Once Much Respect Came with America’s White House: No More, Trump Trashed That

The Resistance News

February 5, 2017


Maybe it is because the White House been so long the center of the Free World or something, but just mentioning the name, White House & it commands respect automatically. I mean Presidents or no Presidents, the White House is so full of majestic that can compel people to give it high regards.

Many call it, the biggest public relations fluff in history of any political institution.

But that is very much gone now with Trump, and his such extremist with little reasons and truth, operating out of the White House with little professionalism, but lots of emotionalism, i.e. like calling up global leaders and bullying them.

Then, if before Trump entered White House,, events leading to it, looked bad, like all the Saturday Night Live comedy on Trump, then right before Trump entered White House, on inauguration day, the number of people who attended was low.

Then once in the White House, there are events like news of Trump’s people in-fighting and news leak at the White House. Then news of government workers at White House and other who forms civil disobedience.

Then the little things, that helps destroy that special great and good aura of the White House, i.e. putting up picture of Andrew Jackson close to Trump’s working desk, where Andrew Jackson, is a genocidal madman who massacred so many Natives Americans. Then always pictures of of the Oval Office, of a big dis-orderly crowed, gathering & standing around the Trump, as Trump act in his typical childish boasting manner.

So what now?

You know, I cover lots, on issues like innovation, art, music, movies, people’s way of life, culture, those issues & other like that, for a reason.

That is because, beyond the supra-structure of like politics & economics, on the grand scale and level, there are the individuals & individuals are often impacted on the personal level, by again, things like art & culture, way of life and such.

But people who does not know why, respond to me, lots of times, hit me back, with hard issues, like human rights, massive suffering of people globally & some hit me with the words “Fluff” like why the heck do I, write about “Fluff.”

& often I comply, keep articles about “Fluff” meaning like arts & culture to the minimum, and address serious issues, like yesterday, I told a story on how the tyrants, “Putin, Xi & Trump” fits into my global view about “Human Rights.”

But, apart from “Fluff” being about the individual, there is another reason for “Fluff” & “No” it is not to run away & escape addressing “Hard Issues.”

& consider the following real story that happened about 10-15 years ago, that taught me about fluff:

Back then, global trade was hot hot hot & many were exporting their way to greatness, not just goods, but also were marketing their services, like education & hospitals to global people.

& the concept of “Marketing a Country Globally” became hot, hot, hot.

There were no “Anti-Globalization” then, because countries like UK & USA we in good position to export goods and attract, like foreign students to their schools & if u know the UK, they used to be pretty cutting-edge advance on the subject of taking advantage of globalization, with once having colonies around the globe.

So China was opening up and the UK was starting to sell a great deal of UK products in China and attracting Chin’s people to UK education.

But there was a problem, other countries were doing better, out competing the UK in China. So the UK did research to see why the UK was not doing well & the researcher found that the “People in China” saw the UK people & as being “Ridiculously Conservative and Back-ward.”

And so that image of the UK and the UK people hurt the prospect of UK’s business in China.

The UK government was shocked, because, again, it was trying to sell UK goods in China& attract China people to use UK’s services like education & other like finances.

& so “Believe it or not” the UK hired an advertising & PR firm to “Change” UK’s “Image” in the eyes of the people in China & if I remember correctly, UK spent US$100s million to do that.

& the targeted image was a UK that is modern and cutting-edge in tech and innovation & there goes the power of “Fluff” for you.

You know, they say, America’s secret weapon, used to stand as the global leader, meaning seen by global people as the global leader, are two thing only:

1st of this is Hollywood & the movies Hollywood produces, that mostly, have White Male, or Westerners as heroes and and often, yes, villains. But the symbolism is there, that the planet is about Westerners.

2nd of this, is the “White House” which is the symbol of global power dominance since WWII, with a President, good or bad, is always, “A Cut Above the Rest” of the planet leaders. Now u tell me, I mean in reality how much raw & real power do Hollywood & the White House have?

I mean Hollywood is a make believe world and “White House” is just the executive branch, in an America where Congress makes laws and has great power & them there is the justice system. But when it comes to “Fluff Power” like Hollywood & the White House, are the ultimate in fluff.

In summary, all I am saying, is yes, I recognize the hard issues, like Human Rights, Massacres, Starvation & other & I do address them, but please understand, what some call “Fluff” is also important.

For example, China has identified its film industry as critical for China for project the “Correct, Right & Good” image of China globally & the “White House” image globally today?

Well, Obama has been the most admired global leader for many years in a roll now and so the White House’s power is at its height.

But look at news hitting the globe, like Trump’s words on “Grabbing Women’s Pussy” & his wife “R” & “X” rated pictures, along with the nearly daily controversies related to Trump “Twitter” usage.

Simply, there are lots facts, truth & reality, that been hitting planet about Trump & America looks increasingly crazy to a great deal of people globally.

Perhaps, America needs to spend on advertisement & PR to improve its “Fluff” image, like UK once did.


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