oppression & suppression of internal China human rights & freedom, then a host of aggressive global activity like South China Seas,& Colonization of Tibet, planet is now very much moving towards being under “Three Poles” of global level bully autocratic rules.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but from my critical thinking & intelligence analysis, I do not see how the so called Liberal World, Free World or Democratic World will survive, & I believe the planet is heading into a deep dystopia period, or where everything that comes with bullying autocratic states, such as loss of human rights & freedom of the press, hit.

The world has sunk into long bouts of Dystopia before, but this time, again, it will be because of the “Three Poles” being very negative globally..

I see a future of the world, where overall, “Democracy, Liberty/Freedom, Justice & Human Rights” are all in retreat & I see a very dark time ahead & I urge my friends in the American Resistance Movement, to be prepare for the type of things, they never thought they would have to.


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