Need Clarity On Western Europe & America’s Refugee Situation? Try This

The Resistance News

February 5 2017


I have given the following twitter report on Middle-East & greater, immigration with Western Europe & immigration with America & so I think this is the time to give this Twitter report again, because seems like so much confusion going on with so many people, on an intellectual level, heartfelt humanity level & also on the soul/spirit of people’s level.

& let’s start with identifying the differences between this immigration situation with Western Europe & with America, & on America, despite all the massive lies from Trump, GOP & their media, the facts are there is very good immigrants vetting done by America, there never been terror hit by immigrants, America’s core values about welcoming immigrants (& also refugees) & highly a melting pot, then, geographically America large country with massive space, & lastly nature of work & opportunity in America result in another very important core value, & this is immigrants (& also refugees) helps build America.

Yes, there lots of monkey wrenches Trump, GOP & their media will throw into what I just pointed out, but overall that is the fact, truth) & reality, about what America, mostly is & about on immigration at this point, & so the question, in comparing America to Western Europe) is what is Western Europe about, when it comes to immigrants (& also refugees) like is Western Europe similar to America?

& of course Western Europe (WE) have their own set of macro situations & values, but first lets get some facts in, about current news, & immigrants into WE currently & in past recent years, a massive chunk are like a flood of people hoping to stay alive, escaping wars & persecution, so little systemic vetting of immigrants as they pour in & WE, while there is EU these days, the concept of individual countries & culture political parties, where we should just admit it, most of them are tied to Fascism & Neo-Nazi, are polling very well, because of the immigration issue.

The immigration issue in WE and its ally is a very much based on

The very uniqueness of WE & ally countries, so this “uniqueness” is a strong sociao-cultural force, coupled with Muslim having their own strong cultural identities, there is little to the concept, such as America’s melting pot & tolerance.

And without melting pot & getting along together as one community, but there lots of separation & divide, & so for these & other reasons conflict between immigrants (& also refugees) & the local population, so flare up, & in many worse cases, terror related.

One of the most difficult question that I heard asked, is, yes, of course, everything I said so far on immigrants & also refugees as related to immigrants to WE & America is correct, “But” what about moral & ethical responsibility, to the humanities, to go beyond macro structural issues & help out the immigrants (& also refugees) because it is the right & good thing to do, no matter anything else?

So what should WE & it’s ally do?

Here, I think it really is up to the individual, meaning you to decide for yourself, but I just want to point out some facts & most important fact to remember is that Germany’s Merkel, won Time magazine “Person of The Year” because, while she saw the rising tide of anti-immigrants (& also refugees) in WE & WE’s ally, Merkel for a very long time, welcome immigrants (& also refugees) & is cited for have saved the lives of massive number of immigrants (& also refugees) lives.

However, I want to bring up a sad fact, that across WE & its ally, immigration is the single major issue that is driving the far extreme right poitical parties & this is “On” anti & hate immigrants (& also refugees).

Also these far extreme right parties are “Authoritarian” in nature, like Trump & WE & its ally, now risk, not just the collapse of EU, but also reverting back, to having a host of small to mid-size very independent countries with little association with other, countries that are extremist right or left, with Fascist & Neo Nazi in nature. The situation is some-what like in the 1930s.

& here, perhaps it is the ultimate of test & challenge, to one’s morality & ethics, as relate to humanity, meaning, ,i.e. that is the situation in WE & ally, to survive as liberal democracies & not turn into Fascist & Neo-Nazi state, they have to limit in-take of immigrants & also refugees, but what about immigrants (& also refugees) who are escaping where they from to stay alive in a new country & while there are men immigrants, we are talking about a great number of children & women & elderly.


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