Trump Brings “Doomsday Clock” Closer to Midnight: Concerned About Trump Yet?

The Resistance News

February 5, 2017


The Doomsday Clock is a symbol that represents a countdown to possible global catastrophe. It has been maintained since 1947 by the members of The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ Science and Security Board, who are in turn advised by the Governing Board and the Board of Sponsors, including 18 Nobel laureates.

The clock has been move closer to Midnight or time the doomsday occur.

As of January 2017, the Clock is set at two and a half minutes to midnight, due to a “rise of ‘strident nationalism’ worldwide, United States President Donald Trump’s comments over nuclear weapons, and the disbelief in the scientific consensus over climate change by the Trump Administration.

When Trump ran for the Presidency, during the election run, 100s of nuclear expert came out to warn Americans, of the danger of having Trump, in control of America’s nuclear arsenal. Then 100s more, of America’s national security expert came out to warn Americans, of having Trump as commander in chief.

And look across the globe, apart from America having someone like Trump rising to power, there are other with similar ways & means, personality & character, on the rise, such as the far right popular parties in Western Europe. Overall, the trend if bullies are rising to head powerful countries & just look at Trump’s foreign relations so far, in conflict with so many countries, setting the mood for a global period of non-cooperation.

In sum, as more and more countries becomes self-centered and focus on making itself great, the risks of conflicts goes up.

On nuclear, it started with North Korea, with Trump saying a wide range of things like more talks, where everyone was going towards more serious sanctions.

Then China, is about the only country where North Korea listens, is drawn into a potential trade war with Trump, & so now, because of cool China & American relation, China’s willingness to help the West on North Korea, is a new issue. Then, apart from North Korea, nukes came up with Trump, again, on his confrontation with China, with many warning, a China & American confrontation can be dangerous.

But for Trump, for a very long while now, since the election days, nukes seems like a “Casual Affair” such he was open for other countries to have nukes, meaning he is is OK with nuclear weapons proliferation.

Latest, Trump is talking about a nuke deal with Putin & what is this about?

Trump has been touting a negotiation with Putin to reduce nukes, for a lifting of Western Embargo against Russia. Those embargoes Are there because of Putin’s adventurism in Ukraine and Middle East.

However, Trump is close to Putin is is trying to help Putin, so the bottle-line, is, what is this negotiating with Putin about?

Lets start with some facts, & fact wise, the number of nukes Putin has, about 4,490 nuclear warheads & 1,790 active strategic nuclear warhead, meaning these strategic nukes can hit any location globally.

Therefore,  the total in sun, fact wise is Putin’s Russia has capability “Wipe-Out Planet” may many times over. Therefore for Putin’s Russia not to be a threat to global  of Western Europe existence, or even less than that, would require, “Great Significant” in the number of reduction.

& additionally, not only nukes but the delivery mechanism, & also the issue of nukes is not a “Bilateral” issue between Russia & America, as other, i.e. UK, France, China & India, & also Israel, all have significant nukes capability.

& lastly, nukes is about Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) therefore nukes is also about “Mutual Assured Survival”

& here because Putin has built-up massive lead over NATO, on non-nuclear weapons & soldiers, long dread with military analysis is if Putin launch a non-nuclear weapons invasion of Western Europe & ally, the only way Western Europe & ally have to protect itself, is through use of tactical nuclear weapons, where tactical nuclear weapons means smaller nukes,.

& in sum, as relating to latest from Trump offering talks on reducing  nukes with Putin, clearly, if this talk is not about “Massive Reduction” then the offer for talks is just a “Clever Public Relations” stunt by Trump looking for ways to help his friend grt off the sanctions imposed.

Trump is now the president can can lift the sanctions, but at Congress, the mood is not receptive to lifting of sanctions.

It should should be noted, again, that the “Sanctions” are for a mainly to counter & put a cost to “Putin’s Aggressiveness” again such as with Ukraine. Furthermore, Putin recent hack of American election, therefore, destroying America’s Democracy functioning over the election period of time & therefore resulted “Not Legitimate” a an action, that must carry a cost, not matter if the action benefited Trump, because future elections are cannot be tainted such as this one.

With the latest, some American law makers says Trump winning is not legitimate & investigations into Trump & Putin ties continues, therefore, any Trump involvement with Putin, would clearly point to Trump colluding with Putin.

On NATO, the latest is that because for quite a time now, Trump has been beating the drums against NATO & have resulted in many military analyst reaching conclusion that Western Europe & its ally must gradually less reliant on NATO & rely on themselves in defense against Putin.

Furthermore, the latest, just weeks ago, Trump attacked Germany & Merkel, where Germany is a center EU & Merkel, with the rise of Trump, is called the new leader of the Liberal World, Western Democratic & Free World, depending on who called it.

All these, activity by Trump, negotiation with Putin, attacking NATO & EU all point to a shift in American policy towards an end of “Transpacific Partnership” and replacement with Trump & Putin partnership.

Trump’s strategy is 1st; Cast doubt about Western Europe American friendship & talk up America’s friendship to Putin, 2nd, Attack NATO & EU & 3rd, Weaken Germany & Merkel.


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