If Trump Becomes President & Nuclear War Erupts: Blood on NBC Hands

On twitter, other day, I presented on about 20 to 30 re-tweet with links, that can be sum up, that Trump is a grave danger to American national security, such as on the nuclear weapon danger.

& American people are not stupid or ignorant, as for a long time, in all polls, Hillary leads Trump on national security.

Then a media, NBC, held a National Security Forum & NBC’s moderator with Trump & Hillary & did such a botch job, intentional or otherwise & here many media criticized NBC strongly for being biased against Hillary & soft on Trump.

For example, Trump claimed that he never supported the Iraq War, but in fact, he supported the war.

And the NBC moderator, never called Trump for lying about this.

Then Trump claimed proof that he was against the Iraq War, citing a magazine, and again, the article Trump cited, came out after the war started for months & when many became oppose to the war.

Again, the NBC moderator failed to call out Trump lies here.

But the problem is, the damage was done.

In a poll after this NBC National Security Forum, a majority of Americans say they trust Trump more than Hillary on national security.

There were calls for NBC to pull down the poll & make a statement that the forum failed to deliver a fair playing field, but NBC insisted on backing the moderator.

If Trump becomes President & GOP control Congress, & things goes badly on national security, such as nuclear weapons, blood on NBC’s hand


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