Just In Case Nuclear War Erupts: Tech Icon, Peter Thiel, Latest to Buy Safety in New Zealand

The Resistance News

February 5, 12017

Throughout the election process between Hillary & Trump, the “Nuclear Button” question came up many times.

Hillary was back up by a horde of expert from “Nuclear Launch Soldiers” to “GOP & Dems” top national security expert to “Top Vet” turned Law Makers in Congress & in sum all of them said basically, they do not trust Trump with “Nuclear Button” because of Trump’s mentality.

And what have Trump instigated so far globally? Just one conflict after another, with a host of countries. And look across the globe, apart from America having someone like Trump rising to power, there are other with similar ways & means, personality & character, on the rise, such as the far right popular parties in Western Europe.

Around that time, with all those people making statements on Trump and nuclear button & all the arguments, a meme of the situation went viral, getting about 400,000 share & the meme was a picture of a “Nuclear Bomb Explosion” with the wording, basically, said:

“When the situation looks bad & “Nuclear War” looks likely, the political elite & the rich elite, “No Matter What Side” will leave us (the people) “Eating Nuclear Fall-Out for Breakfast” as they disappear to somewhere safe.”

& I bought this up, because lots of talk recently about New Zealand, & if u do not know, when rich elite & political elite talk of (wink, wink, & wink) New Zealand, they talking about the “Best Place Escape to & Survive Nuclear War” & u know, according to New Zealand, on the day Trump won election and since, Immigration New Zealand received about 88K visits from the US, up from 2,300 visits a day normally.

Also, at investor-focused New Zealand Now website, it received 101K visits from the US in the same two-day  period, compared  with its usual daily average of 1,500 on the same time a year earlier.

And here 18K US citizens used website register an interest in working or investing in New Zealand in November 2016, up  from 1,272 November 2015.

The latest, is that news was “Accidental Leaked” that Trump’s staunch supporter, Peter Thiel of Facebook had apply for New Zealand citizenship & received it through donating money & buying a large secluded piece of land.

It is not known how many Americans have made arrangements for safety from “Nuclear War” like Peter Thiel did but the Guardian gave some ideas. Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Robert Johnson, president of the Institute for New Economic Thinking, said that he knew “Hedge-Fund Managers” all over the world who are  buying airstrips and farms in places like New Zealand because they think they need a getaway and one entrepreneur estimated  50% of his peers have bought property in New Zealand or elsewhere.

Americans buyers of property in New Zealand second only to Australia & as of June last year 1,288 Americans gained residence there.

I really wish I had a summary for you & have some great advice for you, but look, we all in this community of news consumers linking us together & we pretty much know about Trump’s mentality, even to point many say he has mental problems.

On likelihood of war, look at the things Trump & his people say, like his chief strategist, Bannon, said recently, America & China will be at war for certain & then Trump such a push over for Putin & Trump likes Putin, so look at Western Europe, are they going to play dead to Putin, Trump or no Trump?

Then, again, Trump picking fights all over, like with Iran, Mexico & Australia, to name a few. Basically, Trump just turns everything into a sour condition. And these type of un-friendly environments are fertile ground of conflicts of all types.

The best thing I can say to all my friends who might see this is that we just got to do everything to the maximum, to stop Trump


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