Loser Reacts: Trump Attacks Factual Inaugural & Women’s March Numbers:

The Resistance News

February 6, 2017


The movie “Gangs of New York” is what many say America is about today, being the fight between old immigrants calling themselves natives & new immigrants, & in the movie, there was a scene, where the new immigrants, got their people together, and elected an official to government, to send a signal, that the immigrants won.

And the immigrants went to see the leader of the natives, to tell him, the conflict has ended, the election solved the problem. On his way out, the leader of the natives, quickly, in front of everyone, “Murdered” the elected official.

There was practically no time at all for the immigrants to enjoy their success. It is part of the age old “How to Make War” knowledge, in never, letting the enemy, enjoy winning.

The inaugural number are out according to most fact check, & attending Trump is about 800,000 at most, half of Obama’s attendants numbers much less than the 1.5 to 2 million for Women’s March.

Trump camp acted like a gang of pathetic losers,  attacks those factual inaugural & Women’s March numbers.

And so Trump camp was quick to come out to dispute the numbers, despite TV News showing lots of emptiness with Trump’s inaugural. Ann so start Trump’s latest attack on the press, with lots of discussion why is Trump doing that, since clearly, anyone who saw the live television broadcast, saw how empty it was.

And the Woman’s March drew millions throughout America and globally, and again Trump was quick to come out and down-play the success of the march.

The joke with some media, is that the Trump camp, wants America to notice an “Alternative Fact” since perhaps, saying Trump camp want one to notice that they are lying again, has lost its impact.

But other said, there is more to all these Trump lies than people think, & the “Lying” with Trump is about not letting other, especially those who oppose Trump, to enjoy “Winning.”

For example, a great win for those who oppose Trump, is first, low number of people showed up for Trump inaugural, & then second, more showed up for Women’s March, which is directly staged to oppose Trump.

So for Trump, some argue, to deny that simple fact, is to send people into an “Outraged” condition & to ridicule Trump camp, but these people argue that is exactly what Trump wants.

Meaning Trump does not want those who oppose him, to feel the win, but for other emotions to take hold. Meaning, Trump, by challenging what everyone saw, engaged in diversion, so those who would otherwise have time to “Cherish & Dwell” in the big win, would instead argue with Trump & his people.


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