A Week Before Election? FBI Turns America into a Banana Republic

I was activist on Democracy, Liberty/Freedom, Justice & Human Rights long-time & when one is that, one is open to facts, truth & reality.

So of course, I see, both, the negatives and positives of America & also both, the benefits and detriments of people like Obama & Hillary but life is about choosing the best, out of available alternatives.

& obviously, like America, Obama & Hillary better than most, especially if one compare America, Obama & Hillary to the likes of Putin’s Russia, Xi’s China & America’s Trump & GOP.

& for such reason I long campaign support of America, Obama & Hillary, among other, in effort establishing environment, so planet & humanity can be better with improvements & developments.

However, the latest, is several facts supports conclusion that the America’s “FBI” is now politicized& being politicized have went after Hillary & so Trump benefits, “Meaning in Sum” the American FBI wants a Trump President & GOP Congress.

A politicized law enforcement agency conducting itself for politics is common around the planet, like in developing world but not America.

For me, in sum, & on top of other factors such as SCOUS situation, seems to me America just another “Banana Republic”.

& when an advance country, America is a “Banana Republic”  there is really nothing else for me to do, except re-evaluate.

& so it is time for me to accept my vision of an America being the best foundation around for Global & also America’s own, advancement & development, is wishful thinking.

Basically, my entire working adult life, has been a merger between journalism, professionalism & activism, & I am about 60 now. So I have pretty much dedicated much of my life, some 30 years, to activism & along the way, many tell me, think a lot of myself also.

& so & in a coincidence, I came across a song by EarlyRise, which to me about Liberty & Freedom & so now I want to go on journey for something like Liberate & Free myself.

And for days & days I struggled, again, after America’s FBI went political & after Hillary to help Trump & I questioned my dedicating, of my life, to better humanity as a Democratic, Liberty/Freedom, Justice & Human Rights activist.

But what can I do, I love America?


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