Here is a Dossier on Putin, a Master Spy, Going About Plotting & Manipulating

The Resistance News

February 5, 2017


Well, like it or not, Trump been in love with Putin & Russia for decades & latest, Putin hacked America’s election to help Trump. Some say Putin is the expert in the game & Trump the novice.

But a twitter friend of mine said he knows about everything there is about Trump, except taxes & stuff hidden in some tax haven somewhere, but he does not know much about Putin, other than Putin is a like, along the line I say, being a nasty bully tyrant & what is in the news like Putin’s veto of UNSC that kept, what I call mass murderer, Assad going in Syria and news like that.

& if u wonder about Putin His father’s comfortable living arrangement, was hit when Germany attacked a major USSR city & so the whole family, some 4 adults and kids, ended up living in a really horrible small rat infested room in some safe USSR city.

& Putin spent time as kid in the room, reportedly chasing rats way from the room; Putin is very proud of his dad, who went to war with Germany & had so many really interesting story, like sinking & disappearing into a swamp with a small air hose, in getting away from German soldiers.

But of course, might be one of those, I caught a really big fish but it got away, kind of thing, but anyway, Putin really got educated first, by his grandfather, who was the cook for Lenin & Stalin.

& if u know Russia or USSR, whatever u call it, that cook position& the likes, is not the easiest & require lots of non-cooking related like human relation skill & anyway, Putin as a kid learned lots here.

But for a long time, Putin was just a rotten kid, called a school yard thug or bully & things like that, doing juvenile crime so of course, thugs & bully are into fighting, so Putin got into fighting skill training like Karate & such, & was good at it.

& u know, trained fighting & combat skill, in formal setting has a way of changing people, so Putin set higher sight & wanted higher education & so because he like spy & espionage, got into a law program, where USSR spy agency likes law degree.

& anyway, Putin ended a spy stationed in Germany because he looks & speak German & did well with lots of promotion.

The fall of the Berlin wall ended his German spy career & he returned to Russia, now interested in politics & went for more education he rose very fast, and ended up being picked for Prime Minster, & after that better & better days & u got it, Putin, what good public relations will say about Putin.

But of course, there is also the Putin who again, like supporting the mass murderer Assad, & so aggressive against, like NATO & Ukraine & so what is this Putin all about?

Well, Putin himself, as a spy, says he specializes in “Human Relations” & Putin dossier with many intelligent agencies say Putin is master of identifying, grooming & manipulating people so believe it or not, I am not making this up, Putin is really a master of turning people into working for Russia & manipulate them.

So like please, just think about a guy like Trump, with a master spy like Putin & decide for yourself, what is going on.

Apart from spy & espionage, Putin also got reputation of being a quality military strategist & here, Putin not much “Reactionary” but quite action oriented, meaning Putin calculates the situation, with zero fear of violence or loss of life, then goes or no go, for it.

Putin is very cold blooded & share a similar hatred & disgusts feeling towards journalist with Trump, but while Trump cannot kill off journalist as yet, but if u a journalist in Russia, u knows, if u criticizes Putin, Putin will kill you & here ends my report on Putin


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