Trump Won: Let The “Conundrum World Series” Begin

Resistance News

December 4, 2016

Election is over & Trump won the electorate, but Hillary  just got about 2 million more popular votes than Trump & so this is a good time for me to give another “Executive Summary”

Over at the #Trump camp, Trump’s biggest cheer leader like Bill Mitchell is pretty busy with Orwell 1984 to keep Trump supporters “In-Line & In-Control” as Trump goes about closing his “Con” on them with a series of “Stings” so they will not cause problems.

Over at Dems & here u know is side I am on, lots calls for unity & for “A Highly Active & Across the Board” challenge to Trump & GOP.

Hillary, lost on electorate, where America’s “Democracy Support Systems” failed to deliver fairness & efficiency on lots of fronts, from several pictures I saw, looks like those that love her does not have to worry how this hard landing impacted her, but I think Hillary better start worrying, what she going to do, because lots of Americans still love her very much & want leadership.

Obama  heading out of WH, not sure we can call it into Sunset, with mega-big money day giving speech of not, with him hint of activism.

Berinie still Bernie majority of us Dems love & hate, & smart as ever,Elizabeth Warren always has that ability to devastate Congress & Senate & House minority leaders looks stout, solid & good people, so overall, considering both sides, I think heading into the future, in an global environment, that I will summarize next, looks like a good foundation for medium to long term great success.

Bin short-term, I think us Dems going to fight for safety nets & human rights for Americans like tooth & nail, & here like sit in.

Lots Dems grassroots wondering about status of several issues, like various investigations into various obvious cheating during election like by FBI, & Trump, Putin & Wikileaks Gang, Re-Count, promise to look into media role in elections, other that all help Trump won.

& also on the potential of reforming the “Who Wins Electorate Wins Presidency” because Constitution says, basically: “All men are equal” & under “Electorate System” obviously, some voters in some states have more “Worth & Weight” than voters in other

On economics, earlier, based on a base-line of what Trump policies are, Moody’s &

19) other, said looks bad & “Can Lead” to a big mess, & here, the key words are “Base-Line-Policies” & “Can Lead to”& people like Rubini, saying Trump’s latest policies is a “Conundrum” situation, I am not going to try to analyze the situation for u.

But I will lay out picture & latest Trump economic policy: “Trickle Down on Steroids” & “Public Borrowing & Privatize Mega Infra Spending” & “Mega Big Defense Equipment Spending” & “Mega Cut Americans Safety Nets” & “Hostile to Global Trade & so Internal Engine for Growth”& “Control of Independent Agency Like Fed” & “Massive Regulation Cut-Back on Mega Lots even safety & integrity assurance systems”& Hostility towards Free Flow & Neutral Information Systems, like war on press & net neutrality” & “Hostility on Minorities & Immigration”

On global relation, apart from Trump’s like & dislike, like he loves Putin & hates EU & NATO, a few of Trump’s economic policies is radically changing the balance of power, such as his trade & energy polices, & from my analysis, China & EU main beneficiaries as they consolidate in Latin America & Africa, & forge ahead with like Japan, Australia, Canada, ASEAN & other.

With Trump’s energy policy, drill baby drill, fossil & other commodities, does not look like much up-side to me, sooner or later.

Overall, best summary I read, predicting America’s & global economy under Trump is high volatility & risk.

On other global issues, global warming, Trump rejects Global Warming, & this is a critical issue, & here, Trump likes it or not, looks like the Planet & China, against Trump

Lots of changes with real Democracy Free Europe in confronting the tyrant Putin, now with Trump more or less in Putin’s camp & I think the choice is try make best of it & hope Dems return to power in 4 years, so damage capped or serious begin


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